The Hitch Hiker - Short Story

Jack Straw, 35, single forever, sales-man for stockings, lacy lingery and condoms, travels more miles through the lonely country than any one of us - it is his job! He doesn't meet many women on his long and dusty way through the outback, but he certainly longs for the once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a lady that will fulfill all his secret dreams!

Here I am once again on this endless and winding road through the deserted country side. The six cylinder motor of my old station wagon is humming comfortably under the broad bonnet as I ride along with seventy miles an hour. I am traveling light, stop here and there in a motel with a swimming pool, and for emergencies I have always a comfortable matress in the back.
I'm listening to a nice song on the radio and I sing along : »Do you wanna be my baby? Oh yeah, oh yeah!«. I didn't meet a nice woman for a long time and in the moment I would give my last Fifty for a decent fuck!
And as if the cosmos would have to answer my desperate prayer personally: Suddenly there stands a woman far ahead on the side of the road, franticly waving at my fast approach. But as I steer closer to the hitch-hiker I realise in time: She isn't really a woman: She is actually a young girl! Her worn-out blue jeans jacket flaps in the warm country breeze and her much too short black leather skirt spans as tightly around her sweet narrow hips like a glossy candy wrapper.
I slam on the brakes immediately and stop my car right next to her. She wears her shining auburn hair short like a boy, and her full red lips part only short for a shy but somehow friendly smile. I open the passenger door for her, and she jumps in like a flash, as if she would be in a sudden hurry. I feel that I would like to inspect her long brown legs more closely, but I concentrate hard to look her into the face. And I say: »Hello, my name is Jack - where would you like to go?«
She catches a quick sidewards glance at me and snaps: »I don't care, dammit!« So I just rev up the motor again and get back into my swift travelling mode. She doesn't seem to be really comfortable with me and restlessly she budges around on her seat that the hem of her tight black skirt rides consistently up her sun-tanned thighs. I love her nose: the cute little nose covered with funny little freckles! Then I try to open the stuck dialogue again: »You carry no bags, so I assume that you run away from home!«
She shoots a fiery hot look at me from her poison-green eyes and counters quite annoyed: »And if, what makes it your business anyway?« I swallow hard and concentrate at the road again. But I can't get the image of her purple-ringed left eye out of my brain any more - and suddenly I feel as guilty as I would have hit her personally.
»How old are you?«, I ask her in a quite soothing fatherly tone, but she only confirms to me in the most matter-of-factly tone: »Young enough that you could be my father - so just shut up and drive!« She has very lovely ears and the tiny rings on them ring like little bells with every of her rigid emotions.
A police car crosses us at high speed and my hitch-hiker slips so deep down into the seat that a spark of her snow-white undies hits my sensitive retina with the immensity of an atomic explosion. And just by verifying the exciting fact for a short second I nearly miss athe next corner and run the car right off the road. Only meters away from a sturdy gum tree I manage to stop in the rough gravel in the curb.
She swears aloud about my lousy driving, but then she realises my stare at the blinding white triangle full of scented secrets between her legs, and she blushes deeply crimson.
»Sorry!«, she mumbles, maybe even meaning it, and with a deep sigh she sits up straight again. And for the first time she watches me with an interest for a little while.
»You are nice!«, I brabble in my hormon-related manly confusion - and that's maybe the most stupid thing to say, then she questions the statement immediately quite quizzically: »...just judging by my underwear?«
»I'm sorry!«, it is my time now to mumble, but she just brushes my words away with the back of her hand like an annoying fly out of sight: »You're a man - and they're all the same! First they are nice, and when they got what they want they hit you or the road!« My eyes are stuck on her pair of upset lips like a worm on a hook - and I can't imagine her more lovely even when calm. The simple desire to kiss her grows into an utter urge.
»I would never harm you - I'm not like that!«, I try to break the ice between us, and as a mediative gesture I put my warm hand on her knee. She doesn't seem to mind this initial body contact but remains stiff on the seat. »I've never hit a woman in my life - you can trust me!«, so I purr on to persuade her further and slowly move my palm up her smooth thigh.
Too fast though as it turns out then she pulls a little knife out of her breast pocket and points it at my neck, poised to slit my throat with it. Her lovely face is now so close to mine and our eyes are locked together - her lips trembling, and just a lusting kiss away. Short, I consider to pull my hand back, but that would be the ultimate cowardice! So I let it move further up where the skin grows softer and warmer. She doesn't stop me, but the sharp edge of her knife digs deeper into the skin of my neck as my fingers reach the hem of her tight leather skirt.
Her mouth stands open only a delicious fraction and I can feel her warm sweet breath fan my face. Her green eyes are still glowing dangerously and even her little pulled-up brows seem to question my behaviour. Slowly I push her skirt into her groin and my lips closer to hers. Her legs part slightly as my fingers dive into the moist valley between them, following the descending panty line into the dark.
