It’s a personal experience that I am going to narrate to share with others. I am a housewife, aged 41, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. All names in this story have been changed. I was one among those several parents who had queued up before the Principal’s room. The final results for admissions to SSC have been just put up on the notice board and my worst fears have come true. I couldn't find the name of my only son anywhere. My son had been studying in the same school from c***dhood and his bad result in the 9th standard meant that he might not be allowed to continue in the prestigious school.

I knew that I had an uphill task ahead. My son had ignored my numerous cautions all through, paying very little attention to his studies. I felt it would be humiliating in the society if I could not get my son admitted in the school. "Mrs. Sultana Rahman!" called the attendant. I hurried inside the Principal’s room. My eyes were moist as I took the seat watching Mr. Aravind, the principle on the other side of the table, aged about mid 40s. "Mrs. Ashik Rahman," The Principal flipped through the papers and pulled out the mark sheet from a bunch of papers. My heart was pounding very fast as I kept looking at him. "I am really sorry to say this," Mr. Aravind shrugged his shoulders. "How do you expect me to admit a student who isn't clever enough to score cent per cent in mathematics? Look at his aggregate! It is not even seventy five percent. I can't do injustice to other deserving students by admitting your son." "Please Sir," I began folding my hands together. "His future is at stake. He is our only son." Mr. Aravind looked up and immediately lowered his head again. "Where is your husband?" He asked as he rushed through the mark sheets again. "He is working in Chittagong," my voice was beginning to break. "He is toiling there to bring up our only son." “And you stay here alone?” he asked. “I stay here with my son, one daughter and mother in law. We stay here for the better education of our c***dren.” I said. "I understand," Mr. Aravind nodded his head sympathetically. "But, I am helpless. I do have a veto in admissions but I am afraid your son is not a deserving case." "Please don't say so," I was in tears. "We have a lot of dreams about him. If you decline, his studies for all practical purposes might come to an end. He will be devastated. I am willing to do anything to get him admitted here." Mr. Aravind looked up again and smiled. "Now, what do you exactly mean by that?" He asked with a smile on his face. "I hope you do know that we never collect capitation fee or donations from students. We don't entertain high-level recommendations either. Is there anything else you can do?" "I am afraid not," I bowed my head in disappointment. “I said so because I am very anxious." "I do understand Mrs. Rehman," Mr. Aravind smiled again. "I think you still have a chance." "Thank God," I exclaimed. "Please tell me Sir." “But you have to promise not to tell to anyone else, or else both you and me will be in trouble. You know there are many parents waiting like you for my favor,” he told me waiting for my consent. “Ok, sure” I smiled happily. "Will you please come and sit here?" Mr. Aravind gave a gentle thud on the table. "Sir?" I looked shell-shocked. "Don't waste your time," Mr. Arvind smiled again. "You know there are lot more parents waiting outside. If you don't want to be left behind, better do what I say." It took a few seconds for me to realize that Mr. Arvind was serious. He knew that I didn't have many options as I was running out of time. Above all, Ashik’s future was at stake and I had to do anything to secure his future. "But…this is school," I whimpered. "Don't worry Mrs. Rahman," Mr. Aravind whispered. "Nobody dares to come before I press the call button." I stood up like a robot and walked towards his left. I hesitantly sat on the edge of the table and looked at Mr. Aravind somewhat puzzled. “How old are you?” he was looking all over my body. “39 Sir.” I replied “you are of very nice age, most delicious body structure you have.” He commented. "What is your boobs size, Mrs. Rahman?" Mr. Aravind asked as his hands fell on my thighs. I felt a shivered as I felt a man touching me after quite a while. "36 D" I answered without revealing any emotions. "I thought so," Mr. Aravind said. His right hand quickly held the edge of my saree and began sliding it gently. I was sitting in front of him in my blouse, my boobs were doing ups and down with my heavy breathing. His eyes gazed the spot where my nipples were thrusting against the blouse as I was not wearing a bra. He pulled my saree down and gently squeezed my boobs in two hands, and smiled “they are really good to suck Mrs. Rahman” he said. I felt ashamed, and I kept my eyes closed as he squeezed my breast. “Are you hairy down there?” he asked. I nodded my head saying yes. “Would you mind if I want to confirm it myself?” he asked. But before I said anything he inserted his left hand inside my saree from below and reached my smooth thighs. He ran his fingers around my thighs and went further inside and touched my hairy pussy. Gently ran his fingers in my pussy hair and at one point touched my pussy lips with his