You see me switching my butt from side to side as i bend over the counter. I ask you something you don't seem to catch. I watch you turn bright red and I smile. I tell you to come here. I sit on the counter spreading my legs wide. I grope myself, teasing you. I pinch my nipples through my shirt. You come between my legs and stand there. You put your hands on my thighs and slide them back towards my ass. we kiss, my breathing gets puffy as i get turned on to the max. you lick the shell of my ear. Your unbuttoning my shorts in an instant you're kneeling down to get a taste of my juices. You tell me to bend over on the counter. My heart is thumping loudly as I watch you take your pants off and take the condom out of your wallet. You lift my shirt up and and pinch my nipples. I rub the back of my ass into your erection. I feel it pulse behind me.
You slide in slowly making sure not to hurt me. I push back on the cock inside basically riding you. You grab my shoulder tightly as you thrust into me ravenously. I feel as though on the verge of climax already. I come hard. we move to the floor where i get on top. I kiss down your body, enjoying the moist skin. I suck on your hip licking you around your arousal. I work my lips back up your body and I play with your right ear. Your hands are all over my body. I lower myself on your dick and begin to ride your thick hard cock. Your grip on my thighs gets tighter as my pace speeds up. I look at your expression, stoic. But your lips are parted and your face is flushed. I kiss those soft pink lips till they're in rhythm with mines. I let your tongue dance inside my mouth. By now your grabbing my hips making me move the way you want me to. You've already came but you flip over. I'm on my back looking up at you.
"give me more."
For the last time you thrust into me finishing us both off again. You pull out me as we catch our breaths on the floor. You look at me and we both smile.

the end

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2 years ago
great short story, hate the long drawn out ones
3 years ago
Good story!
3 years ago
Sure you're an art major. you might want to try becoming an English major. Nice short story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
good more details