Me, Beth and Maria makes three part 2

Part 2

Now Beth was about 5 ft 4 inches tall, blond shoulder length hair which she always tied up in a pony tail when we were working, but let it hang loose when relaxing....fuck did she look good when her hair was down so sexy. She had an hour glass figure and often when she lost some wait was waif like, she didn’t like her legs she said they were short and chunky, I called them nice and shapely, her arse was perfect round not plump and her pussy....well I knew it was shaved as she told me so, her breasts were perfect large enough for a good handful and with large areola around a pert little nipple which she absolutely adored being played with....yes I had had a couple of goes on those. She always wore a g string she never possessed any real knickers and quite often I would comment on the nice colour of them and sometimes she would tease me and tell me she put matching bra on for me, she also used to masturbate about me in the shower...quite often. Her face, well this held the most amazing smile she has the most wonderful eyes, and neck pale skinned but always wore eye makeup. Her lips were pert and full and she kissed wonderfully, one Christmas she snogged me that’s when I fancied the pants of her.

Still semi rigid I walked through the bar to the restaurant. Maria stood there smiling at me,” she likes you” Beth commented, “Do you think so” I said. “Oh yeah see it in her eyes”. If I wasn’t mistaken there was a hint of jealousy in her voice, mm what could that mean. Now Maria was fairly tall say 5 10 and had long brown almost black hair, she had dark skin and a wonderful curved body, tight mini skirt and long slender legs her heels made them stand tall and her gorgeous skin reflected the light, she wore a white blouse typical waitress style really but wore a gold bangle that set off the colour of her skin exquisitely. I couldn’t take my eyes of her arse that stuck out wanting me to grab it and er chest well what a beautiful pair they were, her blouse was unbuttoned quite low down and gaped where her ample bosom pushed against the cotton fabric...”they look nice too” Beth commented, “what” “ her tits you can’t take your eyes off them”, oops I must admit I couldn’t, we were shown to our table by the maitre di A little booth in the far corner of the restaurant. “This ok sir madam” “Fine thanks” We sat and Beth slid round right up close to me and put her hand straight onto my cock. “Oh I said that’s nice”, “Just checking how hard it was after eyeing up the staff”, it was hard now that’s for sure Beth gently squeezed it and said “ You may be able to put that where the sun don’t shine if you play your cards right”....oh thank god my dreams my prayers all answered at once.
She sat there and just left her hand resting on my cock then Maria walked over with menus, “Hi Sir madam here are the menus can I get you something to drink, “Yes a bottle of house white and red please” Beth commanded...”Certainly madam and for Sir”, “ no that’s for both of us” Beth’s hand squeezed my hard cock again and again all the while Maria was stood there, “ok I will be back soon”, “thanks” I said. Beth looked me in the eyes and smiled” What would you do to her then”. “Well remove that restricting skirt for sure, and her bra, so tight, leave the blouse on tantalizing that would be then gently finger her pussy as she bent over sucking my cock” Beth squeezed again and undid my flies, no one could see, she struggled but managed to pop my cock out and began to wank me under the table...”Ooh that’s very nice” I said. She undid her jeans and put my hand down her G string, “Now finger me, you know you always wanted to” I slipped my hand down inside Beth’s G-string and felt how damp she was between her legs. My finger found her clit and I started to gently rub its hardness, “MMM wonderfully smooth, and that little man in a boat is pleased to see me”, “MMMMMMM” she said “just finger me now please” My fingers easily slipped inside her soaking wet cunt, the juices had flowed freely she wanked my now throbbing cock and squeezed really hard, I told her I liked my cock being squeezed hard and bless her she remembered. I could feel every gorgeous soft fold of her pussy lips against my fingers the soft inner walls of her pussy, I pulled my hand nearly out as Maria carried the wine and glasses to the table but Beth pushed it down and said” Don’t stop, she slowed the rate of wanking me down and said thanks to Maria. Maria smiled her white teeth fully visible when she beamed that fantastic smile at us, she looked at Beth and said “ You are a very beautiful woman and this guy thinks the world of you” “Oh does he , what’s he been saying about me then” Beth gave me a rather harder squeeze than I liked and I bucked at the pain, “ He said he enjoys working with such a happy and wonderful girl, and you are beautiful no doubt” Maria spoke with a slight accent which I couldn’t place so I thought she must have Spanish in her, I hoped she might like some English in her too. “What time do you finish then Maria” I asked. “11 o’clock, why”. “Well would you like to have a drink with us later” Beth’s hand gently caressed my exposed ball sack and turned and smiled raising her eyebrows at me, “Yes Maria that would be lovely” said Bath. “Ok I will can’t drink down here though okay if we drink in your room” “No problem that would be lovely” I said my mind was spinning and brain on two gorgeous women in my room what could possibly happen. Maria took our food order and I continued to finger Beth until she started to shudder, she had just reached orgasm, “Fuck that didn’t take long” I said “No she said you been planning my fantasy haven’t you and I am so fucking randy you wouldn’t believe it” She dropped a fork on the floor got under the table and sucked my cock as fast as she could, I couldn’t hold back as hot cum pumped down the back of Beth’s throat...fuck that was quick also considering I’d had a wank in the shower only 40 minutes ago. Beth got back up and we both redressed our lower sections. “Wow that was some good cum, what an appetizer” “Glad you enjoyed it darling, hope there’s something left for later,” “ Oh we’ll make sure of that don’t worry you should be able to go all night now” I drank lots of water during the meal to ensure I restocked my cum levels, not sure if that works but if I have sex more than once I need to drink so assume it does.
