The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 2

I'm so proud of my bold achievement as Amarsis flushes my deflowered lotus with a salty lotion to prevent pregnancy and washes the clogged bl**d of my virginity from between my legs. Then he oils my private parts with an ointment made from the seeds of pomegranates to relax and tighten the strained muscles again. And he advises me in earnest to be careful: »You are a woman now, my Lady Sésostris - women smell differently and walk more maturely than the young girls do! You could get into big trouble if you rise more jealousy as is already existent in the harem!«
But I am sure that my destiny will lead me on, to stop the brutal war between the north and the south of the divided Egyptian empire, to unite the both warring parts in peace and to restore them to former glory! I am a woman now, and I can undertake what men can't seem to achieve!
But the mean s****r Nefrete must have spied on me, then the whole palace seems already to know, that I was a whore and doing it dirty with the young fishermen at night down at the jetty! Amarsis is shocked and angry, and loudly he curses the wicked princess. But then the physician of the harem is sent to me, to examine my ravished flower with his nervous fingers and to confirm the definite loss of my virginity. I'm ashamed but upset, still to be treated like a c***d. And as the guards seize me I scratch and bite, until they bind my wrists to escape my desperate defensive attacks.
The court room is huge in my humble opinion, as I kneel on the dirty ground. Twelve noble witnesses in white robes are seated along the wall, three scribes are sitting on the mud floor, their scrolls ready in their laps, and two armed guards watch the entrance door. A pair of swallows built their nest under the high roof and they are flying in and out through the little windows, to satisfy the constant hunger of their noisy nestlings. The walls are crumbling and the roof has holes - the whole court house is in desperate need of repair!
And in one corner stands a stupid statue of the baboon-headed god Thoth with the scales of justice in his hand, already tilted in a dangerous angle - I don't expect any mercy from him! In absence of the mighty Pharaoh the commander of the guards, the b**stly Massak is in charge of the royal court. He really seems to enjoy such a beautiful victim like me and his lewd eyes stick to my breasts like the dried sap onto the rubber tree.
He calls me a liar because I was hiding my sins under my skirt and he orders me, to take it off, for the whole court to see the shame I brought over the royal f****y! Without hesitation but with angry defiance I drop my skirt and proudly declare: »I'm a legitimate daughter of the divine Aménemhet...«, but the ugly Massak just shuts me up with a stinging lash of his whip. He fiests his rude gaze on my exposed shame and in front of the whole noble congregation he binds me with visible gloat to the middle post of the court and delivers an extended whipping onto my bare backside, to proof his superior masculinity! But I don't show him any pain and I stand strong and steady through the lengthy painful punishment.
»If you really wanted to get a snake up your wicked belly, why didn't you ask me, Honey?«, he sneers gleefully into my face and pinches my sultanas hard. I don't flinch at all, but I answer him with a stern look: »I'm no c***d any more, and I will be back, Massak, you can count on that, and then - by the holy stench of Seth - I will hang you by your rotten balls!« But he just laughs completely unimpressed and slaps me brutally hard over my loud mouth!
Then he declares me unworthy to be a daughter of the great Pharaoh - and he sentences me to be drowned early next morning - drowned in the same old river that means life to me! I'm doomed! The temple barber has to cut all the beautiful locks off my head, he pinches my brows and snips my lashes, and he even shaves off my just sprouting pubic hair - I'm as naked as only a priestess of Osiris could be. Then I get locked away in a little dark hole where only mice and spider reign. I can't stop sobbing until Amarsis is allowed to see to me. He washes my vandalised body thoroughly and treats the wounded skin of my back with a soothing cream. He tells me, that he loves me, and that everybody in the palace does so as well! They all know the wickedness of the arrogant Nefrete and they all loath it. Then he promises me by the holy name of Hapi to help me escape the deadly penalty.
I kiss him and I hug him, but then my tears start to flow again, the horrible consequences of the hopeless situation dawn in my consciousness: I have to leave him, I have to loose him - him, who is all that I love! But this early test in my life will only harden my character and strengthen my will for survival. I'm guilty of giving into my fervid desires, but I'm not willing, to be sacrificed therefore with only thirteen years of age: I'm a princess and I have my pride!
