The Gaffney f****y 2

The hour was very late by then and the entire Gaffney f****y was pretty exhausted, but even so Gloria was all ready to get her hands on her beautiful young daughter. Her hopes of having her very first lesbian experience were dashed though when everybody else started yawning and stretching and talking about going to bed and getting some sl**p.

All three of them seemed to be ready to get some sl**p and Gloria grudgingly accepted this without complaining. It didn't really matter if she didn't get to make love to Sarah tonight, she supposed. Now that she and her f****y were lovers she imagined that she would have plenty of chances to wear that little girl out in the future.

She got into bed and smiled to herself as her husband spooned up behind her and wrapped an arm around her middle. Over on the other bed, Wesley was lying on his back with one arm around his s****r's shoulders as she lay her head on his chest and Gloria couldn't help but laugh softly to herself as she remembered how all of this started.

In moments, they were all sound asl**p.

* * *

After all of their wild exertions of the night before, the Gaffney f****y slept very late the next morning, but finally the sunlight filtering in through the window curtains was too bright to ignore any longer and they started to stir.

Sitting up in the bed, Gloria yawned and stretched languidly, not minding in the least when the sheets slipped down to expose her naked breasts to her whole f****y. After everything that happened the night before, what did it matter? None of them had put anything on before going to sl**p and in any case she was hoping for a nice breakfast fuck from her daughter this morning! She looked around at everybody and her ecstatic smile faded at what she saw.

There was something wrong with the other three. There was an awkward, tense silence in the motel room that morning and Gloria herself was the only one showing any nudity. All the rest of them had their blankets puled right up to their chins as they carefully avoided catching so much as a glimpse of anybody. Everyone seemed so incredibly uncomfortable.

To Gloria's horror, it looked like everyone was rethinking their earlier behavior in the bright light of day.

David lifted one arm to look at his watch. "Um, I guess I'd better go get a shower." He spoke in a low, nervous voice and everyone jumped as the sudden sound broke the heavy silence. "I should go and see how they are doing with that car, too." As if afraid to be seen nude even by his own wife, he leaned over and scooped up his underwear from the ground and slipped them on underneath the sheets. Taking a deep breath, he slid out of the bed then, gathered up the rest of his clothes, and darted into the tiny bathroom.

Both Wesley and Sarah went to extraordinary lengths to avoid seeing him as he went past, but Gloria just stared at him in speechless astonishment until he was gone, then looked at her c***dren. By now the two of them were trying to find their clothes and get back into them without seeing each other or their dumbfounded mother.

Not an easy task considering they were both in the same bed and trying to dress under the sheets at the same time!

Gloria just sat there and tried to understand what was going on, her breasts still out in the open for all to see if any of them could have found the courage to look. Wasn't last night the best sex any of them had ever had? Hadn't they all felt the same incredible closeness and love with the others that Gloria had? She couldn't imagine why everyone was being this stupid. Were they all really going to try to sever that intense and unique bond they had formed the night before?

David came out of the bathroom a moment or two later, clean and once more dressed but still looking troubled. "I'd better go see about that car." He walked straight across the room to the door, his eyes straight ahead for fear of seeing his own f****y.

With his hand on the door knob, he paused and finally f***ed himself to turn and look at them. It hurt Gloria so much to see her husband actually wince at the sight of her bare breasts. "Listen everybody, about last night . . ." His voice faltered for a moment and he had to look down for a moment and gather himself before trying again. "Under the circumstances, I think it would probably be best if we all pretend that last night never happened."

Gloria was too shocked to say even one word when both Wesley and Sarah quickly agreed to this.

David left quickly then and shut the door behind him.

Both Wesley and Sarah seemed to want to get into that bathroom and wash away the last traces of their unspeakable crime, but the boy was faster. Sarah had to go back to the bed and sit down on it, her head down as she ran a hand over it and remembered how she had screwed her own b*****r right there immediately after getting nailed by her own father.

