The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 1

»Watch out, Séso!«, shouts my oldest s****r Nefrete as she throws the leather ball with such f***e at me that it hits me painfully into my soft lower belly. I wince and swim away with strong strokes from the flock of naked girls that play in the shallow waters of the big lethargic river.
I don't like it to be teased by them, but sadly it happens daily. I'm a princess and I have my pride! And one day I will proof my worth and supremacy to them all, so that they will crouch from envy and inferiority. And I long for the time when I'm old enough to leave Elephantine for the beautiful town of Thebes, the city of the hundred gates, the place of my birth!
Elephantine is an island and lies like a glistening green jewel in the turgid brown waters of the river Nile, at the southernmost point of the Pharaoh's kingdom. On either side of the river savage deserts encroach the growing settlements of ivory traders and fisher men. The island got its name from the smooth grey granite boulders that cluster along the banks like herds of huge elephants. Like no other place in Egypt Elephantine is clad with trees that spread a shady umbrella over the luscious gardens, their seeds transported here by the restless waters of thousands of annual floods.
The fortified palace of the great Pharaoh Aménemhet, or the mighty Ramoses, as he likes to call himself, because it sounds much flashier, is sprawled over the whole island. And because of it's easy defence by the fast royal flotilla it is used as a secure retreat in times of war - just as it is now! Aménemhet's whole court and f****y was brought up from Thebes a year ago, and what was a welcome change at first is now already boring reality. Very much I miss the annual festivities and the processions up to the temple of Ammon, God of Thebes, where the Pharaoh consulted his oracle of fortune. His daughters were allowed to wear the nicest clothes and the fattest make-up, and for us it was maybe the only time of the year to throw a few quick glances at the beautiful boys in our age.
Now we are lodged in the enclosed harem on the northern tip. Our quarters are walled with red clay and topped with thatched reed roofs in all sorts of funny odd angles. In a sheltered courtyard invites a big round lilypond teaming with sparkling goldfish for relaxation and meditation. And through a wooden gate in the main wall a trodden path leads down to the riverside and onto a stone jetty, where usually a flat-bottomed fishing boat is moored.
This is the place for us to bath and to swim after the soaring heat of the afternoon. The aging Pharaoh has already eleven daughters, and his only son was so badly mentally handicapped that his own mother Ménita, a lewd concubine from Babylon as I heard, strangled him with her bare hands just before my birth. His was called Sénusret and I inherited his name - just in the female version.
And the prospect of being queen of Egypt one day creates a lot of friction and mischief between us little princesses. Unfortunately I am the youngest one of them with only thirteen years, but as Amarsis always teases me: I am the most beautiful of them all. That's the reason why I keep myself for most of the time away from my jealous s****rs!
My maiden name is Sésostris, what means s****r of the Nile. I don't know my mother at all but I heard that she died from an infection shortly after my birth. Her name was Phillis and she was a daughter of a southern Nubian king. And my godly father, the mighty Ramoses, I saw only twice in my life in all his golden glory and pomp, because there is always the construction of a precious building to oversee or a fiend for him to fight. And I heard already numerous rumours about trouble with invading Syrians, the new allies of the northern river people - Egyptians like me, but now our fiercest enemy!
My best friend is my teacher Amarsis, a tall negro with pitch-black skin and a wide grin full of ivory teeth in his sunny face. His former Name was Makaleïni and his ancestors were born in the hottest guts of Africa, so he is the descendant from a very convenient source of cheap strong slaves. He was schooled well enough by the wise ones of Thebes to educate a young quirky and overly curious princess like me.
And, of course: He's an eunuch! Once when he was very sick and slept restlessly in my arms on my bosom his tunic fell apart and I spotted with deep disgust the ugly stump leftover from the brutal mutilation of his proud manhood! But normally he hides the ugly sight carefully away from me, that was the hideous price he had to pay in this mad society to become a teacher in the royal palace. But I'm determined to make the inhumane habit of castration i*****l as soon as I come to power - and that shouldn't be too long!
But then: He is the wisest man I've ever seen and he seems to know everything that is to know about the world, and he answers my relentless questions with patience and a good sense of humour. He teaches me to read and to write our unique pictorial language with a goose feather onto long rolls of papyrus. I started to write heartwarming love-stories when I was ten and one day I will write down the great opus of my life! But next to that I also learn a few new words of the Nubian language from him every week, and that may come in handy one day!
