When Billy became Suzies full time lover

Billy has been in my life for four years now ,didn't want to meet him at first.Was very dubious about a man who was so upfront and to the point,he invited me out his place straight away,I was being very coy,I fancied him yes ,almost instantly ,think that scared me a little .IHad fancied men men before but this was different,even though I was saying no to his advances I really was so curious to meet him,he wanted to know if I liked rough sex!!
The only rough relationship I had ever had was a very destructive 17yr marriage which had ended 8yrs previously.I had confused ideas about rough sex,but I guess that was to be expected.I shan't go into detail but the rough relationship had only left me with scars of doubt ,not about v******e ,but the fact that I had let my guard down completely due to loving someone without any reason not to,or so I thought.When I was married I trusted him with my heart and he did his dampest to erode that trust with beating me regularly ,I feared for my life on many occasions but stuck with it,thinking it was the dutiful thing to do.
After we had parted our ways I had discovered I had a very powerful advantage ,sexual appeal.HAdnt noticed it really before ,I discovered I loved tattoos ,piercings .I had this uncanny knack to ,to attract the opposite sex with only a look ,my world opened up to a whole new exciting way of life,I could do as I pleased ,get who I wanted and all with out guilt or second thoughts ,it was such a powerful thing.
Anyway browsing the various websites available at the time I happend upon BIlly as I said ,he had gorgeous blue eyes and his confidence was very similar to mine ,he sent me jokes all the time and kept communicating with me on a daily basis .I didn't give in though ,thought I knew best ,there was no way I would let a man control me in the sexual department! No way I would do as I was told .lol
Little did I know what I know now that he would have such control even though we had never met.
Curiosity did get the better of me eventually and over the past four yrs I have written many stories about my encounters with billy all of which have been true ,he knew just how to make me gushe,he knew even though I was refusing to play the submissive female I would give in eventually .
He wanted to control me ,little did he know he already did ,his name constantly in my mind his touch firmly in my head,just thinking about him turned me on.
".""...........to be continued

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