The Taylor f****y 2

Perhaps her athletic lifestyle gave her a bit more stamina, but Ruth managed to hold out a little longer than her big s****r. Seeing that Kristen was coming though, she redoubled her efforts and worked frantically, feverishly until she too fell off that cliff into the yawning abyss of insensible ecstacy. Ruth arched her back, shook violently, croaked out her big s****r's name, had her eyes roll back into her head, and then simply collapsed bonelessly on top of the other girl.

With that, all was peaceful and quiet and still again for a long time as the two teenagers just lay in an untidy heap atop the bed, thrilling to the incredible feelings that were still ricocheting and rebounding through their bodies and savoring the warmth and intimacy of their present pose. It would be a long time before they were able to catch their breath, much less slow the furious pounding of their hearts.

Lying under the blanket of her s****r, her arms still about her and her hand on her butt, Kristen felt as if she would be content to remain there forever. She kissed her a few more times and was rewarded with a heart warming little sigh of happiness. Giving the girl she held a good, tight squeeze she let her eyes wander around the room idly without really seeing anything.

There was the door and it was still wide open, but Kristen never once considered how their parents might react to seeing them like this. There was the little dressing table where she had been sitting when this excursion into wonderful weirdness had begun and she had to smile at how she could no longer remember just what they had been arguing about. There was the alarm clock on the bedside table and it occurred to her that she had been getting ready for something, but she couldn't imagine what in the world could possibly be more important than luxuriating in her little s****r.

Slowly, the world started snapping back together in the young woman's mind.

Little s****r? Wasn't it Ruth that she had just done this with? Sure, it had felt great, but wouldn't most people describe what they had just done as i****t?! The i****t taboo was just as deeply ingrained in her as it was in anybody else and the mere thought that she may have just broken it was more than enough to alarm her. Her eyes shot to the door again and this time the fact that it was wide open was a worry for her - what if their parents happen to walk by and discover them like this! She could feel herself slipping into a panic, but was helpless to resist it as the enormity of their crime settled on her.

Ruth had pulled herself together by this time and managed to raise her head again. With a warm, loving smile that was a world away from the wicked smirk she usually gave her s****r, she leaned in to her.

Seeing her little s****r leaning in for what could only be a romantic kiss to her lips stole away the last of Kristen's self control. By twisting violently, she at last managed to get out from under the other girl and leapt away to sit on the edge of the other bed, breathing harder than ever and trying to make some sense of what just happened.

Startled at being thrown off so suddenly, Ruth now found herself all alone on the bed and levered herself up into a sitting position. "What happened?"

Kristen looked at her in amazement. What a question! Hadn't she noticed what they were doing only a few moments ago?! "Ruth!" she hissed, wanting desperately to raise her voice, to rant and rave, but forcing herself to keep her voice down lest their parents overhear. "What we just did was . . ."

"Wild and weird and undeniably hot!" Ruth interjected with an impish grin. "I mean, wow! And to think, that was with all of our clothes on! Can you imagine what it might be like if we took them off?"

The older girl hissed urgently, "Would you please keep your voice down?! For God's sake, Ruth, do you hear what your saying? That's . . . i****t!" She only barely managed to squeak out that last word, suddenly finding it more scary than any insult or curse word could possibly be. "s****rs shouldn't be . . . doing things like . . . that . . . with each other."

Ruth could not deny that this constituted full on weird, but still saw no reason why the older girl should be throwing this kind of a fit over it."It's a little out of the ordinary, I admit . . ."

"It's perverse!"

"Maybe a little," Ruth conceded, "but that's what makes it fun!" She laughed, shifting so that she could sit cross-legged on the bed. "Besides, even if it is i****t, it's not like we have to worry about one of us getting the other one pregnant. In case you haven't noticed, we're both girls!"

"And that's another thing," Kristen responded quickly. "We're girls! If this wasn't weird enough already, it's also lesbianism!"

There was something in Ruth's eyes that told Kristen she might have just hit a nerve, but the soft tone she used to answer her was all the confirmation she needed "Lesbians aren't weird, Kris."