"Sarah?" Gloria called over to her hesitantly, sighing when she saw the girl duck her head even farther. It was obvious that she didn't want to talk, but her mother persisted. "What's going on, Sarah? You're not really going to just try to forget last night, are you? Didn't you feel it, honey? Didn't you feel that incredible connection between us all? I can't possibly be the only one who felt it."

She got no answer for several long moments, but just when she thought the girl wasn't going to be able to bring herself to answer her, Sarah spoke in a voice so soft that her mother almost didn't hear her. "It was wrong, Mom. It was i****t! i****t is wrong."

"It didn't feel wrong to me last night."

"We all got carried away last night. Last night shouldn't have happened."

Gloria's shock at her f****y's behavior was melting away rapidly now and being replaced with a furious anger. They had given each other the most precious gift of all last night and now these people honestly intended to just throw it all away! She couldn't believe she had given birth to such stupid k**s, married such a dunce. The intimate connection they now had with each other was something that should be cherished and revered, not discarded.

The bathroom door opened again and Wesley emerged, clean and fully dressed. "I'm starving. I'm going over to that little convenience store next to the motel to see what I can find to eat." In all honesty he just wanted to get away from everyone and from this room where all he could think about was what had happened here the night before. He was out the door before his mother or s****r could react.

Sarah got up and took a step towards the bathroom now.

"Sit back down, Sarah."

There was an icy edge to her mother's voice and such an unfamiliar power behind it that the teenaged girl froze in mid-step, looking back and averting her eyes when she saw her own mother topless. "I need to . . ."

"I said sit back down, damn it! Do it this instant!"

As she returned to the bed and sat down, Sarah found herself thinking how she couldn't remember ever hearing her mother swear before. She stared hard at the wall, tensing up when she heard the older woman throwing off the covers and brazenly walking over to her still in her birthday suit. The smell of sweat and sex on her mother was strong as the older woman sat down next to her on the bed and Sarah could not help but breath it in deeply.

"Are you seriously going to tell me that you didn't feel it last night?" Gloria demanded. "That last night wasn't the greatest experience of your life? That you didn't feel closer and more intimately bonded with the rest of your f****y?" Her hand went to the girl's cheek to turn her head so that she could look her in the eye finally. "Are you going to tell me that you have ever felt happier and more loved than you did last night?"

Sarah couldn't deny any of that and didn't try, but she did repeat, "i****t is wrong, Mom."

Gloria smiled and leaned in to kiss her daughter's lips tenderly. The teenager didn't resist, but tensed up at first and did not kiss her back. When her mother's hand went around the back of Sarah's neck to pull her in for a deeper kiss however, the girl's mouth opened and she found herself kissing her back hungrily. However, Gloria's other hand came to rest on the girl's thighs, Sarah pulled away suddenly.

They gazed into each other's eyes for a long moment, then Sarah looked away and muttered, "this is wrong, Mom." Leaping to her feet, she dashed into the bathroom just as fast as she could and locked the door.

* * *

The rest of the Gaffney's trip home was marked by the same tense and uncomfortable silence that they had greeted this morning with.

They had not been intending to stay out overnight and so none of them had brought along a change of clothes. Not even Gloria, who now had to finish the trip in a blouse that had been practically torn off her by the son who now could hardly stand to look at her. She didn't even try to hold it closed though and had pointedly refused to put on her bra and so her full breasts were visible not just to everyone in the car but to anyone they passed.

Gloria was as silent as the rest of them, staring straight ahead through the windshield, but inside she was fuming. She just could not believe that the rest of her f****y was being so stupid about this.

They should be celebrating what happened last night, rejoicing in their newfound closeness, not trying to pretend that it never happened.

She had thought for just a moment that she might have been successful in making that point with her daughter. Certainly, that kiss they had shared had been intense and incredible and had left her desperately wanting more, but then Sarah had disappointed her by running away.

