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Rachel my neighbour came over yesterday morning for a coffee and a chat. She asked me if I could go out with her to meet a old friend of hers from college days. The reason she gave me to go with her was that she didn’t want to be seen with him alone just encase someone saw her and it caused a rumour, if her husband hears it he will get offended. So I agreed, we met him in the evening at a local bar, he was a black guy, stocky built around 30-35 years of age. Rachel introduced him to me saying that’s her ex called Danny. (that was the first time I heard he was her Ex?!) Anyway we talked for some time and I got quite comfortable with him, as he was a really nice guy. After awhile, he asked Rachel to dance. When they came back she said he was a terrific dancer and he then asked me.

Rachel sat down finishing her drink, while Danny and I were dancing. He was actually a good dancer, spinning me around throwing me about and making it look cool. As the song was coming to a end he pulled me close and said to me I was a real sexy woman, look much younger then I am and I should take off my bra. I was stunned by his sudden audacity and stormed back to the table and told Rachel I was going home. Danny followed me to the table then told Rachel, most of the young girls don’t wear bra’s these days and even pointed out quite a few on the dance floor. she laughed and said she agreed and together they calmed me down. Then Rachel said, “Come on, Kiran, let’s both go toilet and take them off”. I don’t know if it was the atmosphere or what, but I followed Rachel to the toilets and took off our bra‘s. I must admit It was nice dancing with my tits loose, my breast rubbing against him and others. I could feel my nipples getting more erect and attracting attention. After a few minutes he whispered in my ear that he would love to “bone” me. I had felt his cock pressing against me, but tried to ignore it and tried to keep my pelvis away from touching his cock, but it did make me alittle horny if I must confess. It felt really big and as I thought over that comment he made about “boning me” it dawned on me that he meant he wanted to make love to me. When that sunk in alarms rang in my head. So I excused myself from him and went back to the table politely and he started dancing with some other girls.

At the table Rachel asked if I have ever been to bed with a black man. I told her that I have had planned making love to only my husband, not that it was her business. She told me I should try it and Danny would surly assist me. Finally I got angry and told her to butt out and drop it.
A few hours later, I looked up and Danny was there. He said he wanted to date just me some day. Rachel agreed saying Just go out have some drinks and laughs, since your hubby is away. Also adding I could drive to wherever place we go and leave when I wanted and Danny assured that no sex was intended.

I thought about it and finally a few days later, I phoned and told Hubby who was in Lebanon for work. I told him about that night, including the multiple times Danny flirted with me and asking me out and also lied a bit saying I thought that we will be meeting others of Rachel‘s. he said “okay babes, just keep me updated. So I don’t worry. (I had told Hubby that Webb was black too.)

I was getting ready that Friday evening, I decided to wear my gray saree with a tight dark gray blouse. When I was dressed, I remembered what Danny said about no bra’s on sexy women, so I removed my bra. I wasn’t sure but I did it, without too many objections in my head and insisting this was merely a fun night out.

I met Danny at a restaurant where we had dinner, drinks and a real good time. The first thing he asked was “have you ever had a black bone?” I knew exactly what he meant, thought about it a second and answered, “no, I haven’t and I don’t intend to.” He nodded saying “that’s cool, we can just be friends” and went to the men’s room after finishing his meal and I called to tell my husband I was okay and having fun, then hung up. As we just left the restaurant, it started raining cats and dogs, Danny asked if I’d go round his apartment till the rain settled, since it’d be quicker then walking to my car. I agreed, as my car was about 10 minutes walk and his apartment he said was 2 minutes walk in the opposite direction. We were soaking by the time we got to his place which actually was about the same length away as my car was. When inside Danny’s apartment block, I called Hubby again and told him we were going to Danny’s place for abit. (he was okay with it, thinking there was a group of us.) I didn’t dare tell him I was soaking wet, in a almost see through blouse with no bra on, in a black strangers apartment and alone. His pad was quite nice, one of those open plan young professionals pads. His kitchen, dinning room, bedroom and bathroom were all on one level.

Danny went to get out of his wet clothes and came out of his bathroom in just a towel. The towel wasn’t a very big one as it left a open slit at the front and I could make out his huge cock bulb dangling. He handed me his bathrobe and said “kiran give me your clothes and I’ll tumble dry them for you.” After a glance at Danny to reassure myself that Its okay, he is a gentlemen. I took the robe off him and went to his bathroom, his bathroom door wasn’t really a door more like those swinging bar doors they used to have in old cowboy movies. I was more than a little nervous going in but also needed to dry up.

I faced the door and started opening my saree and slowly unwrapped it from my body. I put it over the door top and then started to open the knot of my white petticoat and had to wriggle a bit to pull it down as it was wet and stuck to my bottom. There was a large mirror in the bathroom and I saw that my panty was displaying more than it was covering me as it was sheer wet from the rain. I also checked if I could see Danny in the reflection but I didn’t. I was truly looking very obscene like that with my wet blouse and panty completely see through. I quickly got out of my panty and was about to put it on over the door top, but the very thought that Danny must have noticed my saree and petticoat hanging over the door, made me change my mind. If he sees my panty there, it would be very apparent that I am now naked. Hence I put it on the floor and started unbuttoning my blouse, to becoming completely naked. Once stripped I came out with all my clothes bunched up in my arms wearing only his robe. I told him to show me his dryer so I can put them in myself, as I felt embarrassed about him handling my underwear’s.

