Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour - 5

5 - Initiation

It was a beautiful sunny morning and I was whistling a happy tune. I was still lolling around in my bathrobe as Justine served me my morning tea. She was all shine and sparkle, and after she placed the tray on the desk she flung her arms around my neck and kissed my cheeks. Oh - I grabbed her around the narrow waist and searched for her lips with mine. Holy softness! »Give me your tongue, darling!«, I begged the charming maid in a whisper, she tried it out and seemed to like the arousing wrestle of our tongues. My hands were sitting now on her plump bottom, slowly working up the blue skirt, slipping into the open bloomers and grabbing the naked hemispheres with joy.
All this delicious action put a lot of lead in my pencil and it stubbornly stabbed the eager lady into her soft belly to make its presence felt. »Oh!«, exclaimed the beauty just as my robe fell apart and the horny monster jumped out. More out of curiosity than fear Justine retreated a step but I had already secured her right hand with mine to prevent her to escape my erotic attacks. Slowly I pulled her warm hand onto my hot member and folded all the fingers neatly around the throbbing stem. Her light blue eyes looked into mine as if to ask for permission to this intimate affair. I offered her my widest grin and urged her to play with my cock if she wished to do so.
In an instant the eager maid was on her knees to inspect her new toy from the glossy top to the hairy bottom. »It's magnificent, Sir!«, she reported in a shaky voice. I gave her instruction of how to handle such a precious instrument, and she learned so quick that soon I ejaculated all over her pretty nose and lips. I was in a state of rapture and bellowed like a bull as I peppered her lovely face with hot loads of cream. Oh - watching young Justine licking her rosy lips to taste the liquid of love made my heart beat! But when she sucked the last drop from the smiling slit of my purple plum I nearly died from pleasure and affection!

What an excellent start to a beautiful day. I called for Juliette to run my bath. She brought fresh towels, scented salts and a big smile. I watched her little boybum as she cleaned the big enamel tub and manipulated the golden taps. When I playfully lifted her skirt I was staring straight at it in its glorious natural nudity - I couldn't refrain from a quick pinching of the tiny orbs. »Oh Sir, you shouldn't!«, the little maid piped like a bird and wriggled herself out of my reach.
I stripped off my gown and let myself sink slowly into the warm scented water, but my cock was already towering from my groin and peeped out of the foam like the periscope of a fleshy submarine. Juliette was impressed but somehow indecisive in motivation. So I thoroughly wet the sponge and pressed it into her idle hands to give her a hint. She went down onto her knees and soaped the standing ovation to her juvenile charms well and long. As soon as she had finished her arousing task I asked her, if the cockel was clean enough now to get a kiss?
She threw a poisoned green look at me, but I just softly took her by the neck and bent her over the rim of the tub until the spotless clean plum touched her lips. There was minimal resistance in this performance, and even less so as I moved my hips up - her lips and jaws opened like magic. What a perfect arrangement, what a unique sensation! I told the young maid to refrain from biting and better to use her agile tongue if she intended to taste the fluid of love! Gently I lifted my grip on her neck to allow her to bestow one of her deadly green flashes onto me, but then she set to work with real female determination!
My hand was under her skirt once more, slipping into the moist crack and rubbing her sweet chocolate puss, whilst the bold little lady sucked and licked like a purely natural talent. Soon my brain was drifting in heaven and my groin full of fire - I exploded with unforeseen vehemence into Juliette's virginal mouth, shot spunks of sticky juice up her throat and with my wild jerking I created a tidal wave that splashed the front of her dress with f***e. The poor maid coughed and nearly gagged on my opulent spending, and then the naughty girl spat it all back into the bathtub. I couldn't help myself to erupt into a hollering laugh as I recorded the girlish disgust on her face - she spat once more, but then she laughed too, and that was very pretty!
Told her to hang the wet dress onto the rack to dry and to join me in my solitaire comfort. Wasn't it an exquisite spectacle to follow her gracious juvenile moves as she hang up her soaked blouse and apron up to dry, then dropped her skirt to bare for me the most desired piece of ass a gentleman could ever wish for. Only clad skimpily in her tight white chemisette Juliette approached the tub, chastily hiding her fine chocolates, looking absolutely gorgeous! With little effort I lifted the light temptation into the bubbling bath and between my wide spread legs.
That is actually exactly like how life should treat every horny bachelor! The lovely maiden sat on my lap, my hard shaft rather so to say, and her unruly maroon hair tickled my fancy. I sucked her little ear lobe and imprinted a pretty love bite into her long slender neck and toyed with her greek sultanas through the flimsy wet silk of the chemise. The maid wriggled under my selected tenderness like an alligator in a shark net - a very inspiring scene I thought.
To repay her now for her earlier lip service with the same I pushed the sexy alligator up on all four and feasted my bulging eyes on the loveliest buttocks and the tiny brown aperture within. Changing my reclining position I pressed a passionate kiss into those secret parts, holding my wriggling wet catch firmly around the narrow hips. I destinated a crimson love bite to both of the tiny cheeks and stuck my tongue into her anus. Juliette's got quite agitated, but I hold her tight and told her to cease her reclamations at once!
I used both thumbs to spread the frankly displayed chocolate lips to have a peek at their strawberry marzipan filling. The tough maiden head presented itself in all its defensive glory, and the tiny purple nub of the clitoris was straining expectant from its protective fleshy folds - I wondered about how mother nature had managed to create such a strange but alluring device to ensure procreation - what a miracle! I sucked and kissed and sucked the inviting wet flower until young Juliette spent the reward for my passionate attention into my mouth, hot and rich! Only because I expected a visitor I gave up the well running business and let the maid dress me up in fresh smelling clothes.

