My s****r Is My Bitch

I'd got up late and no one was home or at least thats what i thought. So i carried out my morning ritual as i always do when no one is at home. I go intto my s****rs rooms and look through their underwear drawers.
First i went into Katie's Room and had a look through. She had a new matching set of underwear black bra and panties with a red trim. I got so engrossed in playing with them that i almost forgot about Nadines's room.
So i walked into Nadine's room and was starlted to see her on her bed sliding a dildo into her tight twat. She also must have thought no one was at home. A bit dumb really because my car was still parked outside.
I couldn't believe my eyes or to be a bit more specific my luck. You see i have the hots for both my s****rs Katie who is 18 and Nadine who is 16. But Nadine is totally different. She doen;t have the same father as me and Katie, so she is part Italian so she has really nice olive skin. And she has been blessed with this massive tits.
"oh shit, i'm so sorry, i didn't know anybody was still here" i made my excuse and left. I stood in the landing for a bit. And then it hit me, why not just go in there and **** her. After all she is just a girl, she's designed to be fucked by men.
With out even thinking i marched back in there. The stupid cow was still shoving this dildo into her. It hadn't even bothered her i was stood outside. What a little slut.
She looked suprise to see me back in there, but before she could react i jumped onn her and wrestled her until i had control over her struggling body.
I rolled her over onto her stomach and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "you fucking littlw slut, you shouldn;t have teased me. I'm going to **** you so hard, your be crying for weeks!"
I spat on her asshole and rubbed my fingers over it to provide some lubrication. She knew what was coming and wriggled like hell to get out of my grasp, but it was no use, i weighed considerable more than her and was way stronger.
I rested my cock at her asshole teasing her. And then without warning i f***ed it in, until inch by inch all 7" were inside my slutty little s****r's ass.
I kept it in her, but took my body weight off her and used my hands on her back to keep her down. I started fucking her slowly. Slapping and pinching her butt cheeks from time to time.
"please stop, you don't know what your doing" she sobbed. "of course i know what i'm doing, i'm using you the way god intended, ok true i'm not using the correct hole, but i will in time" i barked back.
I could feel her virgin asshole tighten around my cock. this just made my cock even harder and made me fuck her more vigorously. My balls started to tighten and i felt the cum spurt from my cock feeling her ass up. When i pulled my limp dick out of her cum dripped out of her asshole and down her leg.
She carried on sobbing, just facing the wall. If i cared i might have felt a little bad. But in a few minutes my cock was hard again and i pulled her onto all four and penertrated her cunt. I was suprised to find out she was still a virgin. She screamed out when i broke her hymen, but i carried on going at her. Her massive tits swung from side to side and made slapping noises everytime they hit each other. As i fucked her i reached forward and put both hands in her mouth and pulled back. Man did she scream the pain must have been excruciating.
Once again i felt my sack tighten and knew that she could feel my thick cum filling her up.
And again she cried. Sadly for her the ordeal wasn't over. My cock was still hard so i brang it up to her mouth and fucked her so hard in the face, she threw up all over her bed. It ddin't stop me from firing my third and final load into her mouth causing her to choke and cough up more spit and cum.
I stood up of the bed and walked towards the door.
"TWAT" she screamed.
"you what?" i walked back up to her grabbed her by the head and shoved her face down into her sick and held it there for almost a few minutes.
When i let her back up she looked destroyed.
"now you listen to me, you stupid cunt! i will from now on fuck you whenever i want, you will now be my little cum dump"
I carried on r****g her for the next few months, until i moved away. i realised i cound't keep doing it to her. So i moved away and roamed her world r****g those i thought deserved it.
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