Kristen was stopped in her tracks, looking at her s****r with wide and wondering eyes. "Ruth, are you . . ."

"Am I what?"

"Are you . . . gay?"

Ruth was silent for a long moment, looking away uncertainly. This was her deepest, darkest secret, something that she had never spoken to anyone in the world about before now. Given the situation she now found herself in, she accepted that it was important to answer the question truthfully, but had to worry about how her s****r would react given the lather she had worked herself into.

"I'm not gay, Kris. Not exactly, anyway. I'm attracted to both boys and girls, so I guess it would be more correct to call me bisexual." She shrugged her shoulders, raising her head again with a sheepish smile as she added, "Truth be told though, I might be a little more into girls than guys . . ."

Kristen just stared at her for the longest time, completely at a loss over how to process this new tidbit of information. Bickering and teasing were the norm for these two, not heart-to-heart's, and so she had no way of knowing how to cope with a discussion like this. As the silence lengthened however and started to become uncomfortable, she knew she had better say something.

"I . . . I don't know what to say, Ruth."

The younger girl offered a smile and let her off the hook. "There's no reason why you should say anything."

Ruth figured that it might be best to bring this difficult moment to an end sooner rather than later, thinking that they needed some time apart to ponder on everything that had been done and said. She looked around the room, casting about desperately for some kind of diversion, and finally noticed the clock.

"Um, maybe you should finish getting ready? Your dim-witted date is going to be here to pick you up before too long."

"Date? Oh, my, God! My date with Tommy!" Kristen leapt up off the bed and got a good look at herself in the dressing table mirror. "Oh, no! I look awful! I can't let him see me like this! I've got to go and get cleaned up fast and put on some new clothes!"

She ran to grab up some clothes and then disappeared from the room, a veritable blur as she dashed for the bathroom.

Ruth watched her go with a smile - if nothing else, she had gotten in the last word in their argument.

* * *

The hour was late, the lights were turned out, and the girls had gone to bed, but neither of them was sl**ping.

An effort had been made to keep everything looking as normal as possible when their mother had come up to give them their usual goodnight kiss, but the tension between the two teenagers was palpable. Ruth was certain that her mother must have sensed it - who could have missed it, after all? - but supposed that she had probably written it off as yet another spat. It was just as well as neither of the girls was prepared to even try to talk this out with her.

Lying in her bed now and staring in silence at the ceiling, the fact was that she could not have slept at that point had her life depended on it thanks to all the turmoil. It was plain to her that her s****r was having the same problem as she could hear Kristen grumbling to herself on the other side of the room, tossing and turning over in her own bed.

The little misadventure the two girls had shared earlier had obviously been a serious mistake, but it was beginning to look like Ruth's confession about her sexuality might have been an even worse one.

However awkward things had gotten before Kristen left on her date, it could not compare with the situation now. Her big s****r had been very careful to avoid spending any time at all alone with her, just for instance, and had hardly spoken two words to her. Ruth didn't even think she had been able to look at her, much less actually meet her eyes. Also, while they must have seen each other undressed hundreds of times without giving it a second thought over the years they had shared a bedroom, this time Kristen had hurried off to the bathroom to change from her clothes into her nightshirt.

This was turning into a major problem and she did not know what to do about it, but was getting desperate to get their relationship back to normal.

Her attention was drawn across the room again when Kristen finally gave up on trying to sl**p and sat up. The older girl did not move from there though and just sat there for a long moment, staring straight ahead and Ruth eventually figured it out that she was trying to work up the courage to do whatever it was she intended to do. Stealing a glance toward the other bed and seeing that Ruth was watching her in the moonlight, she smiled softly but then ducked her head, looking away quickly.

Just when Ruth was about to dare to call out to her, Kristen started moving again, sliding out of her bed. She paused for a moment longer then, supposedly to smooth out her nightshirt but really to gather up those last few ounces of her bravery, then padded over to Ruth's bed on bare feet.


"Yes, Kris?"

The older girl was having quite a bit of difficulty getting out whatever it was she wanted to say - opening her mouth to say something a couple of times but always thinking better of it and closing it again. It was a cool night and she was shivering a little, but she remained resolutely by the side of the bed, determined to do this.

