Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour - 4

4 - Seduction

To fire up the two randy s****r a bit further I removed myself after dinner into my office. Justine brought me my evening port from the bar with a strange gloss in her deep blue eyes - the silver tablet shook under her emotions and she spilled the precious drink. »Do not mind that, dearest darling - I'm in a generous mood tonight!«, so I calmed her rising guilt and to tickle here own generosity as well. I removed her belt and pinched her into her naked buttocks. With a silly girlish giggle she run for the closet to perform her secret business. I felt a hot rush of affection for the charming creature, her belt was lubricated copiously by her vivid imaginations about Juliette's intimate telltales - I smiled from ear to ear like a honey bear.
»You will not need that restriction any further, because you have surely learned by now how to behave properly!«, I offered as she stood before me for the usual clean-up. »Oh, yes, thank you Sir! I will behave to my best, I promise by the Lord!«, the little lady confessed and stared like mesmerised by a snake at the big bulge in my trousers. I placed a wet long kiss onto her naked belly to check her reaction to such a straight forward approach. The sweet darling pulled back under the unexpected attack, but her hips moved soon again to present the soft trembling belly for another tenderness of my adoration.
Little kisses I rained on her swelling flesh, lower and lower towards the object of my desire. I dug all my fingers into the luscious padding of her behind. When I set my first kiss onto the already protruding virgin clittie my maid grew limp in my grip and seemed to faint, so I placed her on my chair instead of myself and parted her knees wide. Then, enjoying more liberate access I cleaned the pouting cunny with my eager tongue until my maid sung from sheer joy! Within wild spasms she clamped my hot ears with her muscular thighs until my bl**d sung in my head, and then she spent violently onto my tongue her first virgin cream! Oh, what a delight, what a delicacy! I was hard as a rock even after she had left and had to release the pent up desire at once.
Next morning was heating up early, and because it was a sunny Sunday I invited both of the maids to take some time off for a picnic at the small pond that lay at the end of my property. I freed little Juliette from the troubling belt, thought it but too early to show her the delight of spending. I just fingered the chocolate lips for a while and mused: »What a pity to loose the daily maintenance of those tender parts, my sweetheart! But I will dream of them with affection before I fall asl**p!« Those romantic notions surely softened Juliette's attentions towards myself, and she asserted me quickly, that I had the right to maintain her whenever I needed to! Remembering my plentiful ejaculation over her naked thighs she blushed a deep crimson and trapped my probing finger between her long strong legs.
It was quite a walk to the pond and the girls were already perspiring sweetly when we reached the secluded spot. We settled in the short grass but there was no shade to our avail - and even the ice-cooled wine couldn't prevent the two lovely lasses from overheating, only kindled their libidos and lit their fires of sensuality. I told them to take off their dresses and the plunge into the calm waters at once, and was rewarded with an hour of the most exquisite eroticism. The wet chemises and bloomers clung to the young flesh like sticky tape and left nothing to the vague imagination - even Justine's beautiful bosom was presented to me in the most desirable veiling. It was an abundance of dancing titties and jumping buttocks, and even the two hairless camel toes were presented in their original alluring form that I had to hide my rampage under the book I was pretending to study!
But it seemed clear to me, that the s****rs had begun to love me in the way I intended: as a fatherly instructor into the pleasures of love without v******e or violation. I was sure that they would soon overcome their initial juvenile shyness and soon would beg me sweetly for my exciting administrations of burning new sensations. Both of them were more ready to learn and keen on the exploration of their own bodily feelings by now. But because they were s****rs of the bl**d I doubted resiliently that those two hungry cunnies would rub each other - but I seemed completely wrong in that peculiar aspect as I found out later on.
Justine was delivering my good-night port, and I realised with satisfaction that her skirt was tucked up at the waist and displayed her shapely calves without modesty. I told her, that I had noticed at the outing that her breast had rounded out in a most womanly style and, that I just acquired one of those new brassieres manufactured in Paris to support such beauty properly and improve its looks too! The said garment was residing on the desk Justine's eyes were glued to it. »I would like you to try it on - it just needs minor adjustments from my side to warrant a perfect fit!«, so I tempted the young lady to perform a strip for me.
