Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour - End

10 - Resolution

At home my black pearl received me with joy, she may have missed me? In my office she dutifully informed me about the happenings since my depart. She told me, that she saw Joseph retire through the windows of the two s****rs. Confronted with that fact, he must have promised to Candela his fullest cooperation for her secrecy, what gave her a welcome chance to get into his breeches. In lucid words Candela described to me the exciting events, and if her skin would have been fairer she would have blushed as well above the intricate details of her yarn.
»Oh Master, you should have witnessed the sweet struggle of my prey as I caught him by his pants and started to unbutton them at once! Oh, how delightful his denuded manhood sprung out like a wild pink a****l and begged for my immediate attention!«, Candela related with intensive recollection. She told me about the solid spanking she administered to the boy, and that he had confessed under painful duress, that Missis Justine had invited him to use her like her Master did - that this game was absolutely safe and a lot of fun too!
Candela explained now in full colours how she had fingered his beautiful little ass and stuck her long fingers deeply inside, how she fondled the rigid cock and squeezed the last drop out of the rolling balls. But now she looked already concerned and a little bit guilty as well. And she didn't complain as I secured her wrists above her head in front of the mirror. She gave me a deep sigh as I unfastened her skirt and her bloomers, bared that raven-black ass for a severe retribution for her selfish liberties.
So I worked myself in some state of frenzy - my sharp cane was hitting the black puddings faster and harder with an increasing pace. I completely ignored Candela's desperate pleas for mercy until the rod drew droplets of ruby bl**d from the black satin skin. As inappropriate sight this was by God, as a novel experience it was noble enough tough to light my fire instantly - and to extinguish it as quickly right inside my fine breeches too!
Joseph already knew what to expect - the bunch of dry birch twigs I had instructed him to produce for this special meeting was laying on the desk. I chained the whimsy boy in the corner and dropped his pants around his ankles. His usually extremely curious prick was cowardly hiding in the shadows, but his snow-white little buttocks pouted at me with sheer pride. And so I flogged the twin sinners with merciless savagery until the colour changed to sunset purple and the first drops of bl**d sprung up like fiery rubies. This time I just managed in time to free my hefty erection out of the fly and spurted the hot ejection all over the tiny burning bum, as if to quench its fire with my soothing cream!
If he ever poked the girls up their lovely backs, I would poke him personally too, just to give him a taste of his own remedy - so I warned the tearful lad from further romantic escapades into such sinful adventures. During lunch I retreated secretly into the s****rs room and took station behind a thick brocade curtain, from where I could observe the room clearly through the big cabinet mirror. Having their daily hour off their duties the two girls entered, chirping like birds.
»Oh yes! You deserve a little punishment, big s****r!«, Juliette giggled merrily, »You've let him use your bum, and I just had to sit quiet and to witness the naughty spectacle! So get naked at once and rest over my knees, you dirty whore!« This was playing along well - Justine performed the most erotic striptease and placed herself into the demanded position, warranting me with the most perfect view of her superior posterior!
»And, if Master Joseph will visit tonight again, then I will have him, and you can watch, s****r!«, Juliette exclaimed, giving her s****r a solid spanking. »Oh no!«, Justine cried out, »We would have to share him! You are too selfish - better get naked as well quickly!« Oh, what an erotic comedy they produced for my sole benefit by spanking each other and by fingering their tiny brown assholes, squeaking and moaning like piglets in shit! And when Justine demonstrated the two ripe carrot harvested from the vegetable garden the game definitely heated up!
As only my dear reader can perceive I was surely in a state of awe about the arousing performance by the two young sluts, and I had a hard time to control my breath and my sperm! For a solid long hour I relished the exquisite proceedings in the cozy room, and only spent into my handkerchief after the ladies were all dressed up again and left for their duties in the garden and kitchen. Josie was all worried, and wanted to know, where I had spent my last hour! Surely, I was frolicking around with that ugly black whore, so she accused me, and then begun to cry, that I didn't love her anymore!
Now, that is a behavior that no bachelor may more enjoy than me - unfounded jealousy is always a welcome reason for a wicked game! Fortunately, the little gipsy put up a wild cat fight against my intention to try the birch twigs on her jealous nubile body - I had to sit on her to fix her ankles and to tie her wrists.
»You are a pig, man - you are fucking every cunt!«, she raged and spat at me like the little devil she was! But soon I had her fixed in the corner and stripped to the waist. I gagged her spitting and biting and ripped of her blouse and chemise - her poison yellow eyes burning holes into my own but heating my temper well! I birched her budding breasts until they seemed to explode with milk and bl**d, I treated her belly with the stinging branch to a rosy glow, then spread her legs with rope to properly access the jealous cunnie with my hissing birch.
Blow after blow I rained into the rebellious crotch and the insides of her tender thighs - Josie seemed about to lose her mind. She was already swearing violently through the tight gag and twisting in her bonds like a hooked shark - but I trashed her hairless pussy just harder, hitting it closer with gaining precision. I wanted to draw bl**d, so I suddenly realised and stopped my evil intents there and now. I then took the crying girl into my arms, and I fucked every possible trace of jealousy out of her three orifices with pure lust and complete fulfillment.
An hour after dinner I boldly entered the s****rs room without a bother of a knocking - and there they were: all three of them, all splendidly naked, Joseph working hard already to gain access between Juliette's
nether cheeks, and Justine guiding his raging tool helpfully into the right direction! What a bold picture, my dearest reader, I was mightily pleased! The menage-a-trois froze though through my unexpected appearance on the scene, relaxed but quite a bit when I assured all the players, that they should resume their act at once, that I was solemnly here to offer assistance if required.
What a show it was! Soon I was out of my flannel night gown like a satyr and working my tongue in Justine's pretty ass. Joseph's anal endeavors proved a sure success as young Juliette proclaimed with short shrieks of sudden surprise, so I started my own backdoor business. I rammed my old cock right home up into Justine's pristine paradise, riding her hard for the little pink piglet she was, squeezing her dangling tits and biting her neck with a****l fury! Lad Joseph was doing well himself I saw, and I wanted to save my climax for him - promises can't be broken!
Quickly I repositioned my throbbing erection between his cute buttocks and pushed on for glory and victory! Wow - that was tight, but I gained inch by inch just by his own copulation with Juliette. I frigged the golden puss of Justine with one hand, and massaged Joseph's balls with the other. Justine had my nuts in a firm grip and was biting my nipples hard. I was part of a quartet of perfect synchronicity - all hinged together by wet lips, roaming hands and hard cocks.
Never thought that four people can reach the final ecstasy at once together, but I was proved right that night - it was a very close encounter. Juliette was the first to go on the bottom of the heap, like a juvenile earth quake that triggered off lucky Joseph instantly, who rattled my solidly buried erection within his own bucking groans to explode into sparkling shooting stars, a delicious movement that caught Justine on the edge of spending like an irresistible itch to unload herself too.
When I left the exhausted scene I took young naked Juliette with me, told her not to bother with her dressing. In my office all I desired was her bl**d. I felt like a starved vampire as I tied her up in the splendid nude in front of the long mirror. I told her that anal intercourse is quite accepted by married couples, but not tolerable at all by virgins of just thirteen! A very moral tale I spun then, but admitting frankly, that all I wanted was her bl**d and her ass! I was growing into a werwolf and into a bl**d-sucking bat!
So I caned her tiny ass into trickles of bl**d, licked them off like in a devilish trance, then fucked the poor girl up her tight back until my own belly was smeared pinkish with her bl**d. I couldn't reach satisfaction though, moral inhibitors blocked my libido and shrunk my prickle to a wriggling worm. I was dying from shame and guilt and humiliation - I could have cried!

