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A story for Sara :)

Ron and Sara were my first ever couple to play with. He took pics and videos while I took care of Sara. They lived over 200 miles away from me so I didn't see them again for quite some time... about a month after our first encounter, I wrote this story for Sara...

Sara, here is a lil fantasy I have about you :) I hope you enjoy it!

It's been a long day; you've been working outside and really need to relax, so you go take a nice warm shower. I think you need to relax even further, so I lead you to the bed, lay you down on your belly and slip your towel off. I start rubbing your neck and shoulders; you are really tense! I'm squeezing your shoulders and can feel your tight muscles loosening, so I start working my way down your back. Sliding my hands with a steady, firm pressure, I'm rubbing up and down your back on either side of your backbone, sliding my hands off to the sides, working out all the kinks. I'm rubbing down even further, squeezing your cheeks and rubbing your lower back. I move down to your legs... gently squeezing your thighs and firmly rubbing and squeezing your calves. On down to your feet, I give you a nice foot massage then start working my way back up again... my hands on your body is really exciting me, and my dick is pretty hard by now. Your milky white skin looks delicious so I start kissing you on the back of your neck.

As you start to roll over onto your back, I'm still kissing your neck and shoulders. Our lips meet, and I give you a deep, passionate kiss, our tongues swirling and exploring each others mouths. My hands are cupping your breasts, and I am gently pinching your nipples. I move my mouth on down your neck, kissing your shoulders, on down your chest, kissing and licking all the way. I take one of your nipples into my mouth... mmmmmm, sweet and tasty! My tongue is circling your nipple and it is at full attention! I switch to the other tit, and that nipple is just as stiff as the first one. I suck and lick your nipples, back and forth between the two, then I start moving on down.

You are laying there and I am kissing and licking your tummy, moving on down, inch by inch; taking my time to enjoy you and for you to enjoy what I'm doing to you. As I reach the lower part of your belly, I gently spread your legs open and slide down between them. I'm kissing and licking your inner thighs, going from your left to your right... My mouth gets closer to your pussy with each pass; so close that you can feel my breath on it and it's driving you crazy. Finally, the teasing is over and my tongue finds your clit. Mmmmm, I can tell you were enjoying everything leading up to this, because your pussy is dripping wet! I suck your clit and circle my tongue around it, flicking it gently, then I dip my tongue down into your pussy. You are so wet that I have to swallow to drink your sweet juice! I just love how your pussy tastes, and I can't get enough of it! I'm sticking my tongue deep inside your pussy, then sliding my mouth up, sucking on your pussy lips letting them slide between my lips as I raise to your clit again. I feel your hands on the back of my head, pushing my face deeper into your pussy as I'm working you into a frenzy; I'm in complete and total ecstasy, drinking you in and driving you wild...

You can't take it anymore and ask me to fuck you, so I slide up between your legs and rub the head of my dick between your pussy lips and on your clit. You are so wet that I can see your sweet nectar glistening on my dick; it's a beautiful sight! I start sliding my dick inside you, slowly, inch by inch until I have it buried all the way. Your eyes are telling me that it feels good, so I start out slowly thrusting, gently at first, deep strokes and almost pulling all the way out with each stroke. I feel your legs wrap around my back, your feet pulling me into you harder and harder. Oh yessss, your pussy feels so good! My rhythm is getting faster now; You move your legs up over my shoulders. I'm pounding your pussy and can feel you squeezing my dick as you begin to cum. Your soft moans are music to my ears, and you can feel my balls slapping your ass as I'm thrusting deep inside your pussy.

I start getting that tingle on the underside of my dick and I know it won't be long now. The cum is starting to build up and I feel my balls begin to tighten! Ohhh yesssss, Sara, your pussy is squeezing my dick and I start to explode! The cum is rushing out of my dick and filling your pussy; can you feel it? Mmmmm, I can feel you milking my dick with your pussy, squeezing every drop of cum out. We are spent, and I collapse next to you on the bed. Ron, would you like to join us this time?
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