On the other hand, Sarah had responded for a while there. She wondered if it might be worth it to press the issue a little more with her.

In the backseat, Sarah stared out the side window at the passing scenery and worked hard to resist the urge to gaze at her mother instead.

Running her fingertips lightly over her lips, she found herself thinking more and more about that kiss the older woman had given her in that motel room. There was just no denying that she had felt a huge surge of emotion as they french-kissed and between this and that bold hand on her leg, she had almost weakened and made love to her own mother!

Sarah had not gone into last night a virgin. She had kept her cherry for a long time, handing out blow jobs to the boys as a sort of consolation prize since she wouldn't let them into her pants. It was all that practice that had given her the oral skills her father had so marveled over last night. She had finally spread her legs for her current boyfriend only after she was convinced that they were in love and after being reassured that he would always use a condom. It sometimes seemed that she and her guy did nothing but fuck anymore and quite frankly that was just fine with her.

She had never felt a such an overpowering wave of pleasure from anything he did though that came close to matching what she had gotten from one kiss from her own mother! If she had lingered on that bed for just a moment or two longer . . .

Next to her, her b*****r Wesley was staring blankly out the window at the passing scenery, too, lost in his memories of what had happened the night before.

He couldn't imagine what had gotten into the four of them and made them do all the wild and crazy things they had done, but he had to admit that those few hours had been the most exciting of his entire young life. He had fooled around with a couple of girl's before, but it had never been so intense and pleasurable as it was when he fucked his own s****r and mother.

His parents had gone to a lot of effort to teach him and his s****r right from wrong though and no matter how much fun it was i****t was right at the top of the list when it came to wrong. He figured that it wouldn't have happened at all if they hadn't been so exhausted from driving around all day. Last night had been a huge mistake that simply wouldn't have happened if any of them had been thinking clearly.

Like his Dad had said, it was best if they all just pretended that it had never happened. Stealing a glance at his s****r and then looking away quickly when he felt something start to stir in his pants, he just knew that was going to be hard to do.

Behind the steering wheel, David was driving the car mechanically. It was fortunate that he knew the route he was taking like the back of his hand because he was really paying very little attention to where he was going.

In his head, he was kicking himself for letting things get so out of control.

He was Sarah's father, for God's sake! He hadn't been blind to what a beautiful young woman she was growing into, but he had no business doing to her what he had done last night. It was wicked, sinful, and unnatural for a man to screw his own daughter's brains out!

The whole experience had left him frightened and very worried. What if he got his own daughter pregnant?! She was still a teenager and far too young to be having k**s of her own. Besides, when she gave birth to a baby with two heads and webbed toes, he couldn't imagine anyone in the hospital doubting for even a moment who the father was. Of course, there was also at least a chance that his own wife might give birth to such a c***d thanks to their son Wesley.

Everything he had known his entire life told him that he and his f****y had made a huge mistake and that continuing this immoral relationship would only lead to heartache and pain. Gloria was his wife and he didn't know if he could endure the jealousy of watching her regularly spend time being intimate with another man, especially if she came away from it more satisfied than she ever had been with him. How could he and Wesley ever hope to have a normal father/son relationship if they were always vying with each other for Sarah's attention?

No, putting an end to this here and now and putting it behind them was the best possible thing they could do in this situation.

* * *

The Gaffney's managed to get home without any further incident, but things remained quiet and tense between them.

David took to his little workshop out in the garage where he could pretend to tinker with something. Gloria just plopped down in front of the TV and zoned out. Wesley and Sarah managed to get out of the house entirely and spent time with their various friends. They were all making a conscious effort to avoid spending any time together.

After a weekend of this sort of thing, Gloria was of the opinion that things were just getting more tense and difficult between them. Something had to be done to get everyone to relax and be more at ease with each other. She still thought that they had made a huge mistake by giving up this incredible new sort of intimacy and she said so to her husband one evening.

