b*****r pt 2

Randy looses his virginity, to his slutty little b*****r. And finds out a couple of Billy's secrets!

I couldn’t believe what I’d done. What we’d done. And all the incredible feelings I’d felt the night before turned on me. Before I even got to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, I was pissed-off and paranoid. Like I said, my little b*****r Billy had always been a major brat. Whenever he got a little dirt on me, he always reported it to our mom. I’d barely taken my first puff of a cigarette, or my first sip of beer, before Billy ran and tattled. But this. Shit! We started jacking-off in front of each other, then we each sucked a load of the other’s cum and swallowed it too! Not to mention all the cuddling we did as we made out, both before and after we’d each taken a mouth-full of the other’s spunk. I wondered how long I’d be grounded after the little shit told our mom about that. And I was sure that as Billy would tell it to her, she’d have it in her mind that I f***ed myself on her helpless little boy, rather than Billy coming-on to me, as it actually happened. I was just sure that she’d beat me within an inch of my life, then boot me bruised and bl**dy out the front door forever. But when I got to the kitchen, Mom was sitting at the table reading the morning paper and sipping a cup of coffee, and she barely glanced-up at me and said, “Morning,” then went back to the article she was reading.
I got a cup of joe and sat beside her, grabbing the sports-section, trying to act as normal as possible. My eyes darted over the scores, but nothing registered in my brain. Surely my snotty, little b*****r had already informed our mother about what we’d done. Only I was surprised that he wasn’t right there, waiting to watch me take my punishment. And I couldn’t figure-out why Mom hadn’t started in on me. Then I saw a note scribbled in Billy’s chicken-scratch on the other side of our mom. It took me a bit to figure out what my k**-b*****r had written, and I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel after I understood his scrawling note.
Mom, went to Tom’s and we’re riding our bikes up to the pond for the day. Be home before dark. And it was signed with a big ‘B.’ as Billy always signed his notes. So the little shit had gotten up even earlier than Mom did and was out of the house before she woke. He was probably planning on telling her what I’d done to him over diner. I was just sure the little shit was getting-off on knowing I’d be seething with paranoia all day, just waiting for the axe to fall.
Well the axe never did fall. I took-off with a buddy of mine late in the afternoon, and when I got home, Mom was watching the ten-o’clock news and, I guessed, Billy had already gone to bed. As I climbed the steps to the attic-bedroom I shared with my little b*****r, trying to keep my steps as quiet as possible, so as not to wake Billy, if he was sl**ping, I prayed that he would be sl**ping. It had been a long day. Not even for a second did I quit worrying about what would happen when Billy told what we’d done. And I was just sure he would tell. Maybe not our mother, but he’d tell someone. Maybe he’d even go to the cops and turn me in for m*****ation (I wouldn’t put anything past him).
He wasn’t sl**ping. In fact, he’d been waiting for me. As I got to the top of the stairs and opened our bedroom door, I saw Billy lying naked on his bed, slowly stroking his long dick with an impish grin on his face. “I can’t stop thinking about last night, Randy,” he said softly. “I think I’ve had a boner all day long.” I just couldn’t bring myself to tell my little b*****r that I’d spent the whole day in the exact same scenario. “Tom even sucked two loads out of me and my dick still won’t go down.”
I was stunned. I couldn’t believe that my little b*****r had just confessed to getting blown by his little friend. Though, after what the two of us had done the night before, I highly doubted that Billy wasn’t lying to me. “Did you suck Tommy off too?” I asked, though figuring I already knew the answer.
“Yeah,” Billy admitted, his face and chest both started turning a bit pink. Though, considering he was lying naked in his bed and jacking-off at the time, well... “But I only sucked one load out of him,” then my little b*****r’s voice got so soft I could barely make out his next words and the pinkness of his face and upper-torso became bright red, “then Tommy shot his second load up my butt.”
You could have knocked me over with a stick. I could tell by his expression that he wasn’t lying. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, even if I’d ever gotten my butt banged by another boy, I’d never tell anyone. And I’d definitely never tell my b*****r. Though like I said, Billy and I were just about as different as two dudes could be. But as I thought about what he’d just said, well, I honestly didn’t realize that my cock had gotten hard until I noticed that my k** b*****r was staring at the front of my pants and I looked down to see my bulge.
