When I went back to the swingers club

Last week after much persuasion I convinced the owner of our local swingers club to allow me back in.i was so horny and with each passing day I was getting more and more excited! The owner is a very horny man who just does it for me.when I went before he would fuck me and not seeing him for over a yr I made it my duty to have him again.babysitter arranged to stay all night and outfit bought ,with the said stockings and no panties i was set to go ......as I came up to the club I could feel butterflies I so missed this,it would be so exciting to meet him again and all those other horny men,as it was greedy girls night .....
When I entered it was early ,he said I could turn up early,so it was just me and him,I placed my high heels on as I entered the door and slowly claimed the lit stairway....music could be heard louder as I approached the club area.hello he said my heart jumped and my pussy twitched,I knew at some point that night we would be fucking,but in the mean time it was time to do what I enjoyed doing and that was to flirt ,mmmmmmmm ....
9 pm approached and the women and men started to arrive ,dressed in their sexy clothes,making eyes at everyone who came in and wondering just how the evening would go.the southern comforts were going down well ,I enjoyed a drink ,but didn't drink often ,it was so relaxing their ,and with the porn videos playing in the back ground everyone who arrived soon got into the swing of things,laughter and like minded people in the same area soon got people horny.i perched myself on the lap of a gorgeous looking guy,mmmmm he smelt so nice ,but my eyes were on the owner,I would wait for him,but in the meantime I would venture downstairs to have a look what the other people were up to,god it was a mass sex session ,I so wanted to join in and maybe next time I would.one woman had her legs parted wide as one man shoved his throbbing cock into her pussy as another fed her his cock.......soon it would be my turn I so wanted this.......to be continued
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2 years ago
Damn! :)
2 years ago
Where is this club? Lol
2 years ago
the fun never stops
2 years ago
Mmmmm.....dirty girl
2 years ago
sounds fun suzie x
2 years ago