Auntie Sue 2

After that first time playing around with my Auntie Sue I could'nt stop wanking!!She was always in my thoughts and I spent as much time there as possible, the teasing continued along with the wrestling i came a few times as i wrestled her! I would push my cock against her at every opportunity and touch her big tits! One weekend I was invited to stay over my Uncle was there as well i sat on the settee cuddled up to Auntie Sue as usual i was as hard as ever until i remember Uncle was there!! They said they were going to watch tv in thier bedroom if i wanted to watch with them it would be fine. They had a very wide bed easily enough room for the 3 of us to lay on it. When we went to the bedroom Auntie Sue laid in the middle with me one side and Uncle the other! It was long before Auntie started to tickle me and we began wrestling on the bed with Uncle watching. I was to horny to think about him being there, Auntie Sue got me pinned down so she was sat over my hard cock,snhe was wearing a loose top with no bra a wrap round sarong which came open at the front. She was sat right over my cock i could see her Panties covering that lovely big mature fanny!! She was wriggling around on my cock, he was watching i could see he was rubbing himself over his bottoms! She kept doing it until i could'nt stop myself from cumming in my boxers again!! i went to the bathroom to try and clean myself up when i went back in the room Uncle was sucking Auntie's big tits and fingering her fanny. I could'nt believe what i was watching i went to leave the room but Auntie told me to stay if i liked what i saw, i did'nt need asking, she beckoned me over next to her bed and told me as long as its our secret i could take my cock out and wank close to them. Uncle climbed in between her legs his cock looked very swollen and big as i watched him putting it inside Auntie's big wet fanny, by now she was taking my bottoms down my cock stood straight up and before she could touch it i was cumming!! She took hold of it and stroked me the cum still pouring out of me, Uncle was fucking her hard telling her to taste my spunk, i heard him grunt and really push into Auntie he was shooting inside her as she licked my boy cock!! Auntie started to moan out loud as her orgasm ripped through her body!! Uncle kept pumping in and out of her as she greedily sucked my cock until she finished cumming!! Afterwards she made me promise never to tell anyone if i kept my promise she would let me put my cock in her lovely big fanny until i cum inside!! We laid on the bed for a while and i was still as hard as ever Auntie told me to go to bed and in the morning we would play again!! ...........
90% (63/7)
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1 year ago
Excellent tale got me stroking xx
2 years ago
wow... making my cock so hard xx
2 years ago
Nice story....
2 years ago
wow i came in my panties
3 years ago
Fantastic keep them coming!!
4 years ago
instant hard on
4 years ago
mmm loving this
4 years ago
Poor boy. Auntie was happy
He will love those big tits forever.
4 years ago
very good you sweet naughty lil'lady
4 years ago
Fantastic, keep going, and loads of details.
4 years ago
Very good. Every boys fantasy. Sucked by auntie.
4 years ago
Love it
4 years ago
please keep writing