Fucking Paul In Ibiza

Fucking Paul In Ibiza

We were on a holiday with a whole bunch of the f****y in the sunny island of Ibiza. On the second day of our holiday I had a huge row with my husband and he went off out with the k**s and his f****y leaving me alone with just his b*****r in law, Paul. Paul was married to my husband’s s****r and she also went out for the day so there was just he and I alone. I have always had a soft spot for Paul and I don’t know why but I did.

We lay on the sunbed’s next to each other chatting away before finally going into the bar were we had a lot of drinks. I felt really d***k and I asked Paul if he fancied coming up to my room to have a few glasses of champagne my husband had brought for me, Paul gladly accepted my offer.

We were having a great time having a laugh smoking our cigarettes. Then out of the blue our conversation died, we looked each other in the eyes and just kissed. I felt so naughty but it seemed right at the time.

Paul was such a great kisser and he started undoing my bikini bra, which fell of easily, he grabbed hold of my tits and started playing with my nipples and started sucking on them. I slid my hand under his shorts and started stroking his hard cock. It felt big. Enough of the kissing I thought, I was horny as fuck, so I pulled down Paul’s shorts and got on my knees. I began wanking him fast and started sucking on his cockhead. He was much bigger than my husband, much bigger. I played with his balls which he enjoyed while my mouth bobbed up and down his huge shaft. Paul held my hair in a ponytail to stop it getting in the way. He was moaning like crazy I was giving him such a good blowjob. Paul couldn’t take much more and told me to lie on my back; he then slid my gold bikini thongs off and threw them on the cold tiled floor. He then got on his knees and began licking and sucking my clit. I couldn’t remember the last time my hubby did this to me, but Paul was sending me crazy, his tongue felt so good fucking me, I was wet as fuck.

Paul then mounted me and slid his cock inside my wet married cunt. He started fucking me slowly and was carefully be it didn’t last too long as he started picking up his pace. The headboard was banging loudly against the wall, I was moaning out real loud, gasping for air, Paul’s cock pounding my pussy really good. Oh fuck I cried out often, fuck me Paul, harder baby id cry out. I could feel Paul’s balls slapping against my ass he was driving his cock that deep inside me. I was sweating, I was hot, sticky, the bed was a mess, and it was the best fucking I was having in years.

Paul told me he was going to cum, so I grabbed hold of his arse cheeks and told him quietly in his ear, cum in my pussy Paul baby, give me your seed. Paul didn’t hold back and shot a huge load deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me sweating so much. My pussy felt sore. After about 5 minutes of rest Paul removed his cock slowly from my stretched cunt. I blob of cum escaped with it and dripped onto the bed sheets.

We both stood up and hugged for some reason; I gave him a kiss telling him what a stud he was. He slapped my ass calling me a naughty slut, he laughed. We lit up a cigarette and sat on the balcony naked, no one could see us apart from our neighbours but I didn’t care, I had just had a great sex session and was happy about it. After a glass of wine, Paul headed back to the pool, I looked around my hotel room, it was a mess, the bed was the worst id seen it, pillows were on the floor, bed sheets looked wet and there was still that blob of cum that hadn’t dried. I cleaned up the best I could then headed back to the pool to my new lover.

We laughed and joked over a drink and cigarette then my husband and his f****y returned. He said he was heading upstairs for a sl**p on the bed his wife had just been fucked so brutally on, Paul and me looked at one another and grinned while we watched my hubby head for the room.

Who no’s what the next five days have to offer while im still on holiday with my secret lover…………
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excellent hot lil'story