the housewife and the boy, part 3

Gladys lay back on the bed , her hairy mound exposed to my teenage eyes and I drank it all in, it was like I was in a dream, the best dream ever, I had just had my first blowjob and it had come from the hands, well the mouth, of one of my mothers friends! She looked up at me and saw me staring at her , "you can look but you can also touch" she said, licking the last sticky beads of cum from around her mouth, " want to fuck me? Grant ( her husband ) hasnt touched me for months, think he'd rather have a wank and since we've gone this far I might as well feel that cock in here " and she slid a finger inside her pussy. I stood there, dumbstruck as I was until I realised I should do something but this being my first time i didnt know what so I must have looked confused. " come lie on top of me" she said so I did as I was told , I lay down on top of her and she reached up slightly and kissed me, her hands ran down my body and stole inbetween us , she grabbed my cock and raised her hips, I could feel her pubic hairs brushing the wet tip, she whispered in my ear "push forward" so I did and bumped her pubic bone, she laughed "easy darling, just put it in easily" so I tried again, this time I hit the spot.
At first I felt resistance but Gladys tilted her hips and that friction ceased and I felt a warm moist caress over my shaft as it slickly moved inside her, she gasped " mmmm, thats it, now just move it back and forth " , I did as I was told and soon got the hang of thrusting, my cock sliding in and out as she groaned beneath me, " yes" she sighed, "yes, keep doing it just like that".
Time had stopped for me, I have no idea if we fucked for minutes or hours but the feeling was amazing, just the motion of my cock in her pussy and then she said out of the blue " cum inside me, let me feel that young spunk in me" and that was all it took, I came, now I could lie and say great gushes of cum splashed her so far inside they made her cough but in reality what sperm I had left dribbled out as I gasped. I collapsed on top of her in relief, I'd done it, I'd had sex! I could have shouted with joy but Gladys wriggled out from underneath me distracting me "you'll have to go, I need to shower and get the tea on" , "right" I stammered "um, I'll go then", Gladys came over to me and kissed me "that was good, but dont tell anyone, I could get in a lot of trouble"
" I wont tell" I said, and I havent.......till now!
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9 months ago
sounds good to me
2 years ago
Brilliant, really hot fantasy of mine
2 years ago
what a super story That is my favourite fantasy I so wish I could have had that experience and now I have had the next best thing Thank you for sharing
If you have any more stories like that please let me know .Philxx