Now, sitting in a tiny dark cell in the cellar of the Bastille, I still cannot fathom the real depth of my bad luck. But I know now with certainty, that security is a tricky word, and that destiny can change its direction like the copper cock on the church tower. It was a fact to me now, that history could walk a pleasant pace trough its sunny days, but also could spin completely out of control on its dark times!
Professor Tutu before had picked up Candela, he repaid me handsomely for my favor and the both soon couldn't live without each other anymore. They married and elaborated a handful of pitch-black brats. Justine had managed to get herself pregnant too, and Joseph had run away, never to be seen again. When one dark night the grenadiers moved in, declared my household a whorehouse of debauchery, they simple confis**ted every stitch I owned for the benefit of the revolution. But they promised me a comfortabe cell in this dump of a prison, assured me that one finer day a decision would surely be reached by the committee over my further destiny!
Mister Beaumont had remarried in the meantime, and his new wive was pretty fond of the two girls - so they at least ended up again in the cozy and warm lap of the f****y. Jefferson promised me all the support to effect my release, but he was in trouble too - even if he didn't admit to it, to keep my sinking spirit afloat. Josie works as a waitress here in Paris and visits me frequently with some fresh fruit for me to keep me healthy. She is all grown up into the most beautiful woman! Therefor she was soon to be married and disappeared out of my miserable as well - all I had left was a bleeding heart and a headful of memories!
As I'm writing here about my recollection of the happy days in the Villa Erotica, I'm reliving the exquisite advents with a sense of proprietary, and with the determination not to lose the last pleasure left. Filling page after page in my notebook for your own entertainment, dear reader, fills my heart with pride and my cockel with joy, but slowly also my dirty night pot with my now completely useless desire . . .

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