The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -

Justine stood before me in my office on the second floor, her pretty sky blue eyes hidden under long lashes, her golden hair well braided and nicely decorated with a purple ribbon. Her delicate hands were clasped in front of her tiny white apron, and under her shortened blue skirt her knees were surely touching as well! With thirteen she was the older of the two s****rs - so to say: the role model! So I came straight to the point: »Did you rub the dickel of our new poultry boy?« That came across like a slap into the face and the pretty lass trembled under the sheer weight of the obvious situation. She opened her strawberry lips to start with some excuses, then gave a deep sigh and nodded. »What else did you have in mind, you sinful maid - tell me right now and I could be lenient!«, I inquired further, intently enjoying the erotic game play.
»T-t-take it out, Sir, and have a short look, maybe?«, she stuttered, and her cheeks were rewarded instantly with a virgin glow - I was in m*****ers heaven! »What you started here, Justine, is a dangerous game! I promised your loyal father to let no harm approach your maiden head whilst residing here - and I'm a gentleman worth my word!«, that speech was maybe a bit overdone, but it did the trick! Justine relaxed her stiff shoulders and nodded again! »I understand that a small punishment would be suitable to prevent more of the same indecency?«, I probed her cooperation, and this time I got payed in a clear »Yes, Sir!«
So I told her to stand in the corner for a while to meditate about her wrong-doings. Then I told her to drop her maiden skirt, and her refusal I met with the remark, that the skirt was mine, and that I could have it back whenever I wished so! That worked well - her luscious bottom in those snow white bloomers incensed my luring libido in a flash! »Now open those drawers and show me your haughty little bum - and don't let me wait!« Justine hesitated for a long time, but obeyed in the end without further threat from my side. Could you, dear reader, imagine the picture I was devouring: those delicious double peaches, framed by clean white silk - the arousing view would drive every other man just absolutely insane - I thought with a warming pride to my handling of affairs!
With my cane stick I slapped the protruding temptation a couple of times to watch The lusty behind wobble and taking on colour. Little Justine pretended to suffer seriously and wriggled deliciously from side to side, but I rendered her with a few more smacks for good measure. Then I told her to take her bloomers off and my demand was greeted with no resistance. I was sitting on my office chair when I commanded her to approach me at once. She hid her pubescent shame behind her palms first, but I told her to lift the apron for me she just proudly bit her lips and complied. The colour of her cheeks was ruby red , and I was sure that she stared into my groin. I got hard at once! But the vision of her little hairless slit, all dewy and moist from the tender punishment, the tiny red nub protruding from its pink sheets of tender meat, begging for sensual stimulation - all that was just too much for me! I admit here frankly and without any shame that I just had wet my pants!
Oh - pretty Justine's eyes widened instantly under pure female intuition, but I kept my cool, opened a drawer in my desk and pulled out a chastity belt. It was a simple but cleverly designed piece, made from the most comfortable goat leather with a small shiny brass lock in the back and a cute love-heart cut-out in the front. Without touching her skin too eagerly I fastened the device around her plump hips - by doing so I was already on the brink of spending again, I turned the maid around and turned the secret key too. »Two weeks you have to wear this for penitence, you sinful girl! If you have to go, I have a chamber pot here! Now dress and hurry back to your duties!«, so I instructed the completely confused sweetheart, and she did my bidding at once.
There is only one thing more exciting than to watch a nymph dress! As she was finally at the door I called out to her, that she would better let her s****r collect the eggs during the next two weeks! Just to keep temptation at bay - or to lay another trap - but her »Yess, Sirr!« comforted me in my new won superiority and soothed my soul. I changed my soiled trousers and went down to the kitchen to play with Juliette for a while. The kitchen was deserted, but I could overhear the two s****rs through an open window in the herb garden. The topic was first the attraction of Joseph's dickel, then the restriction of the damned chastity belt. I was all ear! Justine declared that could never go back there with those awful leather panties - what would he think about her if he wished to touch her there! She seemed to suffer great distress!