He had explained to her his deeply rooted fears of how their f****y would be torn apart if they did try to continue committing i****t, to which her answer had been that it was being torn apart anyway by all the needless guilt and shame they were all heaping on themselves over it. David was unmoveable on the subject though and tried to reassure her that given a little more time all of this would pass and be forgotten.

That simply wasn't good enough for Gloria though. She didn't want to forget about what had happened in that motel room. She wasn't going to even try, either. As far as she was concerned, what was going to tear her f****y apart was not the i****t but all of the unnecessary shame and guilt they were heaping on themselves. She was just going to have to find another way to handle this.

When Monday arrived and her husband was at work and her son left to spend some more time with his friends, Gloria found herself all alone at home with her daughter. This was perfect as far as Gloria was concerned, remembering how well the girl had responded to her kiss in that motel room at first. One on one, without the rest of the f****y there to whine about how sinful they thought it all was, she thought she had a fair chance of showing her daughter the error of her ways.

She marched down the hall to the girl's bedroom.

Sarah was lying on her belly atop her bed in jeans and a T-shirt, flipping slowly through a magazine.

She was well aware that she was all alone in the house with her mother now and was also well aware that her mother thought that the f****y should get over itself and hop into bed just as they had back in that motel. That was why she had been a fixture in her own bedroom this entire morning and why she meant to stay there until either her b*****r or her father or, better yet, both returned.

She was very deliberately avoiding her own mother not just because she thought the older woman might put the moves on her, but because she was very afraid that she would not be able to tell her no. Everything she knew told her that i****t was wrong, but she just could not stop thinking about what might have happened if she had stayed on that bed in the motel and let her mother do whatever she wanted to her.

Her head snapped up in surprise when the door suddenly swung open and none other than her mother herself stood there in the doorway looking down at her. They were both frozen in place for a long moment as they just looked at each other.

It was obvious to the girl what her mother was there for and as she gazed up into her eyes she knew that she would not have the strength to refuse her. Somehow, she knew that the older woman could see that she wasn't going to put up a struggle, that she was her's for the taking, and that knowledge both thrilled and frightened her at the same time. There would be no escaping her fate this time.

Gloria walked into the girl's bedroom and over to the side of the bed, reaching out to pick up the magazine and look through it briefly and disinterestedly. When she tossed it aside carelessly at last, her eyes returned to her daughter. In a voice that was hoarse with emotion and excitement, she commanded, "On your back."

Sarah rolled over onto her back without question or comment, waiting for whatever her mother might do.

Smiling proudly, Gloria sat down on the edge of the bed and reached out with one hand to firmly take hold of one of the girl's pert breasts. The younger woman gasped and shuddered at the forbidden touch from her own mother, her eyelids fluttering closed.

Gloria was pleased with the girl's immediate and unquestioning submission to her. Just touching her own flesh and bl**d like made her entire body feel like it was on fire, but it was made all the more exciting by how passive and compliant Sarah was being to whatever she said or did. She had never before been able to understand what some people saw in domination and submission games, but the feeling of power and control she felt right now was helping her figure it out.

Sarah's eyes opened again and she looked up at her mother, running the tip of her tongue slowly and sensuously over her lips. Gloria's smile got even broader and she bent forward to kiss those lips tenderly. It was obvious that the younger woman was hoping for a longer, deeper kiss, but Gloria just let their mouths brush across each other before she pulled back again.

That was bad enough, but Gloria also let go of her daughter's breasts and just sat there next to her with a big grin on her face and her arms crossed. She seemed to be waiting for something, but Sarah couldn't begin to guess what it might be.

"Please, Mom . . ." Sarah whined desperately as she sat up, unable to sit still as her excitement built rapidly. "I need you . . ."

"But i****t is wrong, Sarah," her mother reminded her, "you told me so yourself." She reached out to brush some of the teenager's hair back from her face. "Are you such a slut that you're prepared to break the i****t taboo? Again?" Sarah whimpered needily and nodded, biting her bottom lip.
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