Mom's Special Present

I live with my mom since my parents have been divorced for 12 years. My mom is 5'6, a nicely formed body with c-cup tits and a nice round ass. I have always caught myself checking out my own mom, but when its just the two of us living together its hard to miss. Mom always has dates, but she never really likes to be tied down with just one man so she has been single for a while.
It all started the night before my 19th birthday. It was a friday night and instead of going out I decided that I would relax at home since I knew my friends were planning a party for me the next day and it was going to be a long day. I was just up in my room listening to music when i thought i heard voices down the hall. I turned off my music and walked out into the hall. Right away I knew it was coming from my moms room so i decided to go check it out.
As i approached the door i started to realize what i was hearing, i was hearing moans, but it was from more than just one person. As i got to the door i could see that it was slightly opened enough to where i could see what was going on, and to my suprise I saw my mom laying naked on her bed fucking herself with a dildo and the other moans were coming from the porn she had on her tv. My cock was hard as a rock in my shorts so i took it out and started to jerk myself right there enjoying the show. Just the sight of my mom masterbating on the bed made me go out of control and it didn't take long before I could feel that I was about to cum. I could tell she was close to because she increased her pace and started moaning even louder. I could hold it any longer so i shot my cum all over the floor. We had both finished about the same time and right as i was about to leave I let out a little gasp and my mom looked over at the door, and for a quick second i thought she saw me, but she turned away like it was nothing so i went back to my room and went to sl**p.
The next morning I went down to have breakfast and the first sight of my mom made my dick hard. She was wearing a tight-fitting white top and small atheletic shorts. I sat down at the table as she came over to me.
"Happy Birthday!" Mom said, "Do you have any big plans for today?"
"Just going out with the guys later, i'm sure they have something planned"
"well have a good time" mom replied, "But don't be home to late because I am going to have a special present for you tonight"
After breakfast mom left for work and i decided to just hang out at home for a while before my big night started. All day I was thinking about what she said, how she had a special present for me and since I haddent really asked for anything I could think out what it might be.
Around 7 my friends came to pick me up and take me out for my birthday which would probally them taking me out and getting d***k, but I wasn't gonna complain. As I was leaving my mom called out to me.
"Have a good time, and don't forget to be home for your present tonight!"
Well I had been right we went out to a friends party and I ended up getting pretty d***k. The guys brought me home around midnight and then they took off. I had been thinking about what my present was going to be all day so i was looking forward to finding out. I walking into the living room to find my mom sitting there drinking wine and looking sexy as hell. She was wearing a tight fitting top that made her tits look amazing, a mini skirt, and a nice sexy pair of high heels. She sat with her long legs crossed showing off how nice and tone they were.
"Oh hi Jim!" mom said, "I'm glad your finally here"
"How was your night with the guys?
"It was good" was about all i could manage to say. I was so focused on how good she looked I couldn't think of anything else. I sat down on the couch across from her and i could feel my dick start to harden in my pants. She turned to face me and in doing so she uncrossed her legs and then crossed them again giving me a full view in between her legs which drove me crazy because i realized she wasn't wearing any panties and i got a full view of her bare clean shaven pussy.
"So you have probally been wondering what my special present is havent you?" mom said.
"I have been wondering about what it might be"
"Well before I tell you what it is there is something else I want to let you know first, Last night I saw you in my doorway masterbating"
Her last words caught me off guard and i couldn't think of anything to say.
"Don't worry Jim thats what I wanted, why do you think i would have left my door cracked and moaned so load is i didn't want someone to know what i was doing. Jim the truth is I know you always like to sneak peaks at me and when i started to realize that you were i got really aroused thinking about it. So after a while i think last night was a good time to start things off. When I saw you there masterbating to me in the doorway I have never felt so aroused in my life."
I really didn't know what to say. All i could think about is that she wanted me to watch her masterbate last night and now she is sitting in front of me looking amazing, so many thought were going through my head.
"Jim for your special present tonight I am going to suck your dick"
She stood up from her chair and walked over to me striping her top and mini skirt off as she did. She was now kneeling before me getting ready to give me a blowjob.
"Are you ready to give your mom that big cock to suck?"
"Absoluetly, I have wanted this for so long mom"
She undid my pants and pulled them down to my feet. My dick sprang up into position right in front of her mouth.
She started at the base gently licking her way up the sides and then finally reaching the top and put the head in her mouth. my whole body was numb and was just focusing on the pleasure I was being given. She took my cock all the way in her mouth and to my suprise could deep throat the whole thing. she got all the way the the base and stuck her tongue out to lick my balls.
"OhHHH FUCK mom that feels so damn good!"
"Oh baby, tell mommy how you like her sucking your dick, tell her how you are going to shoot your cum in her mouth so she can tastes it and swallow it all!"
"Oh fuck mom I love how you suck my dick!"
She started to increase her speed bobbing up and down on my dick using her tongue to massage my cock. The feeling was amazing and I couldn't hold it much longer.
"Oh mom I am gonna cum!
"ok baby, cum in my mouth i wanna swallow it"
Right after she said that I exploded. I started pumping shots of thick cum into my moms mouth. After she had sucked all of it out she pulled away and opened her her mouth showing me how much of my cum she had and then tilted her head back and swallowed it all down.
"you taste good" mom said
"Oh my god mom that was amazing"
"That was just the beginning honey, we are just getting started!"
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2 years ago
good start
3 years ago
Great gift. Are you going to tell us the rest?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Nice birthday gift!