But rather as to wait for the maid to make up her wavering little mind I rounded the desk and started with feverish fingers to open her blouse. She trapped my hands with hers, not really sure if to help me or to stop me. »It's okay, darling! Remember that I saw them just before in a near naked fashion!«, so I coaxed the maid into cooperation and shrugged the lacy blouse off her shoulders. In a rapid movement I pulled the flimsy chemise over her golden head and revealed by that the most gorgeous pair of tits I ever witnessed in my life! Perfect rotundity, skin like pink silk, aureolas like rose petals, and nipples as tempting and ripe as wild forest strawberries, the ones I really favor!
But instead of biting them right off, I started to stub them with a fingertip, what seemed to please my denuded maid in a funny way. Her girlish giggles just spurned me on to much bolder action. I cupped and kneaded the two fleshy puddings with devotion, I pinched the berries on top with strong fingers, and then sucked them both with the passion only deserved by a real connoisseur! Justine was liquid butter under my tender treatments and her naked arms were locked around my neck as in a manifestation of friendship and trust! I was totally overwhelmed by this young woman's attraction to a hairy bloke like myself - and four times her own tender age!
I fitted the parisian brassiere on her and adjusted it perfectly. It was one of the first models that pushed the breasts up in full support but left the nipples free to breathe. As Justine dressed up again - I kept her chemise - she looked stunning and sexy, her hard berries boldly bulging the thin silken blouse. As she looked down at herself she must have been prouder than ever, because she jumped at me, flung her arms around me and kissed me on both cheeks! I nearly wet my pants again, my huge erection was painfully trapped between us, and luscious Justine ground her hard pelvis into it with growing fondness!
I was very proud of the closeness and intimacy we developed between each other, but was lusting like an a****l for more spicy entertainment - I didn't want to kill but I craved for submission without compassion, a good struggle was much more arousing than a loving embrace - but that would have to wait! I was a happy bloke right now with no reason to complain. I dismissed Justine when there was a knock on the door, and little Miss Juliette in short coquette steps, holding up her skirt, not to expose the frill of her bloomers, no: just to let me know that she was not wearing any at all! That rocked even my well experienced erotic mind to shambles - her cute nude chocolate funny still hidden illuminated my sheer fancy like striking lightening.
My cock shot up like a pocket rocket, I felt quite dizzy - better kept to my chair behind the desk. Then the saucy little Miss pointed a thin finger at me and demanded, that I better maintained her like I did her s****r, otherwise she would leave my service at once! I was completely stunned, but I smelled the sweet odour of rebellion with my nose, and I tasted the herby taste of mutiny on my tongue. Here I had her pride in my grab, and I felt prone to use her boldness for my own account. Demanded that she stripped every stitch at once - a command she bluntly refused. I knew that she only was about to manipulate me into action with her pretended stubborness, but I actually enjoyed that play.
Got the hand cuffs out of the top drawer and fastened her wrists in a short but deliciously arousing struggle. I pushed her roughly in front of the long mirror and secured the cuffs to a hook from the ceiling with ease. Lovely Juliette was stretched for my pleasure, her wild red hair unruly as herself, and her green eyes flashing purest disapproval. I was very happy that very moment - it was the perfect opportunity for oral education! I licked her face as if to clean it of the freckles, I sucked her full lips and tongued her pearly teeth, searching and probing for her sweet mouth to open.
The little vixen kicked me and bit me to stir my fire of desire until I pried open her jaw and met her own tongue with mine. This first contact must have been quite electric, because the nubile maiden slackened her stance and suddenly melted into my embrace. But little Juliette was a born kisser, with warm soft clinging lips and an agile velvet tongue, soon she found her own pleasure in mingling like that. I dropped her skirt and then my trousers, my raging hot cock jumped up and poked into her soft belly before I stored it between her naked thighs.
In the mirror behind I saw its glossy head sticking out between Juliette's nether cheeks - a such a tantalising view that entranced me into total madness. I dug all my finger deep into her tiny buttocks and pushed my rampant cock through her clenched thighs in a frenzy forth and back, Juliette rode and reared on my stallion like a natural rider - then she bucked and kicked like a mare in heat, and ejected her first orgasmic fluid into my wiry pubic patch, whilst I splashed all my liquid spunk all over the mirror behind her. Composing herself a bit and looking around, she was obviously quite impressed with my effort!

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