my rajani chechi

My house was in a village i was just 18 and 2m.during noon times i used to watch tv in rajini chechi house she have two c***dren one stdyng in lkg and other was just 2 year old her husband was a jeep driver .he goes in the mrng and and cm backs in night by 10.rajini chechi was so nice her boob7 were very big and tight to c.wn i used to b in her house she was very frndly to me..i used to say comedy and she likes that it was my +vaccation going.she used to feed her 2 year old c***d while i watch t.v eye wrnt wthng tv.all days my eye was on on her maxie there was a short gap i cn c her white colour boobs.every night i masturbates by rmbrng ds aftrnoon chechi was cleaning floor by lieying down i can c her cleavage clearly my trousers began to move slowly.i slowly rubbed my penis it was in its max size..i got an idea.after finishing cleaning chechi took the c***d from bed and started feeding she was noticing my movements .i moved my eye there.suddenly she called me nandu cm here i went there ,entha chechi she said cn u take this baby frn me i said ok chechi. her hands took some books i removed the baby frm her thigh my eyes bulged one of her boob was fully out of her maxie .i saw her round red nipples then she said raju put this inside my maxie and close the buttons i putted the baby down and touched her boobs my mind ws nt willing toput it inside.i pressed it nicely i saw a smile on her lips i looosed all my control i pressed it hardly and hugged rajini chechi and kissed her lips 4 long time after some time she pushed me back laughed and said kutta jan marikuda .my heart was btng so fast again i kissed her lips and,neck after that i sat down on her thigh and took her big tight boobs on hands and pressed it.i squezed her nipple a voice cme frm hes aaaaaaaa! She took my head up and putted her nipple imy mouth i chewed it andsucked it a sweet milj cme frm her boobs i drank a lot of her milk she was just mowing.aaaaaaa mmmmm!!after that she removed her maxie and bra nw she is in skirt and panty.i tk her hand and puted it into my pant she holded my penis .that time i removed her skirt and panty i saw her cute shaved pussy i put my finger inside it i asked her to suck my cock she toop my pantsoff and started to suck she said it taste nice.i was just flyini she was playing with her tongue .she stoped and said to sat down on floor i sat ,after rshe put her pussy to my mouth and my cock to her mouth.v sat in a opposite direction i licked her pussy thd juice was flowing i started to suck her pussy chap chap chap chap!!!my sie was sucking hard my cock put gum on her mouth she never stoped she take it all and she got up and sat.put her legs wide and asked to suck again i moved my tongue into her pussy deeply she roared i began to chew it like dog chews bons i was playing on her kanth.her pussy f***edout juice two times my face was all wet my shirt also.juice was like gum.after that she sit on my cok amd began to move up and down like a horse ride she was mowing aaaaaa hmmmmm kuttaa! I asked her to sat down and then i wided her legs and puted my cock into her back hole it ws little bit tight to get in i applied some saliva there then it went smoothly.i fucked her hard.later took my penis andputted it into her pussy it was fullwet itried hard already i had went 3 times cume.after 10 minutes wrkout she had blast in hes pussy she was really crying hard i didnt stoped harder and harder again and again at last it gone into her bl**d..v both had pleasure .it happened somany times she had said she never had a fuck be4 that .i love rajani chechi and her pussy.
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