finger. Rubbed slowly for a few seconds and inserted one finger a little bit. I groaned a bit but he withdrew his hand quickly and put his finger in his mouth. And commented “you are delicious Mrs. Rahman,” he winked and smiled. "O.K, Mrs. Rahman," Mr. Aravind said with a smile. "You may go now." "What?" I sounded puzzled. "What about the admission?" "I will take your address from the application," Mr. Aravind said. "I would like to come to your house, but tell me at what time you are alone." “But exactly what is it for? Please tell me frankly,” I said. Mr. Aravind asserted "If you make me happy, I will see your son through." “What do you mean?” I said “I want to taste your delicious body.” He said. I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. “What are you thinking Mrs Rahman” I woke up at his words. “You want it today?” I asked. “I want it today if possible,” he answered. “Please come at 2 pm. I will be alone. My mother in law will be taking my daughter to school.” I suggested. “perfect.” He exclaimed. I left the school. I was perspiring as I got out of the Principal's chamber. I felt like walking in the air as I repeatedly thought about what I was about to do for the sake of my son. I began reconciling myself to the fact that I didn't have any way out of the desperate situation. "Hi mom," Ashik rushed towards me as I entered the compound. "What happened?" "Ashik, how can you be so irresponsible?" I screamed at him. "I have been running from one school to another for your admission. Aren't you ashamed, playing cricket all the time?" "Take it easy, mom," he said with his usual recklessness. "Don't shout on the street." “Ok you go and play; I have managed the principal for your admission, but don’t be so late to come home.” I assured him so that he takes time and doesn’t come home soon. He smiled and said “thanks mom. You are wonderful.” I watched my son turn his back and resume playing cricket with his friends. I reached home and prepared my daughter for school as it was approaching 12 noon. I asked my mom in law to take her to school as I was expecting a tuition teacher to come to talk about Ashik. I was getting nervous as well as excited as I was expecting a new experience. Though it was not completely new for me to give my body to someone else other than my husband after my marriage, I never done so under the present circumstances. I kept keeping an eye on the wall clock till it was 1:45 PM. I went to the balcony looking outside to the street. I came back to living room and adjusted the window curtains. Mr. Aravind reached at the stroke of two. He was now dressed in a dhoti and white Punjabi like a typical Hindu gentleman. He rushed inside the sitting room the moment I opened the doors. He waited for me to close the door and latch it from inside. He immediately held me in his arms, kissed on my lips, pressed my ass hard and pulled towards his semi erected cock. I felt his cock hitting my pussy. I knew he was to enjoy my body, but I was also interested somehow to take the opportunity, but I wanted to show that I was doing it just for my son’s sake. So I asked, “Professor, do I have to really do it?” "If you are so particular about this, you need to do something more than simply pleading with me," Mr. Aravind finally struck the nail on its head. "I will do anything for the sake of my son's education," I said in a hurry. "You are such a gorgeous woman Mrs. Rahman," Mr. Aravind stood up and pulled me closer to him. "Why don't you please take me on the bed? I am a widower and starving for quite sometime now." He began pulling my sari in a rage. Within seconds, I stood in just the blouse and petticoat. I looked frozen in fear seeing the determination in Mr. Aravind's eyes. He opened my blouse and petticoat and stared at my juicy boobs and hairy pussy. "Wow," Professor Aravind admired. "Your husband is really unlucky. He must be missing those wonderful tits." My head lowered as I watched him take off his clothes. My body quivered realizing the thrill. Then came to me, kissed me, bowed down and sucked my boobs, knelt down and gave a kiss on my hairy pussy and squeezed my ass gently. He stood up again, took my lips in his mouth, sucking deeply, ran his fingers in my ass crack. He a hand of mine and placed on his erected cock. I squeezed it and started rubbing back and forth. He ran his hand on my pussy lips, my pussy was wet by then. He then pushed me down and I went on my knees. "Now," Professor Aravind ordered. "Suck my dick." I began rather unwillingly sucking his dick wishing that he would get excited and climax soon. I wasn't willing for things getting worse than that. Professor Aravind began gyrating his hips against my mouth sending the whole of his long dick into my throat. I couldn't resist a gentle groan as my tongue began lashing at his huge head. I found his cock one of the biggest I have had. "That's wonderful," Professor Aravind smirked. I went about sucking his dick even faster, holding and rubbing his balls in the process. I somehow managed to excite him as he soon exploded into my throat. I strived hard gulping the loads of cum that splashed inside my mouth. "Keep licking until I am upright again," Professor Aravind ordered. "I know Muslim women are