The fucking Cowboy - Short Story

Sue Miller, 26, a vetenerrian student in a country town, is still searching for the right relationship. She is well built and she knows that. But she still can't accept the fact that her body does attract men more than her sharp intellect. That's why she plays hard-to-get and therefor gets it hard! And that reflects clearly out of her sexual fantasies as you see:

I'm angry on my late way home. My new boyfriend kicked me out of his car after an argument. He said, that I was cold and selfish - that it was all my fault! The fucking prick! Men are all the same! I know how stubborn I am, and how hard it is for me to give in. I maybe need a stronger man to be a better woman?
I stroll along a paddock. A cowboy sits on the fence and smokes. As he sees me he whistles through his teeth ans says: »Need a lover, babe?« Just another prick, I think and pass him without a word. He jumps from the fence and walks next to me: »Nice butt you have there!« »Fuck off!«, I snap back.
»You're rude, babe, didn't get laid today, don't look like it!« »Get fucked, cowboy!«, so I vent my growing anger. I'm tired and my feet ache, and I need a shower. The cowboy but is persistent. »I guess that you're real hot in bed!«, he teases me further and boldly slaps my bottom hard.
»Man, you are a nuicance, get stuffed, arsehole!« »You've got one too, babe, and a real tight one too, I can imagine!«, he counters and again he has to touch my butt. I walk a bit faster to get rid of the bastard, but he doesn't give up. »I love big tits, babe, and yours are just my size, babe!«, he labbers as he spies into my shirt.
»Piss off, or I yell for help, you bl**dy wanker!«, so I tell him frankly, but he doesn't seem to like my way of frankness. »A fucking good spanking, that's all you deseve, you arrogant virgin!«, he snorts, and then suddenly he pushes me into a shed and locks the door behind me. And quick as a rodeo rider he bundles me to the ground like a calf and ropes my wrists. He pulls me up, throws the rope over a rafter and pulls me straight.
»From now on watch what you say, babe«, he growls, »you definitely have to learn some manners!« I'm completely confused as I hang there like a sip of water. The shed is full of saddles and bridles - it smells quite nice from leather grease, lucerne hay and horse apples. »You can't...«, I want to say, but I'm very aware that he can. He grabs a riding whip from the wall and walks around me as if on an inspecting routine whilst buying a horse. »You've got a boyfriend, babe?« »Yeah!«, I answer and try to look proud. »Don't lie to me, babe!«, he snaps an hits my bottom hard with the whip. »Outch! Don't you dare, you fu...!«, I yell, but an other painfull stroke stings my buttocks and stops me in mid sentence.
»And: Did you get fucked today?«, he asks and lifts my chin with his whip to look me straight in the eyes. »Sure!«, I boast, but another soaring sting strikes my butt for lying. »So: that's the problem?« »No, it isn't!» And swish: one more burning stroke lands on my poor posterior. I would better shut up, otherwise he trashes me to bits - and he would enjoy that for sure as it seems!
The heat of my troubled bottom leaks already into my crotch and my puss gets nervous. My cowboy teases my nipples through my shirt with the whip and says: »Why do you have to be so unfriendly, babe?«. »I'm not unfriendly, you just don't turn me on!« »Another cowardly lie, not prooven now, but later!« He sticks his leather whip between my legs and taps against the bulge of my puss, and that releases a hot gush of juice.
First he wants to see if my tits fit his taste. He unbuttons my shirt and with his pocket knive he just cuts off my bra. The feeling of the cold steel on my skin sends ripples of goose skin over my breasts and lets my nipples harden instantly. »Such a rotten temper in such a nice body!«, he purrs as he fondles my ripe sugar melons with delight.
Then he pops the brass button of my blue jeans and pulls the zipper. »Please, no!«, I moan, but he peels my pants from my buttocks without delay and smiles »Oh yes, babe, I will please you! I will break you in, my little pony, and I will ride you hard all night long!« He sniffs on my knickers and sniggers: »Quite a mess in there - so I really do turn you on!« »Oh no!«, I groan, but that earnes me just another red-hot stripe over the bulging back of my panties.
My face flushes with flaming shame as he cuts them off and dips a finger into the sodden slit. He licks the glossy fingertip and murmurs: »Absolutely delicious - wanna try some, babe, there is plenty where that came from!« I shake my head and roll my eyes. I wish to say that he should stop teasing me - just **** me or fuck me, just getting it over and done, but my stubborn pride wouldn't let me.
»But you'll tell me when you're ready to love me, babe?«, he sniggers again, pushes the handle of the whip up my wet cunt as far as it goes, sits down on a bale of hay to roll a cigarette. It looks as if I had this thin brown dick that wobbles with every tremor of my excited belly and stimulates my clit. And as much I find it disgusting, as much more it makes me horny! My tits swell as the muscles of my cunt tense around the intruder with ever growing lust - I'm once more the victim of my own stupidity.
»Hey...«, I say, trying hard to conquer my fucking fridgidity. »Say pretty please, babe, and I'm with you in a sec!«, he conquers my obvious insecurity and blows a cloud of smoke in my direction. I cough and clear my throat and whisper: »Pretty please!« »What?« »Uhm, nothing really!«
Now he gets up and slaps my already striped bottom smacking hard with his palm for that lie. »Fuck!«, I cry out, just to get another ringing spank on the other buttock. The whip jerks up and down in my cunt and I can feel a climax approach. »Who do you wanna fuck, babe?«, he querries my out-burst, but I just can't say it, as much as I would hate him watching me come from a simple leather whip!
But somehow I'm aware that I wished for a strong man, and I've just got what I deserve! And slowly the seemingly impossible words stumble over my lips: »Pretty ... please, ... fuck me, please!« I can't believe myself - that was bold, but honest. I try my first smile at him, but he doesn't seem completely convinced. He pulls the whip out of my belly with a loud flopping noise, puts the glossyy handle to my mouth and says: »Lick it clean, you've never tasted yourself, that's why you can't love yourself!«
Another hurdle to jump, another digust to overcome, but I know he is right. My own secretion tastes strange, but very arousing. I feel very naughty, but also very proud as I suck my own sticky cum from wicked the leather handle. »Good girl!«, he praises my effort and jokes, »and now you would like to have a good taste of your arse as well?« And as he sees my frown he laughs like an idiot - and suddenly I have to laugh too - not really about the joke, more about the comicality of my own inhibitions!
He unties my hands, carries my over to a heap of straw, and really: exactly honest to what he had promised me before: He rides me hard, and that all night long . . .

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3 years ago
would love to act this out in my barn!
3 years ago
very hot & sexy