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After watching the end of the football game I decided to go down to the local beer and pizza joint for dinner. I had a few beers then ordered a pizza. The place seemed extra busy tonight but it was Saturday night and the weather was cold and rainy so I figured that everyone had the same idea that I did. When I went to the men's room I notice that it was awfull rowdy in the back room, but I paid no attention to it and returned to the bar. I asked the Bar maid what all of the ruckus was about and she told me there was a private party on the other half of the bar, The she smiled when she told me that she wished she was at the party instead of working tonight. Well I had a few more beers with my pizza and had to answer the call of nature again.

When I went into the men's room there was a shirtless man beating on the comdem dispenser yelling something about being ripped off. I asked him what the problem was and he told me that he was there for the private party in the next room. He further explained that he was a male stripper, one of several, there for the festivities. As he contiued to slap the dispenser, he told me that this group was really hot and he felt for sure that he was going to be giving more than the usual performance. He said there was one slut in particular that couldn't keep her hands to herself. He said she was pretty d***k, but he and the other guys were definately enjoying the attention. As he went back to the party, and I left the men's room, I couldn't help but peek through the louvered partition to see the action. I was shocked

when I saw that it was my s****r-in-law's party. My s****r-in-law Patti was handcuffed to chair while the other girls including Sandi were sitting around her with the strippers performing in between them. At this point I was very intrigued to see the action, what I didn't expect was that Sandi was the d***ken slut that I had been told about in the men's room. She was stuffing tips any where she could and pawing at them like a school girl. I laughed when I remembered that the stripper thought he was going to get lucky, He obviously didn't know she was married? When one of them removed their pants in front of Sandi, she almost tore his underwear off reaching for his semi-erect cock. She wasted no time at all making it fully erect. I couldn't believe my eyes. My wife Sandi was sucking a strange cock right in front of my eyes while being cheered on by her s****r and friends. While Patti was still cuffed to the chair, one of the strippers danced around her while sliding her skirt up to her waist. He then proceded to kneel between her legs and perform oral sex on her. I could see plainly that she had not worn any panties and she was enjoying every bit of it. Then I began to wander it Sandi had worn panties? I Don't usually check her before she leaves the house, but after seein this unfold right in front of me, I had to wander just what she had in mind for the night. Sandi and the other were calling out 2nds loudly hinting that they wanted what Patti was getting. After I watched Patti climax in a room full of friends I figured the show was over since she was the bride. But the man mover over to Sandi and next, where she was waiting with open legs.

When he kneeled between her thighs, she pulled his head towards her and began gyrating on his face. Sandi was so hot, I couldn't believe this was my wife. I guessed at this point that she also must have gone to the party without her panties on. She must have been pretty d***k , telling from the delerious smile on her face. I was as hard as a rock watching my wife get her pussy eaten by a stranger. I couldn't wait to getter her home and finish the job. As my wife began to lift her ass off of the chair to meet his tongue, the other girls started chanting, "give it to her, give it to her", then it hit me that he must have wanted the condom to use on my wife, I felt relieved for a minute that the dispenser wasn't working. Until I saw that Sandi didn't really care at this point. She was trying to get his cock out from his little costume underwear. When she succeded the girls cheered and began chanting again.

He lifted her from her chair and bent her over the table as he lifted her skirt to show her bare ass, he wasted no time inserting his cock in Sandi's d***ken pussy. She was rocking back and forth in rythem begging for more. One of the other strippers walked aroung the other side of the table and laid his cock out for her to suck, she didn't wait for instructions! Here was my normally shy wife sucking a strange cock while getting fucked from behind in a room full of people.

Patti was the loudest cheerleader, while the other girls seemed awfully itchy to have their turn. I figured they would take turns then to satisfy all of the girls without finishing my wife.

The hall way where I was standing was getting busy and I did'nt want to look like a pervert so I went back to the bar and had a few more beers thinking about what I just saw. I went home and waited for Sandi to return, After what seemed like hours the limo pulled up in front of the house, so went to bed to pretend as if I hadn't seen anything.

The driver had to help Sandi stagger to the house while getting a quick feel for himself of Sandi's breasts. She fumbled with the keys then finally walked in and staggered straight to the bed. She tried to take her clothes off but ended up just lfalling to the bed with her clothes on.

As I reached over to kiss her and ask her how the party was, the unmistakable smell of sperm was obvious. She gigled and told me she had a blast. I had never kissed her before after she had had another cock in her mouth, that I know of, but the kiss left no doubt that she had gotten a mouth full of cum whether she wanted it or not.

When I looked down at her dress I noticed that she also had gotten her breasts splashed with sperm. She was obviously to d***k to even try to hide it from me. So I figured she was good and ready for me to cum in her pussy now also, as I lifter her skirt to slide my cock in her used pussy my hand slid in what must have been a pint of sperm running from her pussy.

I was shocked and excited at the same time. My cock was so hard, I couldn't be mad, but I had to wander if she left any for any of the other girls? hwo could she end up with cum in her mouth, on her tits, and in her cunt? Was my wife really the slut that was described to me in the restroom? I slid my own cock into her well lubricate pussy and added to the mess running down her legs. She just giggled again and she fell asl**p.

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2 years ago
Awesome story man! Good stuff!
3 years ago
once a slut always a slut