I suppose that seeing my hard-on tenting my jeans got Billy a bit more excited and as I looked from my pants, back to his nakedness, I saw that his fist was tighter around his long skinny dick and he was stroking it a bit faster. Then I noticed, glistening in the glow of Billy’s bed-side lamp, quite a bit of pre-cum drooling from the wrinkled tip of my little b*****r’s foreskin. My brain began to fit everything together and there were several emotions coursing through me as I figured it all out.
First off, I have to admit that thinking about my little b*****r being fucked up the butt by his little buddy Tommy made my bl**d start to boil a bit. Then, realizing that the little brat had technically lost his virginity before I did, I got a bit pissed-off. Although as far as I knew, Billy still hadn’t stuck so much as a finger into a girl, and I’d at least done that, which made me feel a bit better about myself. But, well, I began to wonder, if Billy had let Tommy fuck his butt, maybe Tommy had let Billy do the same. So without a thought, I asked, “Have you ever butt-fucked Tommy?”
Billy’s fist tightened a bit more on his hard, long, skinny dick and I watched the pace of his strokes increase a bit. “Yeah,” he said with a grin, “but every time I try it, he says it hurts too bad and makes me take it out.”
“Every time you try??...” That my little b*****r had been getting it on with his little friend for a while hadn’t even occurred to me. I suppose I just figured that they’d only done it that day. “How long have you two been???...” no word came to me to finish the sentence, but my k** b*****r knew what I meant.
“I dunno,” Billy said, the skin of his upper-body was still tinged with an embarrassed-red-hue, though the grin he wore on his face belied any shame he might have been feeling. “I guess the first time we really messed-around was last year at Christmas, when we had all that snow.” It took me a second to realize that there hadn’t been much in the way of snow the previous Christmas, and it had been the year before when we’d gotten the big storm over the holidays. Which meant that Billy and Tommy had been fucking-around for about a year and a half. That thought made me a bit more angry (and truth be told, a bit more horny). Not only had my little b*****r’s cherry been popped before mine, he’d been going at it for over a year already.
“Have you ever gotten it on with a girl?” I just had to know.
Billy gave me a look, the meaning of which I barely understood. He almost looked disgusted as he shook his head indicating that he’d never been with a girl. Ok, at least he hadn’t done that before me. Then his expression changed and I must admit that I wasn’t overly surprised by what he said next.
“I see you’ve got a boner too,” his grin brightened and he stared at the lump in my jeans. “I’ll suck it for you, if you want.” Still stroking his drooling, hard skinny dick, Billy sat up and licked his lips. Before I knew it, my pants were around my knees and I was standing between his legs. As he’d done the night before, he started by sucking on my foreskin and licking between the sheath and the head of my cock. Then he pulled the skin back, revealing my swollen knob, and as I watched it disappeared into my little b*****r’s mouth. As he sucked my cockhead, one of Billy’s hands gripped my shaft and gently stroked it. His other hand moved over my exposed thighs, and then started tugging on my hairy ball-bag.
Billy bobbed his head slowly, up and down my cock, taking in a little bit more into his mouth with each slow plunge. I was torn between keeping my eyes clenched-shut and simply feeling the stimulation on my cock, or keeping my eyes open and watching my fat log move in and out of my little b*****r’s mouth. By the time he’d taken a little more than half of my cock into his mouth, I was feeling my knees begin to go weak, so for a bit of support, I grabbed Billy’s head with my hands. He grunted and started sucking a bit harder and moving his head a bit faster on my cock.
Then, as though we’d been planning it to happen that way, Billy stopped bobbing his head on my cock and I started pumping with my hips, keeping my cock moving in and out of his mouth with the same tempo as when he’d been in control. The hand that Billy had had on my cock-shaft moved and I could feel my k** b*****r’s fingers digging through my pubic-hair. My hands clenched tighter at his head and before I knew it, I had two fist-fulls of Billy’s long, dark hair. I upped the tempo a bit and started moving my cock faster and a bit deeper into his mouth.
Billy’s hand moved from my bush and I felt him inching his fingers toward my hip, then around behind me to my ass-cheek. His other hand was still digging through my ball-hair and tugging at the bloated pair. I felt pressure from the hand he had on my ass-cheek, which made my cock sink a bit deeper into his mouth on that thrust. There was a bit more pressure from his hand on the next thrust, which meant that I sank my cock a little more deeply down his gullet.
