Divorcee John. (A different slant)

A few months after I got Divorced I was at my local Swimming Pool were I go several times a week to keep fit. I had swam a few lengths of the pool & decided to have a seat in one of the Jacuzzi pools they have, after relaxing for a time I heard a mans voice saying hi Bob, I looked up & there was John, he was a friend of the f****y, a man in his early sixties. He sat down beside me an we started chatting, she wanted to know how I was since the Divorce, if I had found a girl friend, I told him that I had not found anyone & that I was quite happy, he told me that he never looked back since his Divorce, (which had been about five years previously) Thinking it was time to make my escape, I decided to do another few lengths, so I said goodbye. The baths started to get busy so I decided to get out of there, when I got to the changing area which is all cubicles, it was mayhem, then through the crowds I saw John waving to me. When I got to him he told me he had a cubicle, I said that I did not want to stand around waiting & I would go look for another, he said don't be silly & pulled me in, I told him that I would look at the wall while he got changed. After a bit of fumbling it sounded like he had removed his wet swimsuit & had started drying himself, when he asked me to dry his back, thrusting his towel at me, I dryed his back looking down to the small of his back to his ample round bum, he looked round asking me if I liked what I saw, I went red, I thought I'm not into guys & I'm twenty five years younger than him. He said let me dry your back so like a small boy I turned away from him, he turned to me, drying me, then he pulled my shorts down, I spun around ready to ask him what he thought he was doing, when I got another look at her fantastic ample round bum he had a great figure for a woman of his age, slightly chubby but all in the right places. My cock started to stiffen, he noticed this straight away, he pulled me towards him & kissed me on the lips, this only made my cock harder, he gripped it, then sinking to his knees took it in his mouth, I could not believe it, I was getting sucked off by Old Guy at swimming pool changing rooms, it was fantastic. He came back up grasping me, obviously aroused, he spoke in a whispered voice ' fuck me' as he turned bending, leaning on the seat, I put my hand down to his Hairy arse which was damp, he produced some lub & slid a finger in, he squirmed, I had to get my cock in this, so I took the head & it went in without much difficulty, we both shuddered. Slowly banging him getting faster & harder, he suddenly let out a grunt 'I'm coming' I could not hold on, I let loose my load into him, we stayed in that position for a while, griping him until I slipped out, neither of us said anything, so I whispered 'I hope you don't have anyhing catchng" he turned, laughed giving me a friendly slap on my bum, he said 'No, I hope youdon't either, but I do hope we can meet up for more Sex, preferably in Bed' I said 'try & stop me!!'

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1 year ago
Thank you for sharing that! It's a lovely story and I can relate to it Cal x