The sinful Memoires of the Marquis d'Amour -

My late father bestowed on me enough wealth to lead a leisurely life style, and mother nature endowed me with a generous member that wanted to be constantly entertained by the most delicious adventures. I owned now suddenly a few houses in town and my walled in villa in the country side. I maintained already two young maids, Justine and Juliette as I called them, the lovely and lively daughters of a certain Mister Beaumont, who was a traveling sales man, and who's lovely wife happened to die unfortunately much too early to finish their education. Well paid to further their knowledge in domestic duties and erotic matters I was looking forward with a fair erection towards all the pleasures I had to share with the two gorgeous nymphs in the near future.
To that came a handsome lad, who looked after the poultry. Joseph was his name and he was transferred to me from the local orphanage just a few days ago. He was twelve years old and carried a lovely face, and his most alluring little bottom was attracting my eyes and tickling my fancy whenever I met him. I decided to pay him a visit in his quarters in the outhouse, where he guarded my fowls. At the door I nearly bumped into the lovely Justine, carrying a basket of eggs - and just heard her calling over her bare shoulder: »I could kiss you all day, my lovely lad, but I really have to hurry now!« When she realised my unexpected proximity she blushed violently and gave a start to the kitchen, her skirts flying high in the morning breeze. I made myself a mental mark to question her about this business later on.
Joseph looked a bit nervous too, and as I asked him about Justine's amorous advances, he blushed as well and wrung his hands to hide his natural reaction to her abundant charms. I took the kissing for granted, his lips were still glossy with female saliva. »And what else tenderness did the sinful maid bestow on you, my innocent little man!«, so I explored the story further, the lads guilt was rendering him in absolute softness and presented me with an perfect opportunity to bare that tender little bottom at once.
»She rubbed my dickel, Sir!«, the boy stammered and stared at the floor - the situation was most delicious! »Oh, that naughty little wrench!«, I exclaimed in playful indignation, »I will have to punish her severely for corrupting your young moral! But, why at all did you let her?« He was caught in thoughts and only managed in a soft whisper: »I quite liked it though ...«, »... and your dickel got hard!«, I finished the sentence for him. All I got now was a nod in return, all the hot bl**d rushed up in his face and his ears looked like catching on fire! »Oh, what should I do with you, sinful little creature?«, I pondered just rhetorically, but the lad was by now on his knees and pleading for forgiveness.
»Oh, nono - I will not whip you, dear! It was all her fault as I guess - but a short spanking would be appropriated here, to remind you, that you are here to work, and not to start an instant f****y already in the first few days! Be quiet now and stand up now, lad, and get it over and done with right here!« When Joseph came up his wild maroon curls were in great disarray and a tear swum in his dark brown eyes - it was a precious sight! I let myself down onto the wooden bench and pulled him with ease between my knees. Excited, I unbuttoned his breeches and dropped them to the floor. Oh, the pink strawberry was just retreating into the wrinkled foreskin but a clear drop of excitement was still glistening on the tiny smiling mouth - telling true witness to the intimate events! And, how beautiful: there was no single hair distorting his juvenile pubis, the skin of the flat belly as soft as a peach!
Young Joseph already his his shame behind his hands, but I simply turned him around and got him over my knees. Oh, what a cute little bottom! Just two hands full of firm warm flesh and pale as old ivory! And I slapped both of the trembling buttocks to change their colour to hot pink - the good lad didn't even complain, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly for a fair while! Then I discovered as by accident the hairless nut bag - swinging back and forth between the punished cheeks. I cupped it with glee, just testing the size and texture of the nervous content. That sudden action shocked my lad so deeply that he shot up and looked me in the eyes with great confusion.
But the strawberry was out once more and the lovely little dickel just in the stage of straightening, surely accidentally from rubbing over my trouser leg, but still completely intended by me! What a welcome scene!
I grabbed the little wick instantly and pulled it closer. Joseph seemed to faint first and stammered a garble of c***dish gibberish. But then recalled his wits and cried: »This is no good, Sir! You must stop at once!« But this wasn't my plan - I held him tight and felt the warm flesh grow under my firm grip! »What is good for the girls is good for me too! You have a dangerous weapon here, Joseph, that could damage my girls for good too! And if you ever try to to that - I will have to whip you for good as well!«, so I just educated the little lad in a serious voice. He seemed to understand, but his dickel was proudly standing by now, and the boy started to groan. Then he unloaded his first load with a terrible shudder straight onto my trousers.
»That was very naughty of you, Joseph - but I will forgive you at once, because this was an important lesson for you. Pull your breeches up and hurry to work!«

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Didn't realise this was the start. Even better