After setting his drier to 30mins we sat on his bed talking, We had few drinks, then the next thing I knew he switched on his hifi system and started pleading with me for one dance while my clothes dried. A slow song started playing so I gave in and went to danced with him. Right off the bat he pulled me close enough to be a second skin and let his hands roam over my ass and hips. I was trying to keep up with his dancing as I wasn’t a good dancer which made me concentrate hard. So much so I lost track of all the places his hands were going. Soon as I realised, I put a halt to some of his play, But for the most part it just felt overwhelming. He started caressing me and I was getting light headed. I pushed him away and went to the toilet for a break and to regain some sense. When I came out I said I was sorry, didn’t mean to be rude and that we cant get too carried away as I’m married. Sadly he didn’t seem to care, he just leaned in close and started running his hand along my thigh going up under the robe. He knew he was getting to me and just kept smiling. Another song started and once again he wanted to dance. At this point I took Danny’s hands and put both his hands around my waist then started dancing, trying to keep them from going under the robe again.

He seemed to prefer dirty dancing and I wanted to keep him at just dancing long enough for my clothes to dry. But after being a traditional Indian married housewife I was more than a bit rusty at that. We got the rhythm going finally though. We moved in close face to face and he started gyrating his crotch onto my pelvis. I felt his cock getting hard and soon it had come out of the towel opening. It also somehow made its way in my robe and I could feel the heat and head of his cock on my pussy. It was so hard to resist but I was doing a good job. As it became more obvious that I wasn’t letting him advance, he started nibbling at my ears and whispering things. Very teasingly, Fucker knew just what he was doing to. While he was whispering more his hands were everywhere. He began whispering things like “you know it would be our secret” I replied that I wasn’t doing anything with him to keep secret! I wasn’t looking for anything more than a night out. Honestly he had my pussy on fire and my bl**d sizzling. I was more than ready and damn near let him take me but couldn’t let another one add himself to the already very long list. I was backing up off him when he pushed me against the wall and started kissing my neck as I moved my face away from him. His hands went from my waist, skimming my chest and finally settling on my ass where he tried to pull open the robe. I knew right then that I had to go, I twisted out and he grabbed me again.

As he made me face him again, he unknotted my robe somehow and then backed me to the bed. Suddenly I was on my back in his bed, the robe flung open, me naked and he was on top, legs automatically spread with his weight as Danny was between them. I reached down initially to cover my pussy with my hand but found his now raging hard cock and I grabbed it as to not let it in me. My pussy was completely exposed and vulnerable now and Danny pushed closer. I said to him, “I really don’t think you can fit that monster in my pussy, I should leave.” That damn thing looked to be nearly a foot long and thicker than a drinks can. Then I felt his cock head rub up and down my now wet slit and then his cock head slid into me a little. He worked his cock in and out gently getting more and more into me each stroke as my juices lubricated his cock. (the most shocking thing was I was still holding his cock, even guiding it!!!) Suddenly I had a huge orgasm and only the tip of his cock was fucking me. I realized that I had been helping him get into me deeper by thrusting my hips upward and spreading my knees wider too. Soon I could feel him 3/4 inside of me and the stretching discomfort eased. The mixture of pain and pleasure was running riot in my head, I felt his cock as far up as my chest soon. I screamed and came again as he started to move in me, I realized I was responding really well. My legs went wide apart, I spread and clamped my legs, thrust up my pelvis, grabbed his arms and let him rip my pussy apart. I lost count of how often I came, but I came to my senses when I felt Danny’s rhythm change to jerky and his cock seemed to swell more.

I was on my back with my spread legs and he was driving his huge black cock into my upturned pussy and in spite of my begging, I knew it was no use. I was certain that he was going to come inside me regardless of whether I could get pregnant or not. I also realized there was nothing I could do to stop him too.

Danny then drove his cock deep into me, his pubic hair brushing my bold mound and I could feel his sperm blasting, way up in me. I suddenly started to come again and against my will my legs clamped him. Danny grunted and it felt like a can of pepsi burst inside me. I hurriedly did some calculations in my head and realized it was “reasonably safe”. We lay there, I looked across at him to see if its gone soft yet, I realized he was still hard and then he started to mount me again. I looked down at our joining, enjoying the view of his shinny black cock disappearing and merging from my pussy easily now with soft long strokes as he fucked me again. He then reached up and fondled my tits. Then I felt his movement speed up and I told him. “Oh God, PLEASE cum in me again. He looked at me and smiled and pulled back a little, then slammed deep into me. I came again and could feel my legs weaken, too many splits today. I think he fucked me 15 or 20 times, This time he got up and I went to his bathroom to clean up. I truly was amazed at the amount of sperm that ran out of me and what a mess my pussy was.

He smiled and got up from his bed, then got my clothes from the drier and handed them to me. I didn’t bother changing in his bathroom, just got dressed in front of him and he walked me to his door. Whilst walking to my car, I decided I would stop by chemist for some pain killers and a morning after pill, this 10 minute walk was aching and I walked like I shit myself. Looking at my phone there was 9 missed calls, I called Hubby back and told him I’m heading home and that I missed his calls due to load music at the house, nothing to worry about. He told me to hurry as its getting late and there may be weirdo‘s out now. I just thought to myself, I’ve already had the worse mate!
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11 months ago
that was a good story
11 months ago
so hot!
11 months ago
Hmmm very nice I do like how you were able to take that big cock in you so much and how much more you were wanting it in you too. VERY HOT!!!!!