experts in fucking," Professor Aravind said. "Now, show me how good you are in riding on the dick." Professor Aravind sat on the sofa with his legs spread wide apart. I put my two legs on his both sides, held his cock in my right hand pointing at my pussyhole, and started lowering my pussy on his cock. And as I mounted on his dick, he grabbed my breasts and began squeezing them. He pinched and tweaked my nipples making me scream. I closed my eyes, bit my lips and was feeling his sliding long dick deep inside me. "Scream aloud," Professor Aravind screamed. Professor Aravind was ripping into my breasts, slapping and kneading them. I was jumping on his dick like mad letting my hair sway in the air. I was groaning aloud as Professor Aravind's eight inch meat was pounding my pussy like a power drill. He repeatedly slammed my ass cheeks while I slowed down a bit urging me to get faster and harder in my jumps. He leaned towards my breasts and began suckling my nipples with lust and passion. His hands kept mauling my ass flesh all the time. While Professor Aravind kept lifting and flipping in several positions, I never said 'No' even once. He began fucking me in doggy style after a prolonged riding session. Sure enough, it never looked like sex with mutual consent although I never showed any signs of reluctance all through. Professor Aravind kept changing my positions every now and then. His hands and fingers kept teasing me as he probing my pussy by inserting two fingers together. I was getting finger fucked to a tremendous orgasm. Professor Aravind made me stretch on the floor with my legs lifted in the air giving him the access to eat my pussy with utter delight. Professor Aravind began pounding my pussy with his huge meat making me cry in agony. The whole room was filled with our bodies slapping against each other. Professor Aravind was mercilessly manipulating my breasts and nipples making me scream in pain occasionally. He himself was groaning uncontrollably as it looked as though he was about to explode into my waiting cunt. Then he changed position and I pulled Professor Aravind on my body and kissing him on his lips with passion. He came in between my parted legs, licked my pussy again and pushed his thick cock in my pussy. He started pumping me hard sucking my boobs at the same time. I held him tighter and urging him to fuck me harder. He pumped and pumped and finally exploded in huge grown inside my pussy. I felt his cum spree and splash deep inside my pussy like hot tsunami. We culmed down and got up to dress ourselves. "What an experience!" Professor Aravind hugged me just before he was about to move out. "I have to sympathetically consider your son's admission now. Don't worry about his quarterly fees. After all, I have found out a way to help you in every way possible." “Any time, Sir. I am happy to cooperate with you.” I smiled and said. “You are the most beautiful lady I have ever had.” He said. “Thank you, but you mean you had many other?” I asked. “Yes dear, mothers like you always plea for their k**s. So, they are wiling to offer their bodies mostly. And I presume you have also tasted some other men as well” He said. I smiled and lowered my gaze. ‘I take your smile as “yes’ to my question, very nice” he remarked “Done other ladies?” I asked. “Yes, a few, but you are the best. You done with any other before?” he asked. “Yes” I replied with smile. “Who is he? He asked. I felt hesitant to say. Then he insisted…”come on Mrs Rahman, we are friends now, I can respect your secret and privacy”. “Well, its hub’s friend.” I said keeping gaze lowered. “That’s wonderful, I like open minded but decent ladies like you. Your body is perfect; anyone would like to enjoy you. So how many men have you slept with?” He asked. I was again hesitant but said after a while, “Well, I have slept with a few, but please don’t ask the number…” I said. “Its ok dear, I respect your privacy, and I appreciate your liberal mentality, you are a very pretty lady with a beautiful body. Your age is also perfect, so you should enjoy as you like.” He commented. “Thanks I appreciate your complement.” I said “you are also a strongman, skilful player.” “That means we can play again, right?” he smiled and said. “Well, that will be my pleasure to please you.” I smiled. “Your husband comes home every month?” he asked. “Yes, but just for two days.” I replied. “Is that enough for you?” asked. “I think you can understand.” I said. He pulled me in his arms, held my tight, kissed my lips as said “dear, I hope you won’t hesitate to call me whenever you need to satisfy your body.” I smiled and said, “You can count me on that.” He took tea and left for the day. Since then I met him several times during my son’s study in the school and paid off due in kind. _________________________ Women with similar experience and interest can write me. We can exchange our experiences more. Email:

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cool story!
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Great story and well written. Thanks for posting.
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wish i was that Professor,i am not a Professor,can i be that lucky?
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