reduced vid to 720P Rez, now uploaded. 4 days to clear : (
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I'm:Pretty Kitty,
From:Kittyville, United Kingdom
Personal Information
Kids:No, and do not want any
Occupation:Hello Kitty Cuddler ^ _ ^
Education:Some college
Star sign:Scorpio
Physical Information
Body type:Slim
Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Hair length:Long
Hair color:Blonde
Eye color:Blue
About Me

I have felt feminine all my life and have
crossdressed in some capacity since I was
very young so I know I've always had an
inner girl wthin me. I manifest this by
crossdressing although I live my normal
life as a regular guy. I've always been
attracted to all things feminine, such
that whilst I am essentially straight and
adore women and lesbians, I am also highly
attracted to "fem" males too. I adore
shemales/transexuals and convincing CDs
and would love to experience sex with
them one day. Do get in touch if you fall
in that catergory, I'd love to chat and
maybe even meet up.

***Currently only accepting friend
invites from women and other CDs/Traps
and transexuals with a profile pic
so apologies if you dont fall into that
catergory, nothing personal but with
Max 5000 friends I have to be choosy
now who I accept :0). I love attention
and nice comments from all of you out
there, but sorry guys I'm not into you
unless you look very girly LOL***

Do feel free to comment on my galleries
however, whatever your sexual orientation
or gender, I love to receive comments,
after all every girl likes to be told
she's pretty LOL . These pics are all
genuinely of myself ( I'll get a verified
pic done soon to prove it ), taken by
myself so aplogies for the quality, I
hope you will enjoy them however. XXX

I dont webcam, Skype, Yahoo messenger,
etc., if I am interested I'll let you
know but happy to chat via Xhamsters
message service while online.

Frequently Asked Questions! ^ _ ^

Q1) Are you a full time Transexual?
A1) Unfortunately not, if I were younger,
then yes I would have probably lived my
life as a full time transexual, however
I am just a crossdresser so there is a
limit to how convincing I can look and
still be able to live my life as a regular
guy day to day.

Q2) Are you Gay?
A2) Strictly speaking no I'm not, however
that depends on how you define Gay.
Firstly I'm not attracted to regular
guys at all in any way, that said
I adore shemales/trannies/Tgirls,
whatever label you wish to use to decribe
" fem males ".I love women too of course.
Now because I am in essance a women inside
a mans body that kinda makes me a lesbian
, so by that token, yes I'm gay ^ _ ^

Q3) I think you're hot, but I'm not gay......
A3) OK, I adore compliments and I hear this
a lot from " straight " guys. Lets not beat
about the bush, maybe you say your not gay,
thats fine by me, I have nothing but upmost
respect for homosexual people generally, but
come on guys, get with the program, quit
living in denial, finding a fem male
sexually attractive doesnt make you a
bad person. Lets put this into context
yeah, out there there are rapists,
murderers, child abusers, wife beaters,
the list goes on. In the big scheme of
things wanting to fuck another guy however
they look is hardly the worst thing you
could want to do!! Think about it ; )

Q4) Am I Top or Bottom?
A4) Both!! I love to give and receive : )

*****WARNING:***** Any institution or
person using this site or any of its
associated sites for study or projects -
You do not have our permission to use
any of our profile or pictures in any
form or forum both current or future.
If you have or do, it will be considered
a serious violation of our privacy and
will be subject to legal ramifications

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16 hours ago
will your new vid make my nipples hard? ;)
20 hours ago
You can just send it to me directly :)
1 day ago
new video!
1 day ago
Yes please, I'd love to see your new video.
1 day ago
I think it's safe to say EVERYBODY wants to see your new video.
1 day ago
you bet your vids and pics are the best
1 day ago
new video? yes please
1 day ago
Would love to see your new video. X
1 day ago
I would like to watch your new video :)
1 day ago
luv ur vids make bbc very hard for ur ass an my mouth 4 ur cock
1 day ago
Cant wait to see your new video xx
1 day ago
would love to see your new vid:)
3 days ago
No snow in Kittyville ( yet ) thank goodness ^ _.^
3 days ago
Yes, the hell with winter!! Getting buried up here, and it's still January :( Kittysville is probably better than this??
5 days ago
<3 :o)
5 days ago
i wanna tan topless in the back yard again
n catch neighbors spying on my ugly old ass
heehee - ok, on my tits ;))
(i usually don't let them know i see em ;)))
5 days ago
OK, I kindda Agree with you, YES, get rid of Winter!!! But Like to Have Spring Before Summer!!!
5 days ago
you are beautifull and so hott
6 days ago
very very nice profile!! ;))
6 days ago
Amazing profile page. Love your humour. You are fit as well.
6 days ago
very pretty, great profile page
7 days ago
love ur profile/pics/videos sexy.....ur one hot gorgeous babe and love u lots honey xxxx
8 days ago
What a great profile!

I really love your cum eatings videos, they make me really hot :)
12 days ago
Beautiful xxx
12 days ago
Love your site Sweetie
14 days ago
Oh my god --- you have the hottest profile here on xhamster .... Greetings from Austria
14 days ago
Ooo...Oooo ..yes harder harder, hit that Keyboard!! LMAO
14 days ago
Yeah but it's always worth the wait! Love seeing all your sexy pics and vids!! Xxx love you loads xxx
14 days ago
i hope oneday u get to meet bailey jay & do a scene with her...that would be so hot
15 days ago
Come to Brenda....
15 days ago
OMG sweetie...best EVER profile page!! So sexy, hot and totes fun! xoxo
15 days ago
PM'ing you so hard right now! :-P.

yeah you like that? ;-)
15 days ago
17 days ago
If cute never goes out off fashion then you are always the fashionable choice for me babe :)
17 days ago
sexy is always fashionable too :)
17 days ago
I like your status and I guess that means that you will never go out of fashion ;) xxx
18 days ago
wow you look amazing!!!
19 days ago
beautiful girl !!!
20 days ago
Fake just doesn't exist in P.K.Land XXXXXX
20 days ago
me too
fuck me babe ;)
20 days ago
lick your balls!!
20 days ago
Love when you cum!

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