Then a few things happened all at once and it was all over for me. The hand my little b*****r had on my ass pulled me with even more f***e and I felt my cock sink almost all the way down my little b*****r’s throat. At that same moment one of the fingers that Billy had been using to play with my balls moved back some and I felt him wiggling his long, skinny finger in the crack of my ass. And the rest of the fingers of that hand squeezed my balls. I suppose that feeling the finger so close to my asshole and, well, there was the tight tug on my nuts and, well, the fact that my cock had just been deep-throated for the first time.
I remember that I inhaled a deep breath, knowing that once I started to come, I might not be able to inhale deeply again for a bit. Then I felt my k** b*****r’s finger, the one that was digging around in my ass-crack, well, it found my hole and, well, Billy started trying to push it inside me. I guess I pushed forward to get away from the brat’s skinny invading finger. But as a result, I felt my little b*****r’s nose become buried in my thick bush of pubes and my balls pressing against his chin. Well, Billy gagged, which is perfectly understandable, considering the situation. But feeling his throat-muscles spasm around the head of my cock, well, it tipped me over the edge. Before I knew what I was doing, I had Billy’s face tight against my crotch with my cock spewing my load deep down his throat.
My little b*****r gagged and coughed on my load, which made it feel even better for me. It wasn’t until he was pounding his fists on my thighs and stomach that I realized exactly what I was doing. The k** couldn’t breathe. My hands had such a tight grip on him, and the tighter I pulled his head to my body, well, the more incredible it felt having my cock buried deeper down his throat. I let go of him and in an instant, he recoiled, all but spitting my cock from his mouth, along with a big wad of my goo. He coughed several times, took a few deep breaths, all the while his eyes were wide open and staring at my cock, which was still pumping and pelting his face with wad after wad of my spunk. Billy got three or four globs of gobs of goo plastered to his face before he caught enough of a breath, then with a quick glance up to my face, he opened his mouth and once again was slurping on my cockhead. Like he was drinking through a straw, Billy sucked the rest of my sperm right into his mouth, swallowing as much as he could.
As I started to come down from my orgasmic-high, I saw that my k** b*****r was once again jacking his own dick. When he saw me looking, he slowed his strokes and opened his fingers a bit, giving me a better look at his long, skinny dick. He’d pulled his foreskin back and the shiny torpedo-shaped head of his dick was so engorged it was purple.
“You gonna suck mine?” he asked, his voice sounding a bit unsure. Now, if he’d asked before I’d gotten-off, I surely would have dropped to my knees and started sucking. But, the post-orgasmic funk was hitting me and the last thing on my mind was giving head to my little b*****r. I guess Billy must have sensed my reluctance, because he presented me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. “If you suck it, I’ll let you fuck my butt.”
Well, I barely gave the matter any thought. Billy stood and I dropped to my knees. Within a second, the head of my little b*****r’s dick was in my mouth and I was going at it like it was an all-day-sucker. My hands quickly moved around to Billy’s little butt-cheeks and I started using his body to slide his dick in and out of my mouth. I didn’t take him deep down my throat, as he’d done to me. I tried, but whenever I felt the pointed head of his dick hit the back of my mouth, it felt like I was about to puke. But I don’t think Billy minded much. His hands were on my head, like I’d done to him, only he didn’t try to use my head to get more of his dick into my mouth. Instead, he entwined his fingers in my hair, and when I did something that really made him feel good, I’d feel his grip tighten, pulling at my scalp. He didn’t last long. I sucked his dick for maybe two minutes before he grunted. This time, I knew what his grunt was signaling and I tried to pull my head back, so that I didn’t get a mouth-full. However, Billy had different ideas about where he wanted to dump his load, and he chose that moment to take control of my head and I felt his body lurch closer to me and a second later, I tasted his cum in my mouth.