When young Juliette exclaimed, that it would be then her s****rly duty to explore the case further on - my heart was jumping a beat! »You will have to collect the eggs from now on, Juliette, but Joseph is mine all alone, and I will never allow you to ...!« Here her voice stopped, both of them craned their long necks towards the barns. »What a God!«, Juliette ejaculated in pure adoration, »I would show him everything!« She copt a hard blow to her ear from her older s****r with that careless remark, and I shouted out through the window with complete innocence: »Bring me my lunch up at once, Juliette, I'm starving!« That brought some life into the maids, and I was waiting in my office like a spider in his net!
Ten minutes late Juliette brought me bread, cheese and wine - and didn't she look desirable? Sure she was still flat as a slate but her boyish hips and her proud green eyes could drive every decent man into abundant madness! She inherited her splendid looks solemnly from her deceased mother, with whom I shared many pleasantries. The fiery red hair contrasted the coolness of her ocean-deep eyes with perfection - I knew she would be hard to break! Would rather lose my life than to miss such a titillating opportunity - to be completely honest with you!
I knew my lines and opened with a jump of the horse, as you call it in a chess game: »Tell me, dearest Juliette, do you think that our poultry boy is too young?« »Oh, nonono, Sir, he is absolutely ...«, but here she stopped abruptly and looked at me deeply with her deep green eyes. Consternation knitted her brows, her full red lips stood open for an joyful moment. I was ready for the chess mate and asked her frankly, if she really would show everything to the little lad? That was a blow below the belt line for a girl of only eleven, and I felt quite sure that she would retaliate. Her answer was still too emotional and not considered well: »Yes - that means no, never ever would I do such a naughty thing!« Then she remembered that I must have heard her saying that, and her cheeks were reddened like rose petals.
»Go on, Juliette, find the lad, bring him back here quickly and hold fast to your promises!«, I teased the little proud lady with venom - her eyes sprinkled like christmas tree sparklers - I easily could detect passion and fire in her defiant looks, but then she suddenly sobbed: »Oh no, Sir, have mercy, don't make me do that - it's all so shameful!« I took a slow sip of the sweet wine, furrowed my forehead and said: »But to demonstrate the silliness of your intentions and to punish you for your shameful thoughts you will have to show me - come here at once!« I had her in my trap, but she obeyed and stood straight in front of me, her rosy lips pressed together to a narrow slit!
»If you would show yourself to the poultry boy, how would you start the teasing affair, lovely Juliette?«, I inquired softly. »First I would ...«, she begun, but I stopped her right there and demanded with authority: »Don't talk about it - just do it!« That helped to speed up proceedings. The young maid unbuttoned her white blouse and exposed her tight chemise, two hard nipples sticking curiously through the thin silk. Oh, what a temptation! »If that is all you would show to the lad he surely would be disappointed!«, I taunted my bold exhibitionist, and with a deep blush over her freckled cheeks she pulled her chemise up to the chin. Her deadly eyes were locked into mine to keep them from devouring her nudity, but what nature left unfinished yet by filling up her breasts with tender meat she had already finished in regard to her nipples. Huge greek sultanas, standing with pride in their respective puckered rose gardens, bursting full of the honey of puberty! In a flash I sucked one of the sweet delight into my mouth and sucked like a baby searching for milk. Oh, how deliciously little Juliette arched her back and pressed her flat juvenile bosom into my face! For fairness I sucked the second berry as well with even increased tenderness - that extracted a long moan from my maid, her hands dug deep into my hair, pulling me even closer. I was enjoying the erotical game intensely, as I just unfortunately heard a knock on the door.
»That's enough for now, little vixen - you can show me more later!«, I whispered, »Now fasten up your clothes and be off to your duties!« »Yes Sir!«, she exclaimed happily to escape that easy, and then dashed to open the door for my unexpected visitor. It was my best friend Jefferson, with whom I used to smoke in the afternoons, and whom I always delighted with my newest sensual adventures - and I had a lot to share with him today, as my dear reader can only confirm!

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