Dog Tied

i will make this quick , and excuse the grammer ect, Ive had a few beers that is why i will tell the story.
Met a girl from high school we are both in our 40s now . I liked her then ,but we met and hooked up 25 years later. She was allways know as a good girl. Very religous familiy, super goody two shoes. Well after dating and not being interested at all. She tells me outside a bar I got her d***k in. "do you want to fuck? I take her home sex was terrible real uptight. one year goes by. I have inroduced her to toys and tell her stories about me and other guys fucking her, and swinging. It gets her hot and cummining , but she says thats all talk. because if i really love her ,i wouldnt want that for real. fast forward three months I got her toying herself in semi public places, going to sex shops. The problem is Our bodies are different, compared to outhers it just feels like work to fuck her. So the plan{ Push her till she wants to end it.
I talk her in to a bondage thing in the woods at night in a park. she says just me and you right? Down a walking trail i procced to secure her. This is to give everyone a mental picture. She is a brunette with mid back lenth hair, stunnining green eyes, she has really big boobs, she is a little over weight. small hips with a tiny pussy and ass, three k**s all C;section with a fiftteen year old pussy. Well she is tied over the seat part of a picinic bench , head under the table ,ass and pussy out for all. i fucked her pussy and then her ass. as she yelped with pain and joy. I told her to be quiet or the cops would show up. and her parent would know. As my cum ozzed from her pussy and ass . She said untie me. .. lets go. Then she said I hear some people walking here.My Black friend and his rotwieler came up the the path as arrangged. All she heard was "what do we have here? This is all an act from here/ planned out. He says the cops should arrest you both. I say is there any way we can all be cool? " he says my dog and me need a fuck. I say which one frist? He says generaly I need the dogs Knot to bust out the bicthes ass, for my cock to fit............. I tell her this is how it has to be , unless you want your parents to find out what yo did
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2 years ago
Well the trip of a thousand miles starts with one step and that was hers. Once she takes that knot , she'll never be able to go any woman who did that will tell you.
2 years ago
mmm great stories bring ur friend and his roth here :P