sex progression

this is a quick and dirty account of my sexual life. if anyone is interesded I will give all the details.

7 years old dicover my cock and the potential to feel goog
8 years old play with my s****rs vaginia
9 in front of my father , i petteted the familily dogs cock at a party, and was told that part of the dog was dirty. that set the hook
10 years old found a playboy and the illistrated guide to Lovemaking in my parents bedroom closet
11 year old frirt homosexual touching with a male friend in a thicket of tall weeds
12 years old uncontrollibile erections , start to rub myself to underwear models in the JC penneys catolog\
13 years old I move to a suburban house see a hustler mag left on a worksite and see how beautiful pussy can be and lesbianism
14 years masterbate and cum for the the firt time what is that white stuff.
15 years asked by a girl i am babysitting to put baby powder on her pussy and touch it. I do not.
i start masterbating the dog the have and letting it lick my cock as i drip piss out
16 years out side my parents house i jerk the nieghbors dog, and it fucks me in the ass and it hurt and felt dirty
17 firt girlfriend sex , bustin mine and her cherry. good for 6 years ,marrige at 26

28 toys things still great try to talk her in to eating pussy.......fist asss fuck....... divorsed next year
29 bang the 20 year old girl across the street
30 years nail a bunck of women

32 years meet the next wife talked about swinging she is Bi. got her to suck the dogs dick had group sex but we were divorced

35 to 38 nothing that great to report , internet porn is great still hard and looking
58% (10/7)
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3 years ago
or better yet, you should of had sex with your sister
3 years ago
should of had a girlfriend at 14.
3 years ago
Very interesting. Makes me want to chart my own.