The k** shot so much that I had no choice but to swallow some of it, though I tried to ingest as little as possible and let the rest flow out of my mouth. Now, being on my knees, as I was, the spooge I was spitting from my mouth ended-up landing right on my rock-solid cock and dripping into my bush of pubes and even down to my balls. Billy grunted a few times, then let out a long groan and I felt his dick stop throbbing and realized that my mouth was no longer being filled with cum. Almost like he was the bigger and stronger of the two of us, his hands released my hair and I felt his fingers in my armpits. He lifted me to my feet and he started licking his cum from my chin and lips. I felt his hands move down my body, one of them grabbing my fully-erect cock and the other cupping my sweat-and-cum-soaked balls. After we kissed for a while, Billy trying to get as much of his cum out of my mouth as he could, he looked me right in the eyes and, with a strong squeeze on both my cock and balls, he said, “You’re gonna have to go real slow when you’re putting it in me. I ain’t never had anything this big up my butt before.” And with that, he pulled his hand away from my cock and pulled it to his mouth. Then, as I watched, my little b*****r spit into his hand, and then moved it back down, spreading the spittle and cum mixture all over my rock-hard cock. Then he sank to his knees and spit another gooey wad directly onto my cock and started rubbing that in.
I could barely believe my eyes as my little b*****r moved to the middle of the room, where an old rug covered the wood floor, and got into position on his hands and knees, with his narrow, bony butt pointed at me. Then as I watched, one of his hands, still slick with spit and cum, moved to his rump and, right before my eyes, one of Billy’s fingers found his hole and started drilling inside. Well, maybe my k** b*****r had never finger-fucked a girl before, but I was quite sure that this wasn’t the first time he shoved a finger into his butt. I stood there, slowly stroking my own greasy, hard cock and watched as my little b*****r pulled the one finger out of his hole and rubbed the tip all over the hole it had just come out of. Then, a second finger joined the first, massaging his pink pucker, and before I knew it, Billy shoved both of them into his hole. Then he looked over his shoulder, first at my cock, then up to my face.
“I can still feel Tommy’s cum inside me,” he said, pushing both fingers deep into his butt. “That’ll make it more slippery for you.”
Had I actually thought about what was happening, I might have pulled my pants up and ran from the room. However, my only thoughts were of how incredible it was going to feel with my cock buried deep up my little b*****r’s butt. I’ll admit that knowing I’d be the second guy to fuck him that day, and that the first guy’s cum was still simmering inside Billy’s butt, well, like I said, I tried not to think too much about it.
“You sure do have a fat cock, Randy,” he said, watching me slowly stroke myself. “I’ll bet I can shoot a load without even touching my dick, when you’re fucking me.” His grin brightened and I watched as a third finger joined the two Billy already had in his hole. “I ain’t never done that when Tommy was fucking me, but his dick is even littler than mine.”
Now, as my little b*****r got himself ready, down on his hands and knees with three fingers stretching his butt-hole, I got a bit scared. I mean, I was about to fuck another person for my very first time, and not only was it another dude I was about ready to plug, it was my k** b*****r. Although I doubt if my cock had ever been harder or more ready for action as it was at that moment. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.
“But it still feels great when Tommy fucks me, though not as good as it does when Uncle Riley fucks me.”
My breath caught in my throat and my hand stopped stroking my slick cock. Ok, so now my brat of a little b*****r was trying to make me believe that not only had he been butt-fucked by his little friend Tommy, but he’d also been boned by our Uncle Riley. Now, I’ll have to admit that as much as I’d believed everything Billy had told me this far, I couldn’t imagine that he was telling me the truth about Riley. First off, I have to tell you that Riley wasn’t exactly our uncle, not by bl**d anyway. My grandparents (Mom’s parents) took him in several years before after he’d been kicked-out of his parents’ house. He was only a few years older than me, even though he’d always seemed so grown-up to me.
“Riley?” I said, still not sure if I actually believed what Billy was telling me.
“Sure,” my little b*****r said, still sliding his three fingers in and out of his pink hole, and his grin brightened even more. “Remember when we got stuck at Grandma and Grandpa’s that year.” I did remember. The Christmas before last, we’d been visiting our grandparents when the big snow-storm hit. “And I slept in Riley’s room with him and you stayed downstairs on the couch.” Again I remembered, I’d slept on the couch so I’d be alone and would be able to jack-off without anyone seeing or hearing. “That was the first time we did it. Then last summer, when me and Riley went camping up by the river...” Though I’d been invited on the camp-out, I declined, again afraid that sl**ping in a tent with my little b*****r and our ‘uncle’ would give me little time to do as I always did before falling asl**p. And I also remembered how happy Billy seemed when I decided not to join them on the camping trip (and I’d just thought my little b*****r was excited that he’d be able to spend a few days away from me...). “Then we did it some more last fall when Uncle Riley took me hunting with him.” Another weekend I’d managed to worm my way out of. “And this summer, up at the lake-cottage.”