He initiates me in all the secrets of being a woman and a possible future queen, even if he himself hadn't had the pleasure to enjoy a single woman in his life! And I feel deep mercy for my s****rs and their stupid fairy-tale talk about the brutality of men and what bad things they were supposed to do to women!
He told me how to worship Hapi, the goddess of the Nile, who's little lapis lazuli statuette stands in a niche in my room. And every day he brings me fresh lotus flowers from the ponds to entice her with their radiant smell to enrich and protect my life. But frankly speaking, she is not a pure goddess, then on top of her bountiful breasts and a huge vagina she also possesses an equally impressive penis and a long ribbon-bound beard of a king. The hermaphroditic goddess is obviously able to change her gender at free will, and her favourite disguise seems to be the massive motherly body of the hippopotamus, the huge river-cow. For me it is crystal-clear that Hapi is a woman of origin, even when all the others may disagree noisily! The splendid empire of Egypt was maybe built by manly Pharaohs, but the spiritual spark therefore was for sure lit by their beautiful women! Exceptional women with great visions, their intellectual input into the evolution of literature and architecture absolutely undeniable, but mostly underestimated or even concealed by a male-oriented history and its many scribes.
Amarsis also explained to me, that the earth wasn't really a cube with the blue sky simply hanging from the bordering mountains - he told me the amusing secret, that our planet is actually round like a ball! And he pointed out to me all the stars and their movements in the night-sky, even the secret location of the third dark planet of Sirius, that is invisible to the human eye! That's where the aliens live, that came down to earth about three thousand years ago. They were the real wise ones and their weightless flying ships had the colour of radiating silver, like the brilliant rainbow on the shimmering scales of the freshly caught Nile perch. They were amphibians, lived in the rivers and taught the humans how to think and how to speak - mainly to enable them to try a compromise before killing each other! And Amarsis often teases me, that I must be one of their most direct descendant since I still got those slightly webbed toes!
I love him as dear as nobody else! But, maybe Castor should be noted here as well: my sand-coloured cat with the most lovely blue eyes you'll ever see! He came to me from the far eastern land between the twin streams - called Mesopotamia. He is a very nice cat, but when his fish isn't fresh he can be lethal with his sharp claws. And even when he is happy, he can easily purr my sheets to shreds. But then, no one can really possess a cat, like I possess a real true friend in Amarsis!
I indulge in my happy feelings when he massages my olive skin with fragrance oils after the daily bath in the murky river. And then I like to watch myself in my long silver mirror and admire my simple elegance: My legs are long and slender, my buttocks perfectly rounded like the sweetest of honey melons, sticking out so cheeky as a river-ducklings tail. My pubic shows already plenty of character and a soft fury patch adorns its lovely swell.
But underneath lurks my pouting pearl, easy to excite and always moist! Amarsis tenderly calls this part the oyster, because of its salty smell - like fresh seafood, he says. But I named my private temple after the lotus flower because of its mesmerising sweet perfume. And like on all the other ten princesses the tiny tattooed sign of the moon-eye of Horus marks my soft regal belly just above as a divine one, and so protects it from unworthy penetration! My first red moon had flowered for the first time at the onset of the last flood - a coincidence declared as highly promising by the watchful priests of Hapi!
My sun-tanned breasts are the size and shape of ripe figs, ready for the pluck and tipped with sweet wrinkled sultanas. The colour of my eyes is a startling darkish green, like the water of the lagoons behind the dense stands of papyrus at the rivers edge. The straightness of my Nubian nose exudes authority and my full soft lips promiss sensuality. My satin black hair has grown very long and the plait falls like a thick rope over my right breast and hides so at least one of my big brown sultanas from the harsh hot sunlight.
And it is a women's pride to display their assets best - most of the noble dames of the royal harem only wear transparent veils over their subtle bodies - some of them showing off their luscious pubic muffs without any inhibition, and other ones even highlight their nether lips provocating with a radiant rouge!
All we princesses are given to wear inside the harem is a short skirt, made from bleached linen and held in place by a ornamented leather belt. That is extremely cool in the steaming hot air that blows over from the sweltering deserts around us, but it leaves us not much privacy. Therefore it is nearly impossible to keep a secret, not even in the most private shade under that skimpy garment!