I already expected a visit from Massak and I stand straight as his massive hulk enters my gloomy little cell. Again he towers over me like doom, his awkward stench offending my sensitive nose, and he possesses the sickly boldness to propose to me, that he would let me free if I would let him use my juicy cunt for a while!
Then he reaches out for me with his disgusting hands and calls me Honey again, and that now makes me extremely angry! I shout at the lecherous b**st: »Get out at once, you slimy son of a pig!« And then it happens: It is like a bolt of lightning shooting from my green eyes - as the energy from a powerful reincarnation would work through me: Massak's huge frame trembles, his face crumbles in pain and his jaw drops onto his cramped chest. »You damned little bitch! For sure I will drown you personally!«, he stutters and stumbles heavily swearing out of my sight.
And already early next morning, after a long and sl**pless night, my hands get bound behind my back and the guards lead me through the narrow street from the palace down to the harbour. I walk straight in my splendid nudity and I carry my beauty with the grandeur of a real queen, with my old friend Amarsis always at my side.
The spectators on both side oft the street cheer me on, and I can feel that many of the excited men would like to save my doomed life for their own sexual sake. But I can't hate them for that!
Then I'm led up the gangplank onto the deck of the huge ship of the commander, where the awful Massak's is waiting for me. On the shore I can see my lover Tarsis, standing next to his father without any motion on his face. Our spontaneous impudent loveplay was my sole fault, and that's why I never mentioned his name to anyone.
The thick ropes come loose and the thirty sunburned oarsmen drive the heavy ship slowly out into the wide river. The mean Massak is one happy chap as he ties my feet together and enjoys a good look at my sinful oyster. »By Isis' hairy armpits - what a pity to drown that tight little cunt!«, he grumbles into his wild red beard and can't stop himself from groping me rude between the legs - to my complete dismay, but definitely to the excitement and cheers of the whole stupid crew.
Then he waves Amarsis closer for the last parting. We mean goodbye to each other, but we don't talk. The moment is too precious to be wasted through empty words, but our last hug speaks volumes! And clandestine he cuts with a tiny knife into the rope around my wrists and wishes me farewell: »May Hapi be with you all the time!«
Then Massak pushes me without much ceremony but a hateful grin backwards over board, I take a big breath and fall with a splash into the murky water. Instinctively I dive into the dark shadow under the ship and tear the rope on my wrists to shreds. I was born in the sunsign of Pisces and am an excellent diver - and I can swim like a dolphin even with my legs bound!
I hold on to the keel under the stern with both hands and try to breathe calmly, not to rise any suspicion about my survival. The big ship turns slowly around for the port as a huge palm frond floats by on the water. I grab it and hide underneath, before I let go of the rump of the boat, and invisible to the guards on board I slip away undetected, down the stream and out of sight.
Now I can untie my feet and start to swim, to control my flow. But I like it rather to float on my back, and I could float in that relaxed way for ever - even the long way down to Thebes! And this motionless floating is even safer because of the ubiquitous hungry crocodiles that scour the river for any digestible matter. I don't fear, then I believe that Hapi in the physical form of a huge hippo bull would protect my destined soul! But only a pod of dolphins is following me from shear curiosity. The sweet little baby is all excited about me and shows me his best somersaults! His big eyes are as dark and curious as the expanding universe - I am deeply touched! I feel a peaceful understanding and a inexplainable spiritual connection, that fills my soul with joy.
A royal barch, flanked by a flotilla of light battle ships comes slowly up the river and I keep myself well away from them, but tanning my pale belly in the early morning sun I give the rowers a happy wave - it's so good to be alive! I'm happy to have escaped that dreadful place of intrigue and jealousy that easy! I sing a long prayer of gratitude to my goddess, that I nearly forget, in which dangerous situation I'm still in.
But then a sailing boat overtakes me close on the left, the sharp eyes of the captain, scanning the waters constantly for any valuable debris, spot me easily in the calm waters and he gives the order to pull me out. He is a huge man with a long grey beard and bushy eyebrows - Attar, an ivory trader from Memphis, as he tells me. And even he is just brimming of happiness: I must be the most beautiful fish he has ever caught? And his juvenile son stands right next to him and devours my delicious body already with his huge and hungry eyes.