I don’t think I’d have actually believed my little b*****r, if he hadn’t been completely naked and down on his hands and knees (well, hand and knees anyway), with one hand behind him and three of his fingers crammed up his butt-hole, which (if all he said was true) was wet and slippery from the load of cum Billy’s friend Tommy had shot up there a few hours before. And (if all he said was true) not only had my little b*****r been butt-fucked by his little buddy, but also by our ‘Uncle’ Riley. I couldn’t help but asking, “You gotten it on with anyone else?”
The motion of Billy’s fingers moving in and out of his butt-hole slowed a bit and he said, “Not really,” and his head turned so that he wasn’t looking at me any longer. His voice was soft as he continued, though each word he said hit me like it was being blared over a PA system, “But there was that one time Brad let me jack him off.”
That was too much for me. It was one thing thinking about my little b*****r sucking-off, or getting boned by his lanky little pal, Tommy. And I’ll have to admit that sometimes I got the feeling that Uncle Riley was being just a little too friendly and quite suggestive, and the more I thought about it, I could imagine Riley going at it with Billy. But Brad? The guy who’d been my best-friend since kindergarten? Brad, who was constantly ranking on the boys who, well, acted like faggots. Brad, who had gotten his hand up a girls shirt a good year before I did. And he’d gotten down a girl’s pants two years before me. There wasn’t any way that Brad would let my bratty little b*****r jack him off. Impossible. Billy was lying.
“It was that night when you were talking out on the picnic table and I was up in the tree,” Billy said, as though he knew I didn’t believe him. “The night he told you about that Jessica girl gave him the blue balls.” Billy had admitted to me the night before that he’d overheard that particular conversation between me and Brad, though it seemed he hadn’t told me the whole story. “You guys sat there talking forever and I was afraid that I’d make a noise or something and you’d catch me up there. But you didn’t. Then you went in to get something to eat and Brad stayed there after you left.”
It all fit. I remembered that evening, Brad told me that he got a joint from some guy he knew and was planning to get high. He offered to share it with me, but I was always afraid of smoking or anything, that it might have a negative impact on my sports, so I begged-off and went inside. Brad knew how I felt and knew I’d never think bad of him for doing it.
“Once you were in the house, Brad looked right up to me and told me that he’d known all along I’d been there.” As he talked, Billy’s fingers stopped moving, though they remained firmly planted in his butt-hole. “When I was climbing down, I smelled something funny and when I was back on the ground, I saw that Brad was smoking a joint. I sat by him and as he got high, I told him that I thought that Jessica girl must be stupid for not wanting to do stuff with him and I started asking him about things that he’d done with other girls.”
Now I knew about all of Brad’s conquests. Or at least I thought I did. Though I suppose I can’t blame my best-friend for not telling me that he’d gotten a hand-job from my little b*****r. So as Billy started to rattle-off a few details of Brad’s encounters with girls, well, I knew that from the horse’s mouth was the only way he’d know about them.
“So after a while, I could tell by the bulge in his pants that he had a boner, and I told him that I had a boner too. Then he asked me if I’d ever seen another guy with boner, so I told him that I had, but I was sure that I’d never seen one as big as his. And after he pulled it out, he asked if I wanted to touch it. So I jacked him off. Then after he popped, he zipped-up without even cleaning himself off and took-off like someone had lit a fire under him.” Then Billy looked back over his shoulder again and we were once more looking each other in the eye. “I wanted to suck him, but for some reason, I didn’t think he’d go for it.” And as he said those words, he started moving his long, skinny fingers in and out of his hole again.
