Kewanna was surprised that Glenn had indeed kept his word and came to see her. She sat in a very nice restaurant looking over at him and had to smile. She had heard from so many guys they wanted to come meet her but none had so far. They made small talk while they had their meal. Glenn kept telling her how beautiful she was , how much she turned him on, and how glad he was to finally meet her. She was dressed kind of conservative but it still showed off her body also, the top hugged her breast making them look bigger than they were. She knew he liked her body anyway even if she was what she thought was bbw. When they left the restaurant they went to a small intimate dance club where he was able to hold her close. Glenn smelled her soft scent as they danced. He felt her breast on his chest, could not help himself from getting hard. Kewanna felt him getting hard. She had known he was a big man but never thought she would feel it like she was. Glenn looked at her and then leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was a passionate french kiss and while it was not a long one it was enough to make her wonder how far he would take her tonight.

Glenn drove them to her place telling her he had a blast and hope they could do it again soon. She also wanted to go out again and she kept thinking about what she felt dancing and knew she wanted to do much more tonight but would let him make the first move. He walked her to her door. They stood looking at each other then both just seem to draw into each other for another kiss. This kiss was a mad passionate hot sexy deep kiss that ended with her arms around his neck and his hands pulling her into him while he massaged her ass. Kewanna invited him inside. Once the door was closed behind them they were once again kissing like high school k**s and each undoing the top of the other. Glenn kissed her cheeks, her nose , her ears and then down to her neck softly nibbling on it. He heard her moan. She had his shirt off and was running her hand in his chest hair ,while he was not a real hairy man she enjoyed the feel of it in her hand. Breaking away from him she looked at him, took his hand and lead him to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom Glenn sat on the edge of the bed as she lit a few candles, he watched her move so gracefully around the room, Seeing her moving about with her top open showing her big silk encased breast sway as she moved and her juicy sweet ass made Glenn even harder. Glenn got up and went up behind her. Closing his arms around her with his hands resting on her tits he leaned in and kissed her neck again. Hands kneading her tits undoing the front clasp on her bra. Glenn kissed her shoulder trailing his tongue over her flesh. His hands now on her bare nipples he rolled and softly pinched them making them stand out hard and proud. He felt her push her sweet ass back against his hard-on twisting it. “That hard cock feels good on my ass” Glenn smiled and replied “Baby you have no idea how long I waited for this how many times I dreamed of making love to you.”

Kewanna knew at that instant that Glenn had been telling her the truth on all their yahoo chats. He did care about her deeply. She turned in his arms and they kissed a kiss that lovers share. “Sweetie we have a lot of time to make love but I want you to take that big cock and fuck my wet pussy as you have always dreamed of fucking it.” She was looking him in the eye and felt his hands moving down her stomach. “Baby I am going to show you tonight how a beautiful lady as yourself deserves to be fucked and made love to.” His hands reach her lacy panties and traced the waist band of them. She shrugged her shoulder letting the dress fall to the floor with her bra. Standing before him naked but for her light blue panties. “This is what you been dreaming about?” She slowly went down to her knees undoing his belt and pants as she did. She pulled his pants down and then rubbed her hands over his hard cock in his briefs. “My you are a big boy aren’t you sweetie, mind if I have a taste of this?” Glenn moaned as she moved his underwear from his cock letting it bounce freely, it almost hit her in the face. Kewanna grabbed it in her hands and stroked it before opening her mouth taking his thick cock head in. “Oh My God suck my cock” Glenn moaned. She looked up at him with his cock in her mouth and he saw those sexy eyes glow and knew this was just the beginning of a very hot night.

Glenn knew if she kept sucking like she was he would cum and did not want to cum yet he wanted to please her to show her that she was not just a piece of ass for him. He reached down and pulled her up kissing her deeply as he moved them to the bed. When her legs hit the bed she felt him lowering her down and moved with him, She lay on her back looking at him as he kissed her neck and down to her left nipple. He traced around it and flicked it before he blew softly on it. When Glenn sucked the nipple in his mouth she felt waves of sensations running through her body as if a switch was hooked up to her nipple to every nerve in her body. She had never felt so tingly, hot and lust filled as she did then. She felt him softly bite her nipple and it shot a bolt straight to her pussy making her wetter than she was, She wanted to scream but all she could manage to do is a soft whimper that made Glenn know she was enjoying what he was doing. He reached over to fondle the other nipple, twisting it pulling on it and rolling it in his fingers making her moan more. Glenn traced his tongue down and over to the right nipple as he moved his hand lower over her soft round belly to the waist band of her black panties, slowly as he teased her nipple his hand went to her shaved bare pussy.

