My first orgasm

I lost my virginity a year before I “should have” according to my at-the-time boyfriend. He says we rushed it and it wasn’t the right time blah blah blah. It was quick and not worthy of a moan, let alone a story. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the first time a guy made me orgasm, with no help from me or any toys, just himself making me feel that incredible feeling.
I’d had a few boyfriends before that I faked it with, just to keep their little egos happy. Guys seem to think they have failed as a lover if they don’t make a girl orgasm. I call bullshit. To me, the experience is not about having an orgasm. It’s about feeling close and intimate with someone, someone you love, preferably.
I’ve told a lot of guys that my sex partners haven’t made me cum and they all say the same thing “you’d cum with me” or “I’d make you scream my name”. It makes me want to punch them in all honesty!
Anyway, I had one boyfriend when I was 18 who made me cum once. He played with my clit until I moaned and grabbed his hand and pulled it away from my sensitive clit. It felt good, but it only happened that once. And then, at the age of 19, I met my current boyfriend, who I lovingly call Spoon  He knew about this situation with me not cumming. And his words “well, we’ll see what happens”. From then on, I knew he’d be a lot of fun!
We knew each other previous to our relationship, friends but not really if you know what I mean. One night I asked for a favour and he agreed to help and it went from there. Mainly me telling him how attractive I thought he was, how he was definitely my type of guy, how badly I wanted to sl**p with him. Him being all “I don’t want to lose the friendship”. That soon changed after I sent him a link to my xham stories after him saying he read sex stories. He then perved on my pictures and the next thing I knew we were going out to a mutual friends 21st together.
We went to the party, the sexual tension was very thick. We’d been talking about how much he wanted to tie me up but he hadn’t managed to take his rope with him to mine. We finally got back to mine and had some fucking awesome sex where he pounded into me a lot and came inside me.
That was the start of our relationship. But it was a while before he made me cum but I remember it like it was yesterday.
We were fooling around on my bed, kissing each other and roaming our hands over each other’s bodies. He was on top of me kissing me hard as I pulled his top off him and ran my hands down his big chest to his belt. I undid it and started undoing his jeans, slipping my hand in them to find his hard cock covered in his boxers. I gripped it hard as I bit his bottom lip, grinning up at his as he moaned a little. He moved down my body, pulling my trousers off, followed by my underwear, then my top and my bra. I now lay naked on my bed looking up at him grinning like mad I’m sure. He stood up and pulled off his jeans and boxers, giving his cock a hard tug before crawling on the bed, lifting my legs and putting them over his shoulders as he lay on his stomach between them. I remember waiting patiently for him to lick my pussy but he seemed to just be looking at it. His hands moved from my hips up to my breasts, giving them a firm squeeze then pinching my nipples making me whisper an “ouch”. He started kissing my inner thighs, running his tongue over them, digging his teeth in gently, and nipping at the sensitive skin. He bit me hard at one point and said “ouch” loudly. He apologised saying “I’ll make it up to you baby”. He kissed my thigh better then all of a sudden, his tongue flicked over my clit. I felt a shiver run through my body and I moaned loudly. My hands moved down my body, one moving to the back of his head and the other gripping his shoulder.
His tongue teased my little clit more, flicking over it again and again. I could feel it swelling up from all the attention and I could feel my juices drip from my pussy. He lapped at my clit until it was hard and sensitive, circling the tip of his tongue around it before moving it down to my little pussy hole and sliding it in a little. That definitely had me moaning and digging my nails into his shoulder! His mouth had never felt this good before and I could tell already that I was going to cum for him.
He licked, sucked and even nibbled my little clit for what felt like forever. The pleasure just kept getting more and more intense. Normally for me, the pleasure gets to a certain level but I just never go above that level, until this day. He was licking my clit fast and I begged for his finger inside me. He has thick fingers and I have a tight pussy so I groaned when he pushed it inside, but I groaned more when he started rubbing my g spot. I’ve had guys do that before but it never felt like this. His finger rubbing that spot and his tongue teasing my clit, I knew I was going to cum soon. My breath was shallow, I was hardly breathing at all actually. I didn’t want to lose this moment by moving too suddenly! I just kept whispering “keep going baby, keep going”. He then moved a little, causing the hood of my clit to move up uncovering my clit that little move so his tongue was hitting it spot on and that’s when I came. I moaned loudly, my pussy gripping his finger, pushing it into his face, my back arching. I’d never felt anything like it, I couldn’t even make myself cum that hard! He kept licking my clit, to the point I was so sensitive I had to ask him to stop. He crawled up my body, removed his finger from my dripping wet pussy and took it up to my lips. I willingly opened my mouth and sucked all my juices off his finger, making him grin. I then reached up, grabbing his head and pulled him down to kiss me, licking his lips and chin clean of my juices. I thanked him a lot, knowing it must have been tiring work to make me cum. I then whispered to him what he had said to me earlier “I’ll make it up to you baby” and with that, my hand ran down his chest to his rock hard cock. He moaned loudly in my ear “yeah baby, you feel how hard I am? That’s all for you. Make me cum please baby, I’m aching”. What kind of girlfriend would I be to say no to that request?
I shuffled down the bed a little so he was straddling my chest, his cock just an inch or so from my mouth. I flicked my tongue over the tip making him moan as I pumped my hand up and down his hard shaft. I sucked the tip into my mouth as my hand went to work on his cock. He was moaning loudly above me, gripping my nipples and twisting them, making me moan on his sensitive head. “Where do you want to cum baby?” I asked, still pumping his cock, the tip aiming right between my boobs. “Right here baby” he said with his hand between my boobs “I want to cum right here”. With that, I grinned and started pumping him faster. He was moaning, I could feel his thighs tense around my ribs as I tried my best to make his cum cover my body. He was asking me to grip tighter, to play with his balls, all these things he wanted so he could cum for me. I gripped hard and then even harder after he requested so, and it was then he panted telling me he was going to cum, “all over your gorgeous body” were his words before all he could do was moan. His hot cum shot out of the tip of his hard cock and covered my chest, over my boobs, some on my chin and neck. My hand kept moving until me started laughing, begging me to stop as he was too sensitive. I couldn’t help myself. Here was this gorgeous guy who had just made me cum so hard I was seeing stars. Now that I had returned the favour, all I wanted to do still was to play with him and make him feel as good as he made me feel.
69% (26/12)
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10 months ago
*dribble! lol Great story!
1 year ago
A story is a good one if it makes you imagine you'd like to be there.

I would - time and again !
1 year ago
Fantastic story. I LOVE playing like that! Great session! x
2 years ago
Excellent - he's a very lucky guy! xx
2 years ago
Excellent story. Your BF is very lucky to have you.
2 years ago
This a great story