I don't want to reveal my origin to them that early and hide the traitorous tattoo of Horus behind my palm. He just would sell me for a ransom to the royal guards. But my bold head and my striped back mark me more as a criminal then a princess, and he teases me cruelly with the obvious fact that I must have been a real bad girl!
But I plead with Attar to give me clothes and to take me to Thebes on the way. All I have left from my relatives is my uncle Hecter in the big city, who would pay for the fare. But Attar just laughs and chuckles to his retarded son: »Show the Missie to her chambers and give her something nice to wear - she will be happy here with us!« I'm very grateful and say: »Thank you, Sir, you should not regret your utmost generosity!« But about this remark he laughs even louder.
His son leads me downstairs into the dim belly of the boat. I can't discover any ivory anywhere and I wonder. The pubescent son of the shipper just hums happily: »Something to wear?« and he rummages noisy in the dark corner. He comes out with a sturdy leather belt with a lock and an iron ring attached to it, and quickly he pulls it so tight around my narrow waist with his sweaty hands that I hardly can breathe any more.
I'm shocked about this harsh treatment, severely unfit for a princess of the royal bl**d - but I'm even more shocked, as the young rogue starts to maul my little breasts with fervour and then painfully parts my delicate flower with his dirty fingers, as if I had a knife hidden in there! Once again a smelly man is fingering my most private parts without my permission or any right, and therefore I angrily shout at him: »Get off me at once, you stinking son of a filthy liar!« and I shoot my green lightning bolt straight at him with such ferocious f***e, that he tumbles two big steps backwards, taken completely by surprise.
I scared his little soul to bits with my unleashed authority, he succumbs to my power and whispers, that he would better show me to my quarters now. He opens the heavy lock on the door in the dividing wall and pushes me into the narrow dark space. As my eyes slowly adjust to the dim light I discover six other girls like me squatting in the straw on the floor - all from Africa or Nubia, but all at least as beautiful as me!
I ask them some simple questions in my language, but they all just shake for a moment their lovely heads and then they let them hang again in the sadness of the hopeless situation. I try to smile, but that doesn't make me any happier, because I'm actually squatting in the same shit as they do! Then the boat rocks and creaks through the narrow passage of the Gate of Hapi, as I remember - a very narrow and dangerous part of the river and for sure no place for a naked young woman, even under personal protection of the goddess herself! And suddenly I'm glad to be aboard.
Already in Edfu captain Attar steers his boat ashore and moors at the docks. The precious naked cargo is hooked onto a long chain and then unloaded. Dozens of excited spectators may have awaited us already, then a loud and lusty roar is welcoming our appearance at once, and all their rough hands are drawn at us like magnetic.
Attar drives us with a stick like little pigs through the thick ecstatic crowd into the village and onto the market square. Hands are groping after our wobbling buttocks, whips are cutting into our naked thighs and the boldest fingers even reach the frightened fruits in our groins.
On a risen wooden platform stands a handsome young prince, just ready for auction. His hands are bound over his head on a gallows and the rude auctioneer teases his frightened cock with a leather whip and squeezes his pendulous balls with his rough hands to make the juvenile manhood stand stiff to the public attention.
A warm rush of bl**d flushes my cheeks as I try to imagine, what will happen to me up there. I heard about the slave markets and the lewd manners of buyers and sellers towards young girls. But at least: Nobody would drown a sweet little princess like me, because she's beholding a value now!
And I am so deeply involved in my own thoughts, that I nearly jump up as Attard suddenly unlocks my belt and ushers me up the steep steps.
The crowd gives me a ringing round of applause and the sweating auctioneer produces a wicked grin because of my completely shaven, but proud standing body. He fixes my wrists with a strip of cloth onto a hook, dangling from the gallows top, and then he pulls them right up, to stretch me for the excitement of the crowd.
He announces me as the bad girl from the upper Nile, as the fallen princess, fallen from the grace of the gods, and he suggests to any prospective buyer, to give me a decent flogging right after the purchase. He shows off my red striped backside to quench any doubt about it, that I wasn't used to it! He spreads my buttocks hard to show off the wrinkled little rose between them, but as I repulse his penetrating finger with utter disgust and try to wiggle my helpless bottom away he lashes it cruelly with his whip.