The intruder into my erotic fairy tales was a certain Madame Mechain. She was renting a luxurious mansion from me in town and was very late in here payments - this meaning that she didn't rent a coin for the whole last year for her huge apartment. She was very distressed about that fact, then remarked that I already had two ladies of fine society under my competent tuition, that since her italian husband divorced her daughter was a complete lacy menace and needed a strong hand right now to find eventually her way in later life! She was speaking, as I knew, about Colette, literally a skinny lad with huge tits in the finest petticoats and stockings, but nevertheless just the type of temptation I could never resist.
Colette was already sixteen and surely in a quite marriable age, but except for her huge tits all long and skinny of stature, immature of mind, and extremely rebellious against men. I suspected that her father had beaten her to humiliation, that she carried a deeply rooted hatred for the male species of the homo erectus. To take on such an offer would certainly a huge challenge but promised a lot of gay games. So I promised Madame Mechain to undertake the necessary education if she would start up to meet her financial rental promises - and thus our deal was closed. The young lady in the bargain was led in and left in my tender care by her obviously relieved mother.
Her eyes were to dark and hard for a woman her age, her nose was too big for a girl, and her lips to thin to produce an enticing smile. I took a fresh maiden outfit from the wardrobe and told the skinny miss, that her dress-up was overdone in this humble house and would evoke only a wrong impression of status: »Please change into those clothes without a fuss Colette, and blend in with the household if you like a pleasant future here!«, so I spoke to her without getting any readable reaction. But suddenly she blurted: »I'm not a maid! Don't ever lay your lecherous eyes on me!«
I quickly cuffed the little donkey and tied her up stretched in front of the long mirror. Her rampant protest and insults I stifled instantly with a gag improvised with one of my silken cravats. To prevent the struggling little devil from aiming her pointy heels at my vulnerable groin I used a second cravat to secure her ankles. Then at last I was presented with an opportunity to relax and to observe the anger of my victim in form of a most erotic dance. Saw her heavy breasts trying to burst the restraining corset. The tight knot on the top of Colette's head came loose through her wild performance and spilled over her white clad shoulders and transformed the satyr into a princess at once.
I unfastened the fancy frilly skirt and let it rustle to the floor. A black garter belt was holding the white stockings and the tiniest affair of red knickers was stretching its translucent lace over the clenched buttocks - a typical pear shaped bottom, rarely to be found under all the apples, but with its own unique attraction. So this now was a display that heats the bl**d of a real gentleman without fail! I spanked and caned and whipped the perverse temptation until I was exhausted. The taut buttocks glowed by then with the same fiery red as the covering decoration.
Then I realised that Colette was actually weaping. I took her head into my hands and kissed the salty tears from her hot cheeks - I murmured softly the most appealing apology for my rude and painful treatment, but that it may have transported her to meet my humble demands and would obey my simple instructions. If she thought that this had happened she should indicate the fact with a nod - which she willfully did. I freed her instantly from her bondage and kissed her wet eyes and her salty mouth, but the girl escaped my comforting and started to undress, as I ordered her in the beginning.
With her hot red back to me she undid all the tiny hooks of her bodice and took it off, she unclipped the garter and rolled the silk stockings from her endless legs. And as she donned the blue skirt and the white blouse I detected a softening in her sharp facial features, as if she would be happy to get rid of those restraining corsets and lingerie at all. I guessed that she was a devoted lesbian but preferred the dominant role in the game. I wasn't sure if she still was a virgin but sure, to find out one fine day.
I advised her, that with her age she was the oldest here and could enjoy command, but I implemented quickly, that she'd better ask Justine for directions before making any silly decisions. I told the skinny tomcat, that I liked her hair open and didn't mind her fancy underwear, as long as she exposes it to me frequently! That remark rewarded me with a big blush and a courtly bow - then I sent her to Justine for lodgment and further instructions towards her future duties.

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