I suppose I figured that after all he’d confessed to, Billy had no reason to lie to me. And just thinking about what he’d said. I had often wondered what Brad’s cock would look like hard now. I’ve seen it soft many times over the years, and when we were k**s, we used to drop our pants and make our little-boy-dicks get hard, but since we’d hit puberty I hadn’t seen Brad with an erection. Though sometimes at night while I masturbated, I wondered what Brad would look like, naked and hard. I stood there, slowly stroking my spit-and-cum coated cock, looking at my little b*****r as he worked three of his fingers in and out of his butt-hole, imagining him with Brad, with Riley, and even with his little friend Tommy. I’d almost forgotten about what Billy had asked me to do to him. Though, in the back of my chaotic mind the thought of plugging my k** b*****r’s little pink hole was a powerful thought.
“So you gonna stick it in me or what?” Billy said after a moment. And at the same time, he pulled his fingers all the way out of his hole and I saw a glint of deep red at the center of the pink wrinkle. “”Cause if you’re gonna chicken-out, I’m gonna have to jack-off again before I’ll be able to sl**p.” As he spoke, the hand that had been preparing his hole moved under him and took hold of his long, skinny dick.
I felt as though I was a puppet and there were strings pulling at me. I took the couple steps between us and sank to my knees behind my little b*****r, still slowly stroking my cock. Even after stretching himself with his three fingers, I wasn’t sure how my fat cock was going to fit inside that little hole. I looked down at the thick, blunt head of my cock and at Billy’s pink, puckered butt-hole and was trying to decide how best to proceed.
Then I felt Billy’s hand, first on my balls, then grabbing my rock-hard cock. He got a tight grip on my shaft and I felt him move his body around some, then I felt pressure against my cockhead. His fingers were moving on his own butt and around my cock. I could hear him huffing and puffing, pushing his body back against me as he wiggled his butt. I got the feeling that my little b*****r was, somehow, becoming frustrated.
“God Damn It Randy!” Billy hissed as he grinded the head of my cock into the bottom of his butt-crack. “Push it in; you don’t expect me to do everything, do you?” A second later my hands were holding Billy’s hips and I was pushing my hips forward. A second after that, I felt my little b*****r’s hand move our from between us and an incredible tightness squeezing the head of my cock. Billy was panting like a dog in the August sun at noon, as I felt the constricting ring of heat begin to give and more of my cock-head being enveloped in the tight, squeezing softness.
“Oh fuck,” my little b*****r’s voice was strained and I could tell that he was trying to keep from yelling-out. “Push, more...”
As he said those last two words, I did exactly as he asked and at the same time, my little b*****r backed-up. I felt the huge helmet head of my cock pop through the tight ring of Billy’s butt-hole. He let out a noise somewhere between a whine and a grunt. At the same time, I let out a noise somewhere between a whine and a sigh. I’d never felt anything so incredible in my life. Even though it felt great when Billy had sucked me off, that was nothing to feeling the head of my cock in my k** b*****r’s butt. I could feel the ring of muscle clenching around my cock. It was hot and wet, and I knew that if something didn’t happen soon, I’d be spilling my load without even getting more than the tip of my cock inside.
That was when I heard Billy take a deep breath, then he pushed back again and a couple more inches of my cock passed through his hole. Something hit me and I realized what was actually happening. I was fucking. My cock was in a tight wet hole (even if it was my b*****r’s butt-hole, instead of some girl’s pussy), and I was just sitting there like an idiot, not doing anything. So, I tightened my grip on Billy’s hips and as I pulled him roughly back to me, I thrust my hips forward.
We both cried out as I buried my cock deep into my k** b*****r’s butt. And once I had it all the way in, I reversed my motions, pushing Billy’s hips away from me and pulling my hips back, until I felt the tight ring of my little b*****r’s butt-muscle gripping just the head of my cock again. This time as I thrust forward, Billy backed himself up and my cock seemed to go even deeper into him. When I pulled back again, I saw Billy’s whole body tighten-up and could feel my cock being squeezed tighter than I thought possible. I watched in amazement as my big, fat cock disappeared into Billy’s little butt. His hips were so narrow that I could almost make my thumbs touch at the small of his back, as I pulled and pushed at his body. We both grunted each time I thrust my cock in deep. And as I pulled back, we sighed and took in a deep breath, to be expelled as a grunt when I shoved back inside.
“Oh fuck me, Randy!” Billy cried-out, though keeping his volume low enough so that our mother wouldn’t hear from downstairs. “Oh God! Harder! Yeah!” I fucked him harder. When he begged for it faster, I fucked faster. “More, oh fuck yeah! Fuck me!” I was giving him all I had. I was pounding my cock so hard and deep into Billy’s scrawny little body I was surprised that was able to take it. And not only was he taking everything I gave him, he was fucking himself back on me with just much f***e as I was thrusting at him.