Glenn let his hand travel over her mound a few times before he ran his finger slowly up her slit to flick her clit. Kewanna moaned as she felt her clit flicked with light pressure. Glenn raised up looked at her for a brief second before french kissing her. The kiss was long deep slow passion filled kiss that made her swoon and added to the action his finger was doing with her clit. She wrapped her arms around him letting her arms travel his bare back. Glenn Slowly slid a finger into the hottest wettest pussy he had ever felt, in doing this it caused Kewanna to dig her nails into his back. Breaking the kiss Glenn added a second finger and started kissing his way down. There was no doubt in her mind he was about to eat her pussy and she could not wait. She could not help but have a fleeting thought of how great her night had already been and how much better it was getting. Her thoughts were broken when she felt him pulling her panties off, she raised her hips allowing him to slide them down her legs. Glenn stood up and looked down at her. “Baby you have any idea how long I wanted to see you like this?”

Glenn got on the bed, His knees on the sides of her head. He all but attacked her pussy sucking licking nibbling and fingering it for all he was worth. He felt her take his cock in her mouth just a little more than the head was in but the tricks she did with her mouth and tongue was amazing to him. Glenn knew that he had never had a blow job this good before and he was determined to make her squirt her luscious juices all over his face. He wanted to make her cum so hard and long it would be the best orgasm she ever had. It was not long before her hips was thrusting up bumping his nose in her fluids. She was leaking so much they trailed down her cheeks and puddled on the bed. Glenn knew she was now ready to have him inside her. He swung around stood on the floor between her legs. Glenn hooked his arms under her knees bringing them to his chest so her legs was on his shoulders. He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy getting it wet. “Glenn give me that big cock in my pussy, fuck me now you son of a bitch, fuck my cunt and fill it with your cum, FUCK ME NOW!” Glenn eased his cock into her and felt her hands on his hips, thinking she was slowing him down, She did have her hands on his hips but it was to pull him deeper and faster. “Kewanna your pussy feels so good on my cock” “FUCK you are so big you are filling me up fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

Glenn started fucking her for all he was worth. “You like it hard and deep? You like me fucking that wet cunt?” Kewanna was moaning but managed to answer and give her own talk. “Yes I love you fucking my cunt, fuck me like you have always dreamed of, make me your sweet slut.” They fucked like that for what seemed like forever before Glenn felt the tightening in his balls. “I am going to fill that pussy with my cum my sweet slut.” Kewanna felt him swelling and knew he was close as she was, she wanted to orgasm together to feel the ultimate high from what was the best night of her life in a long time. She reached down and started playing with her clit as she pinched her nipples. “Yes cum in me, cum with me so close seeing blinding spots, come on give me that cum.” Glenn felt her tense up her legs going stiff and straight into the air. He felt the warmth of her juices coating his balls dripping off. He started thrusting a little harder and gave a final thrust as his world crashed around him. He felt like a cannon going off in his cock as the cum fired into Kewanna “FUCK CUMMING, TAKE IT ALL, TAKE MY CUM OHHHHHHH.”. She screamed out as she started to cum “YES OH MY GOD FILL ME, FEELS SO GOOD, CUMMING ON YOUR COCK”

Glenn released her legs and fell forward onto her. Resting his head on her tits, both struggling to catch their breathe. Glenn was first to move, lightly kissing her sweaty skin, moving up to kiss her chin, he then softly kissed her lips “So that is what Heaven on earth feels like.” He commented to her. She smiled up at him as she felt their juices leaking out of her around his softening cock. “MMMMM that was good sweetie.” Glenn smiled “I could not have done it alone and there is more to come tonight also.” Slipping to the floor inhaling the scent of their combined juices.

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