We finished our meal by now Beth was quite tipsy and I was merry for sure, it was 10.45 when we finished and Maria had thrown some fantastic looks my way and had also I think been chatting Beth up as well. We paid the bill and left a tip for Maria, she said she’d see us later and asked what number room we were in.
We made our way to the elevator and went back to our room, Beth fell back on the bed her legs spread wide and arms thrown behind her head looking up at the ceiling, “Gonna fuck me then” I looked at her and couldn’t resist that smile, “Yep if you want me to” “ I don’t ask twice”. I walked into the bathroom while Beth poured a glass of water for us both, I think the amount of juice her pussy had secreted and the amount of cum I had ejaculated our moisture levels were low. I brushed my teeth and Beth followed behind me she then pulled down her jeans and g string and peed in the toilet, “Wipe it then” she said in her d***ken slur. So I obliged, I had never seen her cunt before, it was perfect her lips were all neatly packed away and little drips of piss glistened on her already wet pussy. I wiped her and she thanked me and asked “Do you like my pussy then” “Yes I love it” “Good you can lick it later”, “thanks” I laughed as she stumbled back to the bedroom trying to do her trousers up. I had a piss myself but unfortunately no one to wipe it, I gave it a quick swill in the sink, don’t like to be unclean. Packed it away back in its lair, the door entry buzzer went, I looked over at Beth sprawled on the bed on her back again with her flies and button undone, “That’ll be the gorgeous on” she slurred, I opened the door and in walked my Latin looking beauty, with three glasses and some champagne. “Wow that’s nice of you” “Yes thought it might lubricate the evening a bit better” she said.
She opened the bottle and poured three glasses and she looked over at Beth, “she ok” “Yeah I'm fine “said Beth, I smiled at Maria and she laughed. “Do you fancy him” Beth slurred “Oh yes he’s very nice”, do you wanna fuck him then” she said “Coz I know how hard his cock got looking at you in the restaurant” that was a big word for a d***k. “Oh,” Maria blushed” well that depends how turned on I get. Now that was like a red rag to a bull for Beth,” can I show you something,” Beth pulled out her phone and showed Maria a picture of my cock I had sent her “Fancy some of that” the picture was of my erect cock with sperm ejaculating from it, “Well if it’s like that why not looks lovely, What about you though do you want me” Beth sat up and looked at Maria “ You mean you want us both” she had suddenly sobered up. “I never did it with another woman before”...i was in heaven at any moment I knew I would wake up at home with the wife snoring next to me, I pinched myself...”Fuck yes “ Beth said.
Maria looked at me she said “now strip over there for us....we will watch you get naked”. My cock went from zero to 7 in an instant, I walked over to where the curtains had been pulled and undressed, as seductively as a man can, Maria was caressing Beth’s back and neck as I did and Beth responded by putting her hand on Marias Knee and up her silky thigh. I walked over to them as they sat stroking each other on the bed, Maria grabbed my cock and started to suck it while gently playing with my balls, Beth slid off the bed and went round the back of me and started to remove her clothes, when she was naked she grabbed round my waist from the back and rubbed her naked body all over my back and down my legs, her pert breasts caressing my skin as her nipples rubbed against my naked hairy body, Maria stopped sucking and slipped off her skirt and black thong, she had a landing strip on her pussy trimmed so neatly you’d think it was printed there, her dark pubic had made her cunt look pink and moist in contrast. Beth by now was stroking my ball sack from behind and made me bend over; she pulled my cock through under me and milked me there while licking my arse hole. I could hear her groaning and so was I. While bent over I leant on the bed and started rubbing my hand up and down the opened legs of Maria lying on the bed, my hand moved up and down then she grabbed it and place it on her wonderful pubic mound. My fingers slipped up and down her fanny lips and slowly I slipped a finger inside her cunt, she bucked her pelvis up to receive my inquisitive fingers, first one then two deep inside her feeling the soft corrugations of her fanny walls the moist and hot place between her legs. Beth meanwhile was sucking my cock and had spread her legs open to finger herself. Maria slipped off her blouse and removed her matching bra, lovely lacy thing it sexy. Beth stood up and lay next to her on the bed; she looked at Marias perfect body her olive skin and her mound. She began rubbing her hands over Marias tummy very gently like only a woman knows how, the tenderness between two women can never be equalled by a man, they know what they want, a world we can only aspire to, Beth hands explored her breasts squeezing and playing with her nipples she moved over to her breasts and started to lick around her nipples by now I just stood in ore watching an amazing site of incomparable delight. Marias hands caressed Beth’s thighs and slowly she drew them in towards her pussy lips she reached down and slipped her finger in side Beth’s very wet pussy. Beth opened her legs wider allowing Beth to access all areas, they started to kiss, deep passionate kissing very slow very sensual, I was just gob smacked, in total