When she finally did start talking, it was in a halting whisper and with an expression of defeat that she did not even try to hide, a look which clearly communicated that this was not really what she had come over there to talk about.

"You know what? You were right about that Tommy Halpern. The guy is an utter idiot! The one and only thing he knows anything about is football and he could not stop talking about it for even a moment. I must have tried to change the subject a million times, but everything reminded him of yet another football story."

Ruth understood how much her s****r had been looking forward to the date and so, despite all of her previous teasing, she honestly felt some sympathy for her Kristen. "I'm sorry."

"He's also not as nice as I thought he was. He was really rude to a couple of freshmen we bumped into, not to mention our waitress. And what an octopus he was! Just because he's the big football star and was paying for our dinner at that fast food place, he seemed to think he was entitled to . . . well, you know. At least he knew how to take no for an answer and I didn't have to zap him with my knee."

"I really am sorry things didn't work out better for you, Kris."

The older girl fell silent once more, but this time was determined to say what she had originally come over to say and not to chicken out again. "Um, Ruth?"


"I love you." It was blurted out quickly, anxiously, but sincerely. "Honestly, I love you so much, Ruth."

This declaration was followed by a quick, nervous look to the door. Their parents were surely in bed and sound asl**p by now and she knew it, but this was not a conversation that she wanted to be overheard and so it couldn't hurt to make absolutely sure.

Ruth responded with a warm smile and echoed the sentiment immediately. "I love you too, Kris."

Knowing now that her baby s****r was bisexual though encouraged Kristen to explain what she meant quickly before Ruth got the wrong idea. "I'm not saying that I'm in love with you, though. In the romantic sense, I mean. But you're my s****r and, despite how much we get on each other's nerves sometimes, I do love you."

Ruth was surprised to feel a twinge of sadness at this clarification, but she hid it well and made sure she was nothing but encouraging and comforting to her big s****r. "I know. That's what I meant, too."

"I just needed to make sure you knew that," Kristen told her, wrapping her arms around herself now to try to keep a little warmer. With a sad little smile, she added, "I mean, I got kind of stupid earlier after we . . . after what happened."

Her little s****r dismissed the apology as unnecessary without a second thought. "It's cool. I mean, it's not like something like that happens everyday."

Kristen could not argue with that, but it brought up the last thing she needed to tell the other girl. "Ruth, we cannot let it happen ever again. I'm not k**ding about this. I don't even want to think about what would happen if anybody found out about what we did."

"Okay, okay." A slow smile made an appearance on Ruth's face. "It did feel pretty good though."

The older girl smiled back. "Good? I would have said great."

There was a friendly, companionable silence for a long moment then as the two young women regarded each other with wide and friendly grins. Kristen was really starting to shiver badly by now though and her little s****r chose to make a bold offer.

Scooting over to make room on the bed and throwing back the sheets, Ruth said, "For God's sake, Kris, get in here before you freeze to death!"

Kristen stopped dead, the smile vanishing from her face. "Ruth! I just said that we can't do that sort of thing again!"

Ruth just laughed at that. "Get your mind out of the gutter, Kris. I'm just saying that we'll both stay nice and toasty warm if you get in here."

The other girl was doubtful. "I'll get warm soon enough if I get back in my own bed, too."

"You'll be warmer over here. Shared body heat, and all of that."

Kristen looked uncertain still, but did not retreat to her own bed. That spot next to her s****r looked oh, so inviting, but did she dare to jump in there? Sharing a bed with Ruth was both appealing and terrifying to her at the same time and she knew that the smartest thing she could do right now was return to her own, but she could not f***e herself to do it.

When she finally started to move again, Ruth was delighted to see that her s****r was coming to take her up on her offer. It was clear that Kristen was pretty nervous about what she was doing however as her step faltered twice.

"Oh, come on, Kris! Don't be such a baby. I'm not going to bite."

"Oh . . ."

Was it just her imagination, Ruth wondered, or did her big s****r sound just a little disappointed?

