The Mirror

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this is my first story and I did not write it for the description of sex because such stories have been around for thousands of the Internet, I wanted to focus the psychological aspects, and I hope I succeeded. The end I deliberately left open, I want the readers to decide for themselves how the story ends. I hope the translation is ok, English is not my native language.
Have fun!

The mirror

the first day

Carefully cleaned the girl to dust off the old furniture, they did not like this boring work, but unfortunately sie needed the money. The girl was deep in thought as she came to the ancient mirror, decorated with intricate ornaments.
But what was that? How solidifies she remained a few steps in front of the mirror and watched with horrified eyes on the image that is offered her. The background looked like a painting of a history book and showed a scene from the early history of the mankind, a city of rough stones, mighty statues and a road that consisted of hard-packed earth.
As strange as this sight already was alone the really shocking was shown in the foreground of the scene: There stood with slightly astonished facial expression a slave girl in the middle of the street. Just to the delicate neck she wore a heavy necklace of metal, except she was completely naked.
Startled and shocked the girl stepped back and ran out of the house.

The second day

On knees and aching backs the girl scrubbing the floor with a heavy brush and cursed in thought the owner of the house who were too cheap to buy a decent mop.
So far he had managed to make her a successful arc around the old mirror, but the rest of the room she had now cleaned up, and now she could no longer be avoided to came near him. With increasing nervousness and tense-looking on the floor, she cleaned the floor directly in front of the mirror, she was downright terrified of throw in another look, because too frightened her what she could see.
Finally, she looked up and froze.
Before her she saw again the naked slave girl who replied the girl's gaze with open eyes. With her did not seem to surprise or shock the reason for the wide-open eyes and flushed cheeks, but pure, almost a****listic sexual arousal. Just as the girl, the slave girl crouching on hands and knees, while behind her a big muscular man knelt and the slave used with hard, almost brutal gasps for his pleasure. The eyes of the slave half closed, her face was flushed and contorted with pleasure. Suddenly she opened her eyes and the eyes of the two girls met for a brief moment.
Heart pounding and with glowing cheeks, the girl stepped to the side and the picture in the mirror faded out.

The third day

Only reluctantly and unfocused the girl was doing her usual work, still thinking at the strange events of the last days. What was it about the strange mirror on themselves, and why they saw it again this naked slave girl? What did it all mean?
Determined to go the thing on the reason, the girl took a soft cloth to hand and walked with firm steps to the mirror, ostensibly to brush him, but actually to examine it more closely.
With slow and careful movements she wiped with the cloth over the mirror surface as the picture suddenly blurred and directly in front of her again the naked slave girl was visible, this time as close as ever.
Just as the girl she had slightly raised hand, but where the girl held the rags, the slave girl seemed to wave to the girl friendly. Astonished, the girl remained in the movement, for the first time she saw the slave so close in front of her and they took the opportunity to examine them more closely. With astonishment and horror she noticed the similarities in the facial features and also the body type, both were very slim, almost skinny, with small firm breasts were crowned with dark brown nipples.
Legs and shoulders of the slave were tanned, and the sex was carefully cleared of hair if you know what stressed the utter nakedness of the slave girl only more so.
Surprised by the similarity of the girl stumbled back a step and also the slave girl did a prancing step backwards, then the image faded and vanished.

The Fourth Day

Motionless the girl stood before the mirror, directly in front of him she saw the picture of naked the slave girl. Intense and now without hesitation she looked at the slender, almost skinny body of their counterpart, while the slave girl with her head held proudly, boldly out hip extended and downright haughty glance let go through the screening of the girl.
Despite their humiliating utter nakedness and chains, the slave girl seemed happy and contented, though she obviously had no control over her life, but had it also bear no responsibility.
Seen in this way was actually the slave girl that really free girl.
With a little amusement and a certain understanding, the girl noticed that the small dark nipples of the slave girl is clearly visible stiffened and felt with her the same reaction.
As if she could read the thoughts of the girl, the lips of the slave girl is twisted into a slight smile, simultaneously nodded the two girls to each other as if they had met in a s****rly bond a decision.
Determined joined the girl a few steps back to the opposite wall of the room and took a deep breath. Then she ran to the mirror and jumped.

The End
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