In the Toolshed - Short Story

Edward Caine, 42, electrician, divorced, lives without a partner since five years. He likes to sit on his front porch and to watch the school girls on their way home. It fascinates him, just to think about their blossoming youth and the trials and disappointment they are growing into. So it's no real wonder where most of his erotic fantasies are coming from:

I walk into the back yard as I hear faint voices coming from my garden shed. But as I approach it to find out who is playing in there the doors suddenly opens. I manage just in time to hide away around the corner: it is a young bloke in the late teens! I let him disappear down to the road until I check the shed to see if something is missing.
But to my utter surprise there is a girl in there, just buttoning up her jacket. I know her from the street, she lives in the neighbourhood and I know her father. She always looked pretty mature to me, and extremely sexy. Actually, she is absolutely perfect to have a major role in my vivid erotic fantasies!
As she sees me her eyes widen with fear. She stutters: »I'm sorry, but we have no other place to meet! Please don't tell my dad!« I nod in understanding. »Who was that guy - do you love him?«, I ask. »No!«, comes the answer. »Then, what are you doing in here?» She blushes and mumbles: »A bit of kissing, maybe?«
I shake my head: »Maybe? Is that all? Doesn't he touch you?« »Sometimes!« »And: He doesn't try to undress you?« Now she blushes and nods, flushed with shame. She is so sweet with this guilty look on her face, so I probe a bit further: »And he gives you money?« »Yeah, of course!«, she boast with a suddenly found confidence. »But he is not the only one?« »Not really! But please, don't tell anyone, my father would beat me blue!«
I can imagine that, and I sit down on the wooden stool by the work bench. I start to really enjoy our little dialog and I have a lot more questions in my mind: »So, how much do you take?« »Five, Ten, Twenty - it depends!« »It depends on what?« »Oh!«, she sighs embarrassed, »depends on what they want!« »And, what do they want?«
She swallows hard to that question, pouts her lovely lips, and her brain seems to work in over-drive: »Touching me, and sometimes touching them! But please don't ask me more!« »Why?« »Because I can't tell you! Please let me go!« I shake my head again as she fumbles nervously with her jacket buttons - struggles like a lost fly in my sticky spiderweb.
I dig into my pocket, pull a Twenty out of it and put it on the bench: »Okay, don't talk anymore, just show me!« Now she is in rage: »To you! Never! You're much too... I can't, really!« But I just smile at her and relax against the wooden bench, whilst good and evil fight a crucial battle in her mind.
Then she comes around: »Okay, but only if you let me go!« »Of course I will let you go - afterwards!«, I calm her troubled heart. And with trembling finger she opens her jacket and slips it off. She wears a tight white shirt that shows the arousing contours of an even tighter brassiere underneath. I'm full of tense anticipation.
She struggles out of the shirt and looks at me with her big warm eyes, as if to make sure that I like what I see. I smile at her again and nod: »You're beautiful!« That seems to build up her courage a lot, the she fumbles with the hook of her bra in the back. And when it comes off my dick jumps in my underpants: She has these little titties, just a handfull each, but firm and rosy, peaked by so amasingly stubby nipples that my mouth waters instantly.
»Can I go now?« »Is that all, for a Twenty?« She bites her lips and smirks, as if in pain. But then she opens the zipper on her pants and climbs out of them. Her panties are classical: white with red dots, tightly nestled up to her pouting love-lips, distinctively moulding the swell of her young sex - my dick jolts up again and stretches my pants!
She may have noticed that and startles. »Are you happy now?«, she wispers, her big eyes begging me for mercy. But I have no mercy, I'm beautifully aroused, and I wouldn't waste this unique opportunity: «I thought I might be allowed to see everything?«
She sniffs disappointed, turns around and tugs those sexy little panties over her little round bum - a most delicious sight to see! She glances over her shoulder at me and asks: »Okay?« »Yes, you're absolutely gorgious, come here!« It takes her a second to comprehend my two last words, but then she comes closer, her little pussy carefully hidden behind her hands. I'm touched by all this loveliness I run into this afternoon.
I pull her between my legs and clamp her firmly. Those stubby nipples beg me to be kissed, and with both of her hands occupied I find no resistance. I suck and knibble like a madman whilst I stroke and massage those two cheeky buttocks in the back. The good girl starts to moan and pant, her mouth wide open and her rosy tongue peeping through the pearly rows of teeth. She arches her back and sticks one hand into my woolly hair - to pull me closer or to push me away, I don't really know, but she definitely seems to enjoy my attention by now.
I push her hand out of her crotch and my swollen dick threatens to burst: The loveliest pussy I've have seen, a fraction open, already glistening from excitement, the little clit curiously sticking out of the soft fleshy folds. I open my legs, get up, grab her by the waist, sit her on the bench, push her back against the wall and spread her legs as far as they go!
And then I suck this luscious little cunt right into my mouth. The taste is unbelievable sweet - I could have eaten her alive! The beautiful girl starts to sing an unknown song under my tender treatment, then she erupts like a hot geysir and begins to weap - tears of joy!
For a moment I pull her onto my chest, hug and cuddle her, kiss her with her own intimate taste, but then I unpack my throbbing dick. Her eyes bulge in their sockets, as if it might not fit, but it does so perfectly! I have to cover her mouth as her exstatic cries of pleasure threatens to alarm the whole neighbourhood. She comes and comes and comes, but before I come I pull out and spill my warm seed in gushes all over her trembling belly . . .

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3 years ago
awesome & very hot
3 years ago
Loved it, Very exciting. Thanks.