»Spank her, spank her!« roars the crowd in a sudden outburst, clapping their hands furiously. Oh. no!, I think in sheer horror and I tense the muscles of my nether cheeks, but my flower senses the panic instantly and starts to sob. I remember Amarsis' saying: If you are in the hands of evil, look inside to contain your dignity! Blow after bl**dy blow explodes like red-hot fireworks behind my eyelids until the strong man's arm finally tires. He turns me around, to present my sobbing sex to the lecherous crowd, its hairless nudity glistening invitingly in the bright sunlight like a newly lacquered toy!
Then he kicks my feet as far apart as it my hung physic allows. Only the tips of my toes touch the wooden floor and my muscles of the thighs are stretched to the limit. He pinches my nipples hard, until they are red as bl**d in colour and seem to explode from the soaring pain. He brags about the advantages of my shaven oyster, that this would bring even the oldest grump back into the humping mood! He manipulates the soft pink slit with the knobby handle of his whip in the rudest of ways that make me flinch.
He doesn't seem to like my lack of submission and it must mean great pleasure for him to break my arrogant resistance in front of his enthusiastic audience. and, seemingly the crowd is just waiting for another chance to get me punished and their delighted shouting reaches a deafening level.
I think about that my tale may be too improper to tell, but the inner voice of honesty tells me otherwise: A woman has to take the courage to explain her feelings, and in this case that is my duty, and I cannot coward - if you name your feelings you will gain power over them! (Especially in that part of her revelations Sésostris was pushing the capacity of the hieratic script to its very limit. The expression of emotions was unexplored territory for the Egyptian scribes at that time and it demanded a lot of cleverly done innovation from her side, that she mastered easily and with joy!)
So: I am dangling helplessly in the air with my feet wide spread, and my defence weakens by the moment, because I feel my flower opening like the lotus on the goldfish pool under the first sunrays of the day, begging relieve from the excellerating tension inside. And it seems to me that my desperate flower kisses the glossy handle of his whip with complete submission and, to my utmost astonishment, even tries to suck it in!
I'm absolutely shocked by my own indecent behaviour and make an attempt to stop my hips from the naughty rotation that screws the teasing object just further up my trembling belly. I know, that if I can overcome my shame and my resistance I can harvest pleasure even from the rudest of punishments! And then: if I enjoy more pleasure than the punisher himself, only then I'm able to humiliate him in his own meanness!
»Punish her!«, so shouts the noisy crowd again and again, as my hips start to buck and the whip's handle slowly disappears into me. The auctioneer seems to enjoy my growing cooperation immensely, then his tunic starts to bulge heavily in the front. He must have a huge a****l hidden under there that would like nothing better than to jump at me!
My breathing grows quite restless as an overwhelming sensation consumes my young body with ever increasing intensity and burns the last remains of shame to ash. And the crowd raves absolutely hysteric as he drives the whole handle of his whip up the narrow passage and delightfully titillates the tender tissue of my womb with it. Heatwaves and icy shiver rush in terms through my belly and in a desperate possessive reflex I clamp the whip fiercely with my muscles to hold it in me. But the man effortlessly pulls it from the tight embrace, and with the plopping sound of the uncorking a jar of sparkling wine the slimy knob flops out of its warm nest.
The sudden vacuum shocks my senses and rattles my libido - I nearly faint! The man though gives me a naughty grin and shows the rampaging spectators the sticky ooze on his whip. Then he places the knob of the handle in front of my open mouth, to demonstrate my completed subjection to them - and they just love it! There is an approving murmur going around as I obediently lick my own salty oyster sauce from the black leather shaft.
»Fuck her!«, I hear somebody screaming, »we wanna see her come!« »Yeah - fuck her!«, shouts another. And they are right: There is nothing I need now more in my advanced state of arousal than to come! And even if I only have the slightest idea about what that could do to me, I'm ready with every fibre of my earthly beeing to endure it! And for the first time I slyly smile at my punisher and invitingly I wiggle my hips, coaxing him to continue the exciting game. He seems to understand my misery well and sticks the whip back into the dark, and then he lifts my lusting soul with strong long strokes over the threshold of bliss, until I burst into an uncontrolled and frenzy laughter, until my trembling legs collapse and I just hang there like a puppet on the string, limp and u*********s from the wooden gallows high above . . .

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