It was at that moment that I actually understood what people meant when they talked about people fucking like a****ls. There was no logic or reason to what was happening. I mean I was pounding my cock in and out of my little b*****r’s hot, wet, tight butt-hole, doggy-style on our bedroom floor, and there wasn’t anything in the world that could have stopped me at that moment. I was being driven by pure instinct. a****listic instinct. At that moment, I needed to spread my seed and there was nothing that would prevent me from doing so.
“Oh fuck yeah, Randy! Fuck me!” I could hear his excitement, though his words were barely breaths. Deep huffed breaths, as he started repeating those two words. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” And every so often he’d throw in a, “Yeah Randy, fuck me hard!” or a, “Gim’me that big fucking cock!” And while I might have imagined that it went like that for hours, or days, or years even, I know that in reality my first fuck only lasted a few minutes. It ended when I heard Billy’s mantra of breathy, “Fuck me!”s change and he started chanting, “Oh shit! I’m gonna shoot! Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot! Oh shit!”
A moment later it was like his guts had turned to hot lava and that lava was turning to stone around my cock. I drove my cock deep and instead of pulling it back out, I tried to push it in deeper. Deeper. My cock needed to be as deep as possible inside Billy’s butt. And I felt his whole body go hard and his words trailed off and it sounded like my little b*****r had started sobbing. I drilled deeper and deeper, not being able to feel enough of my little b*****r’s body against me. My hands slid from his hips around to his belly and chest and I pulled his hands from the floor and pressed his back tight against my belly. My cock was still trying to delve deeper into his belly, and as I pushed my hips against his butt, I pulled his whole quivering body down on my cock. His hole was gripping my cock like nothing I ever imagined. I could feel his whole body twitching against me, like he was having a seizure or something. And when the hand I had on his belly moved down and I felt a spurt of Billy’s cum on my arm, well, that was all it took.
My grunts were deep and probably too loud, but I couldn’t help it. It felt like I was being turned inside-out, and my whole body was about to be f***ed through the tiny hole at the end of my cock. I still tried to shove my cock even deeper into Billy’s butt, as I started to shoot my load. And with each spurt of spunk I shot, I tried to get even deeper inside him. Then I remembered that my cum was mixing with the load Tommy had shot inside my little b*****r earlier, well, that thought made my balls tighten-up even more and I shot a couple more big wads up Billy’s butt.
By the time I finished dumping my cum up Billy’s butt, I realized that I had him pulled right up against me and I was kissing, licking and even biting at his shoulders, neck and the back of his head. I was tasting his sweat, smelling it, and my own, and it didn’t seem like I’d ever stop coming. And when the gusher finally did subside, I didn’t move. I stayed there on my knees with Billy’s skinny body tight against me and my cock remained deep in Billy’s bowels. After we’d had a second to catch our breath, my little b*****r turned his head so that we were face to face and he kissed me. It wasn’t a hot and heavy kiss, like we’d shared after sucking each other off. Instead, Billy kissed me tenderly, using just his lips and the tip of his tongue.
My cock was becoming sensitive, as it always did after shooting a load let alone two, but for some reason I couldn’t bear to move and pull it from my little b*****r’s butt. I could feel my load (and probably some of Tommy’s load too) sloshing around in Billy’s guts, which were still trembling a bit after he’d shot his wad, which I could feel all over his front side, with my embracing hands and arms. I don’t know how long we stayed there kissing, our bodies pressed together with my cock up his butt.
“That was the best ever, Randy,” Billy said to me between kisses, and as he spoke I felt him squeeze his butt-hole around my still-mostly-hard cock. “Even when Uncle Riley fucked me, I didn’t come that hard.”
That was when my mind started going over what had just happened. I’d just butt-fucked my little b*****r, after his hole had been greased by his lanky friend Tommy’s cum, and now I was imagining Riley’s spunk in there too. Well, my cock had stayed hard enough to remain firmly up Billy’s butt, and all the sudden it didn’t feel quite as sensitive and if I wasn’t imagining things, it was getting really hard again. I guess I started rocking my hips again, moving my cock around in my k** b*****r’s stretched-out, hot, wet hole. And that was when our kissing started to change. Our tongues were moving more and our lips pressed tighter together. Before I knew it, my hips were humping and I was fucking Billy’s butt again.