Her eyes flicker and close in anticipation, the knife looses its deadly poise - and a thousand wild horses couldn't hold me back any more! Through the thin cotton I can feel the rough brush of her pubic hair and below the unbelievable soft swells of her nether lips. I come straight to the point and press her little clitty through the thin fabric like a door bell. »Let's enjoy the danger of the moment!«, I whisper into her mouth. Her eyes open watery, as if she would start to weep, and this unexpected emotion dampens my erotic enthusiasm like a bucket of cold water into the face.
»I'm sorry!«, she sniffs as I pull back, »but I need a pee!« She tries an apologetic smile, climbs out of the car and walks into the bushes. My fingertips are still warm from the delicious touch as I watch her disappear with gingerly stiff steps, and my heart grows fonder towards her as I ponder the fragility of her soul - the humiliation and pain she must have suffered. I leave the car, and leaning onto the mudguard I light myself a cigarette.
I already expect her to never come back - I'm ashamed of being so pushy - I would like to apologise to her. I scorn myself to have driven her away from me, blowing angry smoke clouds into the soft afternoon breeze. But then I see her again, like a holy vision appearing from the shrubs, swaying her hips like a fashion model on the cat walk.
My heart skips a beat as she walks straight up to me, her green eyes fixed to mine. Just one step in front of me she takes off her knife-bearing jacket. Her skimpy sleeveless shirt exposes a lot of brown skin of her shoulders, shows off the contours of two perfectly rounded breasts, the hard nipples proudly poking through the stretched fabric at me.
She snaps the cigarette out of my fingers and takes a couple of deep puffs. I cough my heart up into my mouth and say: »I would like to apologise that I was so pushy! I really like you - you don't have to be scared from me!« I pull her closer and our hard groins collide together, igniting a bright spark of lust in her eyes.
»You seem to be a nice guy, Jack, I have no fear from you!«, she whispers, but as I try to kiss her she turns around to lean back against me and pushes her lovely little bottom into my aching crotch. »Let's enjoy the danger of the moment, Jack, but slowly: It is much more fun!«, she tells me, and goes on: »Most men just rip my clothe off before they even talk to me - and then they leave me, full of from their sticky cum and piss off! For them I'm just a fucking piece of meat!«
I caress her naked shoulders as she tries to blow a couple of smoke rings into the wind. I stroke her sweet little breasts and play with her nipples as she cradles her head into my neck. The sweetest feelings grab hold of me as I pull up her shirt a bit and tease her naked belly with tenderness.
Then she throws the butt on the ground, steps it out and turns to face me again. »I like it when you touch me, Jack!«, she smiles at me and grinds her pubic bone demanding into the big bone in my pants. She caresses my unshaven cheek, she touches my lower lip with a fingertip. I lick the bold digit and suck it into my mouth. She must like that, then she throws her arms around my neck - her cherry lips poised for a kiss I can't resist! Her lips taste salty and her tongue tastes sweet - and her warm breath fills me with red-hot desire!
She rubs her whole lean body against mine like a cat, but then she suddenly looks up with a question mark in her eyes: »You, you don't want to undress me? I can feel that you want to have me!« »Remember: I could be your father, but if you really want me as a lover, you will seduce me with your gorgeous body sooner or later!« She didn't expect that much politeness from me and seems to be confused for a moment.
But then she pulls her skimpy shirt off in such a courageous move that her lovely tits bounce like christmas pudding! She hooks her fingers into my flannel shirt and rips it open. She sticks her nose in my hairy chest for a deep breath and kisses my stubby nipples. And I can't imagine that she did that ever before, but she seems to enjoy it!
Then she drops her skirt, and her white undies gleam in the late sun light like the flag of surrender. I massage the small of her back, my hands dive deep into her knickers to hold onto her handsome little buttocks, to pull her wanton crotch even harder onto my solid erection, to make her gasp and moan, to let her melt under my surging tenderness.
»Not here, little lady!«, I tell her as she opens my fly and feels for my throbbing manhood, and then she pulls on it as if it would come loose! »But I want you!«, she complains as I push her off to open the back doors. She collects her clothe quickly and climbs in. What a fantastic sweet bottom she has!
She winds herself out of her knickers and there she lies: spread out in her spledid nudity, like a precious gift of the cosmos, blooming in her youth like a spring rose, her legs far apart, her sparse pubic hair glistening from pearls of sweat and her glossy rose so wide open that I can see all the way up into her horny little soul! It's definitely time to close the doors behind me . . .

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2 years ago
This is a fantastic story. I can relate to that guy. Older men love to take it slow. We know how to please the whole woman and not only try to please her pussy (and our cock).
3 years ago
this is great i hope there is a part 2
3 years ago
Jack Straw from Witchata cut his buddy down,
dug for him a shallow grave and laid his body down...