Kristen came over to the side of the bed at last and started to sit down, but hesitated at the last moment, her attention returning to the door yet again. "If we're going to be sharing a bed tonight, I think I'd better shut the door. We don't want to have mom and dad spot us like that in the morning!"

Ruth just smiled as the other girl trotted over to the door and pushed it closed quietly, unable to keep her gaze from dipping momentarily to the long legs that emerged from the bottom of her s****r's nightshirt.

Kristen hurried back to the bed and now did not hesitate to join her s****r, slipping under the blankets. It was not a large bed as it was really only designed for one occupant and so the quarters were naturally close, but neither girl was inclined to complain about it just now. Indeed, the two young women found it very nice to be sitting next to each other in the same bed, dressed in nothing more than their night clothes, and both had silently resolved that this would not be the only time they tried this.

"This was a good idea, Ruthie," the older girl said with a warm smile. "Nice and cozy." Impulsively, she leaned over then and gave her s****r a quick kiss on the cheek before settling down to try to get to sl**p.

Ruth gasped softly in surprise at the affectionate kiss, one hand rising to touch the spot where the other girl's lips had so briefly brushed. Her emotions were surging, but she kept her hands to herself just as she'd promised despite the nearly overwhelming temptation to do otherwise. She kept herself to her own side of the bed, however unwillingly.

"Hey, Kris? How about we go and do something tomorrow? I mean, it's been forever since we spent any real time alone together. How about we go and spend some time at the mall or something?"

Opening her eyes again, Kristen looked around at her with a playful smile. "Ruthie, are you asking me out on a date?" Ruth's face colored and she started to stammer, but her s****r brushed all of it off. "It sounds like fun. We'll make a day of it."

Kristen settled back again and closed her eyes again. Ruth eyed her uncertainly for a moment, thinking that this behavior was kind of at odds with that big speech her s****r had just given her, but finally she gave up on trying to figure her out. Making sure she kept to her own side of the bed, Ruth too settled down and closed her eyes.

There was something uniquely comforting about sharing a bed for them both and so, despite all of the turmoil of this evening, they were soon sound asl**p.

* * *

Saturday morning had arrived all too soon as far as Ann was concerned.

Yawning widely and enjoying a nice stretch, she emerged from her bedroom in her bathrobe and headed for the stairs. It seemed to her that a little breakfast was in order, but she was distracted from her growling belly by the sight of the closed door to her daughters' bedroom.

She paused with a frown, studying that door.

Mornings were a prime opportunity for her to do a little spying on the girls as they were normally still asl**p and not wearing much. A closed door was quite a departure from the norm and she had to wonder what might be the reason for it.

Glancing behind her to make sure there was still no sign of her husband, she was reassured to hear the shower running. Ann then moved across to the door and listened for a moment, but when she heard nothing she knocked lightly and waited. There was no response at all and she glanced back one last time before reaching for the door knob. She opened the door only wide enough to stick her head in.

What she saw made her gasp in shock and, even though she jerked her head back and closed the door immediately, the vision would be permanently etched into her mind.

Both of the girls were in the same bed and still sound asl**p. There was an undeniable intimacy about their pose as well as Ruth was lying on her side with Kristen was spooned up behind her, her face hidden in her s****r's hair and one arm securely wrapped around the younger girl's middle. The blankets had been kicked off sometime during the night and, though both girls were still wearing their nightshirts, Kristen's had ridden up and her bare butt was clearly visible.

Ann leaned against the wall heavily, desperately needing the support as her legs were feeling very wobbly right now. As that image of her two c***dren played and replayed over and over again in her head, she was finding it very hard just to catch her breath and felt as if her whole body was on fire.

She was f***ed now to face up to the reason why she got so much enjoyment out of spying on the two teens and, though deeply ashamed of herself, also felt profoundly excited. She had to do something to relieve the pressure that was so rapidly building up inside in her and she knew that there was only one way to do that short of a cold shower.
Staggering away from the bedroom her two daughter's shared as quickly as she could, she made her way to the privacy of the downstairs bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind her.

There, for the first time in her life, this middle-aged suburban mother masturbated herself to a blistering climax while fantasizing about her own c***dren.
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