ore of two incredible women enjoying each other both for the first time. I slid onto the bed and I lay next to Maria, I slid my hand between her open legs and started to finger her clit bery gently trying to match the intensity of what she was doing to Beth. My heart was beating double time my cock was more rigid than I’d ever seen it, Maria turned her body onto her side allowing a view of her tight ass, she bought up her knees allowing access to her pussy. I got the message I spooned behind her and slipped my rampant manhood inside her cunt thrusting deep penetrating pumping shaft reaching her cervix, she squirmed as the sinews inside her cunt enjoyed the shape of my curved cock it hits the right spots you know. Beth by now is squirming and shudders pulse through her body as she reaches orgasm, throbbing waves of pleasure soaring through her body like a charge of electricity.......she came all over Marias fingers gushing pussy juices the smell was intoxicating, by now my cock was pumping hard into Marias pussy, Beth moved round to take a look and started fingering herself at the sight” Fuck her” she said, Maria pushed into me harder and harder forcing herself onto my cock, Beth said for me to lay down so we could have both of them, I obviously obliged and Beth straddled my cock and slid it into her very wet bald cunt. Maria straddled my face and lay her cunt on my mouth, oh man the taste of her cunt was heaven, I thrust my tongue inside her pussy and teased her clit with my tongue the girls were facing each other and Beth played with Marias tits as Beth rammed my cock in and out of her cunt. I put my hand down and played with Beth’s clit while she fucked me it didn’t take Beth long to start to cum again her body went tight and she slowed down the pace clutching her hands on my chest for support and dropping her head as each wave passed through her cunt and tummy. Maria also started to buck a little and moan as ripples of orgasm soared through her body and her juices flowed flooding my mouth with the taste of my cock was fucking a gorgeous blond my mouth was sucking up the juices of a Latin goddess.....Beth started to fuck again then slid off and placed my cock against her ass hole, “You gonna fuck me in the ass then big boy”, fuck yes no worries about that my cock slid inside her ass the muscles at first fighting and resisting entry but eventually giving way to my throbbing shaft. Maria now on all fours used one hand and played with Beth’s cunt as she fucked her own ass with my cock, I put my fingers inside Marias cunt and slid another into her ass hole she pushed back on my fingers as Beth and Maria started to kiss each other again, Beth increased the pace on my cock and her tight ass grasped at every inch of my cock. Maria thrust herself back onto my hand as I pin balled her with three fingers, deep inside her two glorious holes. I pimped fast and hard and Maria began to thrust harder kissing Beth more passionately than ever, their tongues entwined and there mouths dribble as there taste buds went into overtime and there saliva glands went into over drive, they lapped up each other completely engrossed in each other’s pleasure, I think I was merely a tool at this stage but who gives a fuck about that. Beth ass fucked herself harder and hard now on her feet and bet knees to get my cock deeper into her ass hole, every thrust of throbbing cock was making her groan, she played with my ball sack at the same time and pumped until yet again she shuddered as waves of orgasm pulsed through her, she went taught as each pulse zapped every sense in her body she climbed off me and lay on the bed next to me exhausted, “oh god I love your cock it hits every possible spot fuck it good” Maria now straddled my cock and inserted inside her ass hole wanting the same as Beth. Again the muscle would not give until eventually it slipped into her hot ass hole easily she pumped me hard and fucked her ass herself, her body was sweaty and I could play with her tits Beth by now recovering slid over and started to kiss me passionately awhile holding my cock going into Marias ass.” We want to have some of your cum please we need the seed” cum wa by now rising again inside my shaft, I could feel it rising the power and pleasure of cumming was nearly here the moment of no return nearly met...i wanna cum is aid...Maria pulled off me and both girls headed south one sucking on my cum filled bollocks the other sucking hard on my cock, Beth was on my bollocks, she’d already tasted my cum earlier. My sap was starting its explosive journey through the hole of my cock Maria grasped my cock and pulled back the foreskin she paused as cum began to shoot form me delivering my special love potion straight into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cum went into Marias mouth she turned to Beth who looked into her mouth and they kissed exchanging my cum between them as their tongues enjoyed the flavour of me each one of them groaning as they fuck that was sensational....we all collapsed on the bed, not a word was said but all of us had had the most intense session we had ever had. We fell asl**p and then the next morning.....well that another story.

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4 years ago
great story! that was really hot!
4 years ago
you should do a part 3 excellent
4 years ago
Now heres part 2 enjoy and don't go on about the grammar guys its not an English exam, and most of you who moan aint even English you cheeky sods, I aint brains I'm braun.