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I can only imagine why you are gone
I can only envisage the silent song
It notes playing in my mind
It's tempo so slow it's starting to loose it's rhythm which we had found.

I can only imagine your smile ,your touch ,your voice
your silence is so loud in my head it's sends me looking for what you had said.
Maybe I had upset you ,maybes play a game
It's always the same .

I was lonely before in a crowded room
your words ,our conversation did open my heart
I will remember if there's a next time
I'll not let it start ............
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Bring Me Red Roses

I can feel you in my arms even though your not here,
i can touch your skin in the darkend skies .

i can hear your warm panting breath against the silence ,
your strength on me ,pushing me towards enlightenment ,our hands grasping for security of love ,security of evolvement .

I can feel your body becoming the stone statue ,with your smooth muscles touching my scissored legs as I hold your form to mine .

Atoms split ,life erupts as one beautiful human being joins another in a cosmic beginning .

Silence falls ,our breathing whispers as the sl**p envelopes and the dreams begin .
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Nine And. A Half Weeks

Yes that was a title to the most erotic film I think I ever watched ,so so horny .
I'm sure if you google it you will find it ,wow .mmmmmmmmmm
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What I desire

I desire a few things in life ,making love,when in love would be my ultimate desire.

Not the white picket fence ,but definately roses ........
Romance ,respect and guilty pleasures .
I don't want a dominant ,nor a sub just my equal will do .
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Seduce me

Start with my mouth ,touch it soft.
Touch my lips softly with your tongue.
Hold me gently around my waste ,pulling your body close to mine.
Close your eyes as you kiss my lips,I'm watching you,I'm hearing your breaths upon my face.
Let your tongue ease it's way into my mouth ,through my wet lips,let me slowly caress your tongue ,feeling it's length ,and wetness with mine.

My breasts beneath my blouse gently rise and fall with each seductive kiss,awaiting their escape.
Your cheek brushes mine ,my soft skin touching your manly skin.
Your seductive lips bite my ear lobe and your breathin... Continue»
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Inside so close

Sex ,love,lust or just cuddles ...............I miss all of these things,just like anyone out there we all need to know we are alive .
We continue our days ,our routines ,then before you know it another month,year has gone by .
It's been quite sometime since anyone has held me in their arms,though this had been my choice.
That tingle you feel when their fingers touch you ,doesn't matter where ,it just awakens that creature deep within you,which you thought you could live without.
It doesn't even have to lead to sex or making love ,it's a surge do electricity which keep our inner being aliv... Continue»
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Part two dentist chair

Freeing my breast was easy as they often fell over the tops of the lace cups with no difficulty,I couldn't see very well what he was doing next ,but I felt it ,ouch! I tried to yell.....
He had grabed a pinching tool from his tray and clasped it around my already hard pointing nipples.
I started to try and set myself free only to be grabbed by the nurse who was preceding to hoist my legs up as she f***efully removed my panties I felt vulnerable as she hoisted my skirt up as far as it would go ,next if gasped as the dentist took the glass to my other nipple ,it burnt ,throbbing as he twisted ... Continue»
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Want it ,have to have it!

Funny as it may seem ,I can go for months without sex.Dont laugh ,it's true :).
It's obviously on my mind though because I get really frustrated ,then if either do a video for you guys or take photos.Either seems to help,but not quite the same of course.But putting on my stockings and fetching some kind of implement from my bathroom excites me ,just imagining me opening my legs and inserting the cold deodorant can slowly into my tight pussy .
But whilst I'm lying there feeling my erect clit and pushing something into my wet pussy I've got my eyes closed ,and taking my self to any world that ... Continue»
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Don't Close Your Eyes

When I'm lying in my bed ,I close my eyes and see you ,I feel you ,I breath you .
I recall your smile ,your touch ,your kiss.
The excitement when you are on your way to me ,I miss that feeling ,I miss the electricity flowing through my body ,with just the idea of your touch.
I miss your f***efulness when you push me towards the bed ,I miss your smile as you demand head .
I miss your moans as I suck you deep into my throat ,my wet tongue lapping at your pee hole ,and twisting around you hard throbbing cock.
I feel your urgency to cum ,I feel your body next to my face,hold my head and be yo... Continue»
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Cum to me

In the night when I'm asl**p
Climb up my stairs and leave me weak,
Take off your clothes ,slip in beside me.
Touch my body with your breath ,touch my skin and touch my breast.

I wait for you night after night ,
One day we will join as one .
Our bodies naked ,our lips entwined ,your hands do touch me from behind.
You make me gasp with every stroke ,
You kiss my neck and kiss my throat.
Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth ,teasing me me with simulation.