Then Billy started to move and, in order for me to keep my cock deep in his belly where I needed it to be, I had to move with him. A couple seconds later Billy was on his back with his legs spread wide. My body was on top of his, with my cock still deep inside him.
“Fuck me again, Randy,” he said. We were face to face and our eyes locked as I started to slowly move my cock in and out of him. In this position, my cock didn’t get as deep as it had when I took him from behind, though for some reason as I looked into his face, it didn’t seem to matter how deeply I was able to bury my bone. His lean torso was covered with sweat and the load of cum I’d fucked out of him, and before I’d actually thought about what I was doing, my mouth left his and I started licking the gooey fluids from Billy’s chest.
Considering I’d come twice in the previous half-hour, it took me a while to shoot my third load. I fucked my k** b*****r slowly. I tasted his skin and he raised his head so that he could kiss and lick my neck and chest.
“I love feeling your chest-hair on my tongue,” Billy said after he’d licked my chest for a while. “Sometimes I think Riley is too hairy and Tommy doesn’t have any hair on his chest, but I think you’re perfect.” Well, after hearing that, I guess I started shoving my cock a bit harder and deeper into Billy’s butt. His eyes closed and he grunted a bit, as I started fucking him with a bit more effort. “And Tommy’s dick is barely as big as my fingers, it don’t feel nothing like your fat cock does.” A couple more grunts as I thrust even deeper. “And I think Riley’s cock is longer than yours, but I know it ain’t as thick,” grunt, grunt, “and I’m thinking that thicker is better than longer any day.”
I was feeling that a****listic sensation sweep over me again. I grabbed Billy’s bony legs and pushed them up to his chest, which meant I could drive my cock deeper into his body. And drive I did. Billy started chanting again. “Fuck me! More! Harder! Faster! Oh shit, Randy! Give me that big, fat cock!” Like I said, I lasted longer than I had before. Though in reality, I probably only fucked Billy for five minutes or so (as compared to the two-to-three minute fuck I’d given him earlier), before I was ramming myself as deeply as I possibly could. Once again, Billy came first. I could feel his eruption causing his whole body to squeeze my cock, but he’d shot a couple wads before I actually realized what was happening. And, well, feeling the hot globs of Billy’s cum on my stomach and chest did help a bit. And once I realized that he was spewing his load, well, it was only a second later that I started shooting my own load. Once again I tried to dump my cum as deep in Billy’s guts as I could, driving my cock deeper and deeper up his butt without pulling out at all. And when I felt Billy’s hands on my ass-cheeks, trying to get me even deeper inside him, well, I started spewing even more cum inside him.
I was drained. I’d never felt so completely sated in my life. Once I’d shot all I had into my k** b*****r’s butt, I collapsed on top of him as I tried to catch my breath. As I slumped over him, Billy’s legs slipped down and he wrapped his arms around me. I could still feel his body tensing a bit around my cock, which was still inside him, though I could tell that it was finally going soft. After a couple minutes, I felt my cock slip out of Billy’s dripping butthole, and when it did, his arms tightened around me and he nuzzled his face into my neck.
I think I might have dozed off a bit, because when Billy spoke, I barely remembered what had just happened.
“I swear to God, Randy, I ain’t never felt anything like that before,” he said softly right into my ear. “I bet you’re the best fucker in the whole world.”
And that’s how I started fucking my little b*****r.

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9 months ago
thanks,loved it,never did it with my bro,but takes me back when my mates bro fucked me,was so hot.:}
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That is sooooooooooooooo hot!
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terrific!..did u ever let him fuck you?
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tremendous stories, 1 and 2. came big time at the end, thanks
1 year ago
A hot reality!!!
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I agree with dusty48180....very hot story and I can relate to as my brother and I messed around for a while as well.
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i cam so much to this one
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Awesome! Get ''em cumming!
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TWICE!!! I have jacked off, so, great one, thanks
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Awesome Story!!
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please tell me you let him fuck your ass too!
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More? Please?
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VERY hot story....and so are you!!