Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour - 9

9 - Satisfaction

»All night long I had to masturbate just thinking about your magnificent tool, Sir! I need punishment or further satisfaction, Sir, urgently!«, so greeted me my black pearl, holding my breakfast tray out to me. With the smooth elegance of a black panther she moved then in front of the long mirror, dropped the blue skirt and the bright white bloomers around her ankles. In the classical african tradition she arched her back, intertwined her fingers in the back of her head, spread her long legs and stuck her velvet buttocks out at me!
»You may whip me well, Master, but only as naked as myself!«, the african princess conditioned her offering, and she searched me through the mirror with her big black eyes for a sign of cowardice. But as a real master had to maintain command at all times, I stepped out of my trousers and got the whip. This girl needed no ties, she stood like a stone statue as I whipped her buttocks blue, even aimed some painful slaps into the crack. Harder and harder I stepped into action but never saw a plea or a sob, just her black face in the mirror with closed eyes and something that I took for a grin on the opulent lips.
I slapped her breasts and the nipples hard, then her taut black belly and finally the pink berry of her clit. Now she started to move and to breath, a sexual trance invaded her entire being and made her body dance to the rhythm of my whipping of her most sensitive part. Her groin moved out to meet the sting of my whip and her vaginal lips opened hungry to kiss the punishing leather tip at each hurtful stroke! Never experienced something so inspiring like that before!
Finally her subtle frame was rattled by jerks and spasms, and with a terrible groan squirted generous juice down her trim thighs. She tipped like a log straight into my arms, but was only going to get down with me. With the fluent efficiency of a natural hunter she straddled my on my back, pinning my hands over the head with a f***eful grip. Never loosing eye contact she shoved my huge erection into where it belonged and like the wildcat she was, organised the rest of the business herself!
Her hips rotated like roller coasters and her cunt seemed to own its own suction power that drew me in deeper ad deeper! Then the black devil milked my whole reservoir into her hungry womb. I was deleted for quite a while, but she was kissing me with pure affection to keep me alive after the little death I just suffered. She purred into my ear, that it was alright for now, herself expecting her bleeding the next day!

Josie opened the door for me, but I had no chance to inspect her closely as she was already hanging around my neck, covering me with wet kisses. »I organised this meeting, Sir, and I have thought of a special present to you that, I'm sure, it will make you very happy!«, she laughed proudly and turned away inside. She then led me up the stairs, her black skirt was just a joke of about four inches, and her legs clad in white silk stockings didn't lose my attention. I couldn't find any sign of underpants, the two lovely buttocks winked at me in unrestricted freedom. As if to pick up a bit of fluff from the steps she suddenly stopped an stooped, my pointy tongue was a hundred percent accurate to find its target.
I grabbed her little bum and licked the tiny asshole with passion. »Later, Dear! Lets have some real food first!«, the sexy maid piped and run away. Jefferson hugged me friendly and we enjoyed a vivid conversation through courses of lobster cooked in Cognac, steamed asparagus in avocado cream served with icy Champagne - an absolutely aphrodisiac combination! Jefferson told me that Colette was still mad at me about handling her around so freely, but when her migraine was over, she would be fine! Little Josie tough, sitting opposite to me at the table had her silk-clad toes in my groin, stimulating a constant erection. Here blouse was standing half open and showed everything of her budding orbs than the nipples. Her fiery locks looked like a devilish halo around her pretty face, her pink lips were pouting promises and her yellow eyes firing cupid darts a me.
After the precious food we all retained to the study, where we men smoked and nipped Cognac, the maid in stockings though stoked the fire, presenting her half naked bottom perfectly. Jefferson explained, that all the following play was Josie's own design to show me her gratitude, and that as my friend he could only support her wishes. The sexy maid came along with the red hot poker in her hands and threatened my friend to get naked at once and told him then to settle on his back on the bear fur in front of the fire place. Jefferson played his role well, even put in some pretended complaints.
But his own cockel was certainly rising to the intended domination, and as Josie was sitting on his belly nearly found its own way inside her bossy box! I was a voyeur, a peep, but deeply transfixed onto the erotic performance, only when Josie waved me closer I was awakening from my passive observations. This was too good to be true - with a dominant finger she pointed at the tiny hole I had licked just an hour ago! No doubt about that: My cock was jumping out of my fly and plowing into the dark spot she pulled wide open for my advance!
I was never before so close to my friend Jefferson - only the thin membrane between vagina and anus was separating us now as we just started to work as a team. Josie lost her wits rapidly and begun to bubble pure hungarian tribal garble, she was sandwiched between two friends with similar desires, helplessly double-speared between two red-hot bodies. Now this situation was demanding a lot of balance and tenderness by myself, being in the top position, but I managed to fit into a rhythm with my friend Jefferson, himself trapped on the bottom of the nude pile of bodies, that resembled the motions of a modern double-piston steam engine.
Josie was already singing love songs in several different ancient languages, and yelled out the name of the devil in sacred gibberish when my dear friend and me rattled her tender frame and flooded both her channels simultaneously. For a long long time we three were glued together just by our own sweat on the bear skin - a worthwhile imagination to be remembered! Later, little Josie was sharing her bed with me, never ever letting go of my cockel for the whole night. That actually means that I didn't find any sl**p at all and was definitely and literally dried out by sunset. So, I decided to take her back home with me. But we hardly made it out of bed because the sheets were severely glued to our bodies by our own emissions - such a sticky situation that certainly indicatet a honey moon - maybe I was in love then too?

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