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Here we go ,again?

He's not called billy anymore,he's not even my master anymore .but I've agreed to be his mistress,yes I still can't resist those blue eyes,his look still does everything to me.we haven't spoken for weeks ,I couldn't cope with things anymore,but then time passes,you think your over him,then for some reason one day you pick up your mobile and see his name ,your heart skips a beat.
I text and waited ,putting my phone on the work surface,I wanted an answer,but wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.things ended again very hurtfully,why was I going back again?
He replied ,but very coldly,without emotion,and no kisses,I was happy to get a reply but not the reply,I wouldn't pester him I thought ,in fact I had no intention of taking it any further than the odd text.
I had spent all our time apart ,alone ,with the exception of my motherly duties,tried to keep my mind occupied,but it's not easy when you love being sexy with someone .i was getting very horny and there was only one man I could rely upon making me cum multiple times ,but this would come with a change of rules .........and yes it continues
Posted by suziekay 2 years ago
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2 years ago
the only man for multiple...never tried other...wanna sink in your eyes while u gush and gush and gush....hehehe
verneigt sich nach alter hofessitte...
ich sage nur o. Spare
2 years ago
I guess it's nice to be where you feel comfortable