Your teeth do tease my nipples so,you bite me hard to let me know .
Your in control you will take me when you tell me so .
... Continue»
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Touch me first

Yes I'm a confident woman and yes I'm tactile ,I love cuddles and kisses........all of us do ..
I've been a submissive woman as some of you will know ,but I do tend to dress dominantly ,but it don't have any thoughts of being dom.
Ahhh boo some may say ,lol but truly I believe a full active sexual ,sensual life can be achieved if you can be all of those things.
Not just dominant ,but sub to ,kinky sensual and even romantic!!
Instigating however I can't bring myself to be that way ,why? I have a few ideas but I think I'm possibly afraid of rejection,if I instigate either a kiss or more ,wh... Continue»
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What I would love

What I would love to have........
To come home and have a lovely hot bubble bath run for me,
To be lead to the bathroom and undressed.
To be helped into the bath ,surrounded by candles lit in a warm bathroom.
For you to kneel down along side the bath and dip your hand in the bath ,and wash me .
Starting with washing my long hair ,massaging my scalp.
You don't have to talk ,just be in control,take your time,stopping every now and again to kiss my lips.
Wash my back ,massaging my shoulders ,and with slight of hand gently touch my breasts.
Making sure to lick my erect implies ,no... Continue»
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Suziekay can make your toes curl

Lie back naked on my bed ,close your eyes .
Open your legs slightly and let me trace with my tongue up your inner thigh .
Slowly I'll trace my wet tongue to your hard balls ,moving my tongue in a circular motion down over your ball and down to the space between then and your arse ,
I open you up more and wet my tongue with spit ,and let it drip from my mouth ,your cock is pulsating with every movement of my tongue .
You cannot touch your cock ,I want to have that pleasure alone.
You are moaning as my tongue swoops slowly down to your tweaking arse hole,getting tighter as my stiffened tong... Continue»
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Why I take pictures ,what I feel when I receive yo

I can go days and sometimes weeks without having the need to take pictures/ videos for you guys.
But then I come on to xhamster and can be assured that a few or more would have commented on my profile .Rest assured you always make me smile :)
I don't always see in my pictures ,what some of you seem to ,but however it's a great boost to me and makes me want to continue taking them .Im very close to a few of you and without saying a word you will know who's in my mind when I'm taking certain pictures,you all have your fetishes or likes and over the years they have stuck with me.And I will try ... Continue»
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What I truly like

I'm not a talker nor an instigator of sex,yes that may surprise you .Although I like a dominant male ,I like tenderness too.Im also not a very good sub ,lol .I tend to laugh in all the wrong places :)
I do like alpha males,hairy chests and shaven down below,if you aren't any of these I wouldn't of course say no ,but a personality a must.If you turn me on either through talking to me or being around me ,what hair you had or did not have wouldn't make a difference.
sex starts in the brain,I love intelligence ,conversation,it turns me on to .
You need to be gentle,and an instigator,a little sp... Continue»
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How it feels for suziekay

You can have conventional sex with anyone ,you can get married and live happily ever after ,well you can try !
You can love only one and never want to find that's special someone lol .
Well I tried all that ,I've fallen in love and been the dutiful housewife for 17 yrs ,but that was a no no .then I was single ,never knowing what that would bring because I had never strayed ,I loved the attention I always got when I walked in a room or local pub,at first I never noticed but once I did that was that ,I got such a thrill from turning heads ,mind you no one ever approached me lol .But my mum d... Continue»
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Part four of my swinging weekend

There we many couples there,single women and single men ,from all walks of life ,all making the effort to please ,women had there eye on me to ,I'm not sure why but I think my sexy thigh high boots helped .i loved wearing them,with my stockings to ,just felt so good,you knew all heads were turning where ever I went .i helped out a bit there to ,needs must they say lol.
A gorgeous blonde lady who I'm told by herself only like black cock ( mmmmmmm) got I quite a predicament ,they ran out of condoms ,so I went to the rescue finding a few to tide them over .
There was this beautiful black guy s... Continue»
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Part Three Of Weekend

Just when I had recovered from gushing there would be another mouth or cock or fingers in my pussy,two different mouths on my nipples,I closed my eyes as fingers delved into my wet pussy.I heard a voice saying get your fist in there I looked up to see bodies all naked around me ,some were fucking some were wanking but I just loved what I saw .
My pussy got wetter and I moaned as I came to another wet moment ,I could feel my juices squirting as his fist pumped me and I shout to fuck me harder.It wasn't my pussy he wanted though,he wanted to get into my arse ,I told him just do it .I turned on ... Continue»
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part two of my weekend swinging

All dressed and I'm ready for what the night time will bring,sexy long black patent thigh high boots white shiny buckles running up the outside(purely for decoration) and a LNG zip which runs from the inside of my ankle to the middle of my thigh.
Black sheer hold ups hug my slim long legs,I was so proud of my legs ,measuring 33inches from the inside:)
On top electric blue and black corset and over the top a black lace dress ,of course no panties.And after my shave below it felt so sexy .
it didn't take long before the club was building up ,everyone was so friendly ,we all clicked immediatel... Continue»
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Fantastic sex equals permanent Smiles :)

My first trip by train to a swingers party was very close,Wasnt nervous at all ,I was so excited .i had met the owner a few years ago at another club,he treated me to a thrashing with his expert fingers ,which of course made suzie very wet,leaving a puddle behind me ask I carefully with helping hands got off the PVC bad which was situated in the middle of a large seated area,where everyone could view our sexy antics lol.That was the best way ,I don't like being hidden away,I want everyone to see the pleasure on my face and the moans as I reached a peak of pleasure .
He told me whilst I was th... Continue»
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