Mother inlaws tongue

From a son-in-laws Eyes.
His wife left early that morning, the sun was already up, the breeze was warm as it slowly blew through the open patio doors.
Did he get up now? or would it be the normal 7am relief , which he had to administr on himself each morning? It was quiet and work wasnt wanting him in today, yes he could feel the stirrings of excitement building up below the bright white cotton sheet which shield his naked toned body. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine a fantasy which would spectacularly make him explode with e citement . What would it be today, The Nurse, The Police Woman? Nothing stirred him today , he let his limp manhood slide out of his hand, it would have to wait, he had all day. . . .
Stretching he hoisted his toned body off the low double bed, he could still see the indentation of where his wife had slept, shower, he thought , that would get mr limp motivated , lol . He closed his eyes as he entered the cool shower his hands covered his face and his body reacted to the power of the water hit his firm body, he didnt hear the bathroom door opening as he lent forward to wash his dark hair. He washed his hair and let the cool water tumble down his back as both hands lent against the tiled wall infront of him, the water felt somewhat gentle as it poured over his firm buttocks and dropped like puddles to the floor.
He could feel the stirrings in his groin, and his once limp manhood suddenly took on a new feeling, he shuddered inside, as his turned the shower off he reached for the towel hanging on the rail , within reaching distance of the glass door, covering his face he blindingly left the cubical.
The towel was soft and smelt fresh, he could sense that someone was in the room suddenly and pulled the towel away to see in his horror that his wifes mother was standing their in her tight bikini, she smiled as my eyes quickly darted away from her gaze and in lightening seconds could see the crutch of her white bikini bottoms pushed up tightly against the lips of her pussy.
Dont get me wrong my wifes mother was not what we would say an older looking woman, infact many a time i had caught her looking at my bulge in my trunks as i left the pool. It flattered me, it shouldnt have but it did.
I tried to open my mouth as she approached my naked body, still wet dripping to the floor, but she never spoke, she just smiled, her pert breast heaving out of her small bikini top as she lowered herself infront of me. My breathing was taken away as i felt her long delicate fingers touch my already responding cock. This was just amazing, my mother inlaw was seeing to her son-in-law, she was actually sucking the life out of his cock, even trying to swallow his balls to! My god not even mummys daughter treated him like this! It was heaven , he breathed in deeply with each suck and started to moan as her movements became more definate, her tongue darted around his cock under his balls as her hand made him stand with his legs open, she wanted them wider, what was she doing he thought, Then heavens above she started to rim he ass her tongue licked and darted around his ass , even pushing her tonhue deeply into him , she yelled out a gasp as she continued and held his cock firmly in her and , wanking him as she fucked his ass with her tongue, Where did she learn these things he thought, maybe she could give his wife, her daughter a few pointers? He stopped thinking as her mouth then swallowed his cock and she shoved her whole mouth down the shaft of his cock, she sucked him in deep and the lifted her mouth back up and down faster , he could feel his cock pumping and flinching as her movements became faster and her licking and sucking took on a whole new meaning to the word blow job, this was just awesome , it was something that dreams were made of , he grabbed her hair as he could feel himslef cumming he yelled out with each stroke of her tight lips and pushed he head down as far as it woud go, making her gag on his hard throbbing cock as he exploded deep in her throat, he tighten the grip on her head with each deminishing thrust wishing he hadny cum, because he wanted this to last forever. his breathing was deep and he gasped for breath as she stood up , wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, kissd his mouth, turned and left the room.
He stood there for and age, looking at the open door, not sure if he should chase her or just stand there. . . . . . . no he would return to the shower. . . . .
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1 year ago
my dream...
2 years ago
Very nice! There's something about being seen naked by someone you know shouldn't see you naked that just gets me really excited :)
2 years ago
nice :0
2 years ago
Very nice...
2 years ago
The myth of the unconventional mother-in-law is brought to life for a quickie. A thrilling short read. Thanks.
2 years ago
Would fancy this with MY mother-in-law! :)
Great story......
2 years ago
nice story x
2 years ago
Nice ;-)