And Amarsis warned me to be careful and alert, then it had happened before that one of the beautiful princesses got missing - maybe floating bloated down the winding river with a huge wound from a rock on the back of her head? And my s****r Nefrete is a mean woman that has to be reckoned with: Already twice I got my innocent buttocks striped by a merciless whip because of her intriguing lies! So: I am aware of how much she must hate me because of the beauty of my youth!
But tonight I'm just relaxing under Amarsis oily fingertips as he kneads my royal little breasts with real tenderness and feeds me white g****s and roasted almonds. He tells me stories about the strange lands and customs of the people above the dangerous cataracts, where the river Nile is so wild and mostly impassable for any ships and boats.
I love his colourful and gripping tales, and very often I fall in a dreamy slumber after the gentle seduction of a cup of my favourite drink: sweet red wine, strongly perfumed with the scent of lotus - an aphrodisiac, as some may say?
As I wake up it is already dark night outside the small window, and the light silky curtains blow in the soft evening breeze like living ghosts. But I still remember my lost dream as clear as spring water: I was sitting on the upper deck of the royal barch, decorated with all the attributes of a Pharaoh and surrounded by half a dozen of little black slave girls from Kush - delightfully naked, except for the golden collars around their slender necks!
And, as usual when I can't go back to sl**p I walk down to the river, sit on the cool stones of the jetty and marvel at the sparkling night sky for hours. A pale moon hangs above me like a slice of lemon and the belt of Orion twinkles at me from far. I count the glowing shooting stars and load every one of them instantly with a wish of my heart - and there are so many of them!
A small boat floats by without a noise. The person at the rudder seems to be as little as a c***d, so I wave without fear and hesitancy. And as the boat glides closer I can see that it is guided by a young handsome boy in a very fine tunic. His features are elegant and his smile as bright as a sunrise. He proudly wears the elegant Sidelock of Youth, a single round patch of hair on the shaven head, the long locks woven with a blue ribbon into an impressive plait.
»Did you call me, Highness?«, he whispers as he stops his boat straight under my dangling feet. »No, because of a shooting star I wished myself a little boat just like yours,« so I answer softly, »to be free on the river and follow its mighty stream all the way downwards to the big sea, to follow the journey of the stars all around the world!«. Of course: I actually was wishing for a lover, but that simple truth I could not expose to him now.
His lips are trembling as he drinks in my beauty with his big brown eyes and listens to the sweet loveliness of my maiden voice. He stands up and decently introduces himself: »Tarsis, son of the honourable master of the port - at your service, your beautiful Highness!«, and his curious brown eyes are already caught in the mysterious black shadow between my legs under the white moon-lit skirt.
Driven by an ancient u*********s womanly reflex my knees part just a fraction more against my will. He blushes like an autumn rose and stammers close to ununderstandable: »I will go with you wherever you will go, lovely Highness - jump into my boat and I show you the wide great river at night!« He is so cute, and even his fine fabric of his tunic can't hide the state of his admiration for me any longer.
I know that I have to jump now - he was sent to me by my relentless prayers to Hapi. The boat rocks as he catches me by my naked thigs. My heart rocks as the warmth of his touch reaches my hungry libido. I can smell his sweet musky perfume as he holds me so close in a embrace, and his lovely face fills my eyes with desire as his young stiff manhood demandingly tickles my royal belly. The unusual closeness and the predicted danger of the immediate situation makes me dizzy, I have to sit down - the unexpected touch of his warm hands in the erogenous zones in my tender armpits so close to my breasts make me gasp!
Sitting opposite from him on the wooden rowing bench I tell him my name and my social status, and he answers me: That he had heard about my extraordinary beauty, and that this was his only reason to come here in the first time! And that the rumours didn't lie: that I was truly extremely extraordinary!
Now I really start to admire him, like I would admire every little warrior that dares to fight a fiery dragon like me! Then he looks with a hint of doubt into my smiling eyes and boldly remarks with his light but manly voice: But, only if I would show him the holy sign of Horus on my belly he could be really assured that my lovely words express nothing else than the truth!
