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My open letter to Camille Crimson :)

My fantasy about you starts like this;

We would be alone, maybe at a motel or something. I would
walk up to you and start kissing you... deeply and passionately.
As I'm kissing you I begin to undress you. I take your
shirt off, then your pants... as I take off your bra and it
falls away, I cup both of your tits in my hands, with your
nipples being gently squeezed between my hands and thumbs.
Still kissing you, I lay you down on the bed, hovering over
you and kissing my way down your neck, onto your chest, then
my mouth finds your nipples... Mmmmmmm, sucking them,
teasing them with my tongue, letting you see my tongue on
them... I am sucking your tits, alternating between the
two, squeezing the other one when I'm not sucking it;
your nipples are so hard! I gently bite one, not hard, just
enough to hold onto it, and I suck in cold air around it to
make it even harder.

Then I start moving down your belly, kissing and licking
along the way. As I am getting farther down below, I slide
off of the bed and onto the floor, on my knees. I slide my arms
under your legs and pull you to the edge of the bed. I'm
kissing your inner thighs now, moving from one side to the
other, my face getting closer and closer to your pussy with
each pass. I love doing this to you; as I get closer to your
pussy, you can feel my breath on it. I kiss and lick you right
in the folds between your thigh and your pussy then my tongue
hits your clit! I start sucking it gently, and swirling
my tongue around it. It's getting harder the more I
suck it. I dip my tongue down into your pussy and it is dripping
wet by now! I see just how far I can stick my tongue inside
you; you are so wet I have to swallow to drink your sweet juice...
I suck on your whole pussy, sliding your lips in my mouth,
squeezing them with my lips, then moving back up to your
clit. I want you to cum on my tongue, so I start flicking your
clit really fast, rubbing it with my tongue, sucking it.
I slide two fingers inside you and start stroking your g-spot
while I suck on your clit.

You are wiggling around, and I KNOW I'm making you feel
good! I feel your hand grab the back of my head, pushing my
face into your pussy... mmmmmmm, yeah... then you start
to cum. I stick my tongue inside you so that I can feel you
squeeze my tongue as you cum.... I'm in ecstasy, and
I can tell you are too! My dick is so hard!

I raise up moving my dick to your pussy. I rub the head of my
dick on your pussy, up to your clit, getting it good and wet
from all of your natural lubrication I've worked up; rubbing your clit with my dick feels so good! But I want
to be inside you, so I start sliding it in slowly, inch by
inch, until I'm completely inside you. I start out
slow at first, sliding it in and out, nice slow rhythm, all
the way in and almost pulling it completely out with each
slow thrust. You say, "Fuck me harder, Eddie!"
so I pick up the pace, getting faster and harder with each
pass. I start pounding away, and you can feel my balls slapping
your ass as I thrust my dick deep inside your throbbing pussy!
Mmmm yessss, I can feel your pussy starting to tighten up
around my shaft and you say "I'm gonna cum!"
As your cumming I start to feel that tingle right on the bottom
side of my head, and I know it won't be long until I cum,
too! Mmmmm baby, I've got so much built up! I tell you
I'm ready to cum and you say "Give it to me!"
I start cumming, deep inside your pussy, and you can feel
the rush of warm liquid filling you up? My dick is twitching
and jerking with each squirt, and your pussy is squeezing
me, milking every last drop of cum out of my dick. Oh yesssssss,
you feel sooooo goood to me!!! Both of us are spent, so I collapse
next to you, kissing you gently while we recuperate so we
can go at it again in a lil' while! (but this time, you get "artsy" on me!)

Patiently waiting,

Posted by superdduper 2 years ago
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