»I'll get your little buttocks whipped for that!«, I'm just joking back, playing the old game of hard to get, but I'm completely willing to expose him to my most private female charms - I really would like to watch him blush again. But I'm a thousand times more eager to discover the seemingly so dangerous part of the male physic that they have to hide away from women under their loose tunics! And then, as far as I know from Amarsis' bountiful wisdom: If you wait for men to make the first move in love, nothing will happen at all, because they are silly cowards when they're left alone with a real woman!
»I am Sésostris, the princess of Egypt!«, I declare with pride and jut my naked little breasts proud out into the soft moon light. I open the golden buckle on my belt and the bleached fabric falls apart. The moon lights up the tiny tattoo and the hidden pink entrance to my soul as well. And I feel an excellent arousing sensation flood through my excited flower, like the warm rush of hotly peppered bl**d. The calm river shimmers like a black mirror and the only noise that reaches my ears from far is the high-pitched mating call of the restless ibis that wafts over the vast expanses of the desert of water. Tiny waves gurgle happily along the wooden rump of the drifting boat and from time to time a fish jumps splashing after a fly.
Tarsis goes down on his knees before me, kisses my dirty toes and says: »Your humble servant Tarsis waits for your commands, Princess!« That's the way I like it, and in this commanding position I coolly advise my shy lover: »So, do undress and show me, dear Tarsis, if this love of yours is real and strong enough for the task!« And he doesn't hesitate to follow my orders, and by the hairy balls of Seth: His neat rose-quartz obelisk proudly stands ready to my eager attention, and the little squinting mouth on top of its silky bald head smiles at me so sneaky, as if it would like to eat my royal oyster alive!
I heard a lot about the pink blind snake, that he enters women at night and drives them absolutely wild! And there was a long-running rumour, that the snake of the Pharaoh was rather lank like a vineyard slug, and only therefore he could not produce a proper heir!* *(As the humble translator of the opulent scribblings of the queen Sésostris on well-aged papyrus scrolls I sometimes have to excuse her rather primitive and extremely frank language because of the limited amount of hieroglyphs available to her at the time. But Sésostris was nonetheless always a great inventor of brand-new signs and pictures, fitting to her needs!)
Whatever disgust I had for this part of the male physic before falls from me like my skirt does every night, and a unexplainable tender love replaces the negative feeling straight away. My curious hands move already forward to touch the object of my desire, to caress it and to hold it fast! It is just like a statuette of the god of love, who was so badly missing in this unfriendly times in the valley of the Nile!
Tarsis face is glowing already from the enhancing lust in his body. On my legs he pulls me from the rowing bench onto the rough bottom of the fishing boat and jumps like a grasshopper between my widely parted legs. I hug him with fierce passion and squash my aching little breasts hard against his muscular chest. I dig my fingernails deep into his lean buttocks and whisper in his ear: »Now then, so do take me with f***e, sweet Tarsis, I order you as your future queen to help me get rid of this hidden barrier they call the maidenhead, that still marks me so humiliatingly as a c***d!«
I lean back onto the wooden bench and close my eyes, to concentrate solemnly at my own inner feelings of this unique erotic encounter. I want to remember it and to cherish it, because I know, that this ritual will propel me straight into womanhood, and that nothing thereafter will stay the same, as it used to be through all my innocent c***dhood years.
But I know, that the time is right, and that no silly cowardice could stop me now in my divine destiny. Whatever hurt would be involved in this important initiation would not be comparable to the searing pain of a sound whipping by a guard of the harem!
Tarsis starts to push into me and the sensuous pressure against my tender tissues makes me gasp. But then I have to bite him hard into the shoulder because of the sharp pain, created by his thrust of love through the narrow passage to my womanhood. But then, we really lie together in embrace, connected as man and woman - and a completely new life begins for me!
I have to hold onto him as my lust rises in ever tightening spirals up my spine. And, like I was often before clinging to my friend Amarsis, when I was shaken by the bitter tears of grief, so I'm pressing Tarsis trembling body now to my heaving chest as he throbs in his ultimate ecstasy, and as the fertile waters of his excited manhood finally flood my holy temple of Hapi in such blissful waves - just like the mighty river Nile floods the vast fields of the wide Egyptian valley since uncountable generations every year again and again . . .

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