Part 8 Fisrt time adult book store with uncle jim

I saw standing in the alley by the back door to the adult book store waiting for my uncle to open the door. Under the short black coat my uncle had just got me I was wearing my new shir see thru pink with matching crotchless panties with a pair of black shir panties over them. A black garter belt with nylons and pink bobbi scocks with black hi heels. My brown wig with bright red lip stick.

The door opened up and a guy walked out. He stopped and looked at me and asked me what I was doing there. I told him I was waiting for my uncle. He said I looked like a hooker and than took off down the alley. Soon the door opened again and this time it was my uncle. He told me to get my sissy ass in there. I walked thru the door into the adult book store. It was dark but you could still see. We walked down a short hall way to another long hall way. I looked left and right down this hall way and I was all these doors with red and green lights above them. My uncle told me that these were video booths. We than turned right and walked down to this small opening in the hall way. We went inside the opening out of the hall way.

My uncle told me that he was going to show me around the place frist and to make sure I knew how to get back to were we were standing. I told him I understood him and he took me by my hand and off we went. As we walked down the hall way I saw two guys standing at one of the open doors. As we past them they said nasty things to me. We passed some booths were the doors were open and I could see inside them. There was a tv with nasty videos playing on them and a bench to sit on. One of the doors was open and I saw thisguy jurking off to the video. It was all left turns and we pasted the door way to the front of the store. This one guy came in and saw us he let us pass the he foulded us down the hall way. We passed some more guys standing around and one pass walked pass us. We got back to the opening and went inside but my uncle made me stand in the hall way.

I could see some guys watching us and than my uncle said to me. "ok sissy slut you now know how to get around in here. I want you to walk around this time by yourself understand me sissy slut. I turned to take my walk and than my uncle said to me "were you going sissy slut. Your not ready yet take off that coat slut and give it to me". I did as i was told and handed him my coat. I was standing there in the hall way in my sexy lingerie for all to see. My uncle he wanted check me out and to turn around and show him my lingerie. As I turned around I could see some of the guys in the hall way looking at me. Than my uncle told me to get going.

I than started walking down the hall way by myself this time. As I walked the guys in the hall way watch me walk and were calling me all kinds of nasty names like slutty whore, sexy sissy bitch and things like that. Some of them even touched my ass as I passed them and others tried to get me to join them in a video booth. I keep walking until I got back to were my uncle was standing. He looked at me and said that I walked to fast around the place and tha I would have to walk a lot slower this next time and to be sure I let the guys check me out this time. I turned to go and my uncle said "no you don't sissy fucking slut take off those black panties frist. I want to make sure they see what kind of nasty little fucking whore you are". So i pulled down my black shir panties and took them off. I handed them to him and turned to walk down the hall way. My uncle than slapped my ass and said "get going you sissy slutty whore and you better put on a good show for them whore".

I walked down the hall way real slowly this time. Making sure that if any of the guys there could see me in my sexy lingerie. My cock was getting hard as I walked down the hall way. It pointed straight out the opening of my shir crotchless panties. The guys that saw me just looked at me or called me nasty names. As I passed this one guy he reached out touched my cock. One stood in the middle of the hall way so I could not pass him. I stopped in front of him and he told me to kiss him if I wanted to get pass him. So I let him kiss me and he put his arms around me and than felt up my ass pulling my ass checks apair. He than let mego so I could pass. I turned the last corner to walk back to were my uncle was at. I saw 3 guys talking to him, they saw me comes down the hall way and they all watched me walk up to them.Two of the guys were black and the other one was white and when I stopped in front of them I saw 2 more white guys follow me also to were my uncle was. As I stood there my uncle said " ok sissy slut let's get you in a booth soxyou can suck and fuck some of these guys".

My uncle took me over to an empty booth and we went into and closed the door. My uncle sat down on the bench and I stayed standing. My uncle handed me some ones and told me to put the money in the slot. The video came on and he had me push the button till a video came up of a girl getting gang banged. He than showed me the glory holes in the walls. I could all ready see a guy looking thru at us. He told me told me that cocks would be coming thru those holes and I was to suck them all and to make sure that when they shoot their loads of cum to have them shoot onto my face he wanted me to be a cum face sissy slut before we left there. As he would be letting guys to come into the booth and fuck me. That's when i saw the white cock come thru the glory hole. My uncle looked at me and said "ok sissy slut time to for you to be a good cock whore forall these guys cocks and cum. Get over there and suck him off you fucking nasty sissy slut. As I got down on my knees to suck my frist cock thru the glory hole my uncle stood up and went outside leaving me to service these guys cocks.

I looked down at the cock that was hanging thru the glory hole and got down on my knees in front of the guys cock and started sucking on it. I was so turned on sucking his cock I started playing with my own cock. It did not take long for this guy to start shooting his cum. I did as Mu uncle told me and when he started cumming I took my mouth off his cock and jurked it off onto my face. He shoot a lot of hot wet cum all over my faceand it dripped down my face onto my pink baby doll. As the guy on the other side pulled his cock bask thru the I sat back some and looked up at the video of the girl taking 2 cocks at he same time one she was sucking and the other one was fucking her in her pussy. Than a big black cock came thru the glory hole. I leaned froward and took the big guys cock into my mouth. I could only get his cock head into my mouth so I used my hand to jack the shaft of his cock. As I was sucking on the black cock head the door opened and my uncle looked in seeing me sucking his cock. He than let in a white guy into the booth. I looked over at my uncle and the guy who came into the booth. My uncle said this guy was going to fuck me. He handed the guy a rubber and closed the door. The guy told me to keep sucking the black guys cock so I went back to sucking the black guy cock and guy in the booth with me pulled my ass up so that I was on me knees I keep the black guys big cock head in my mouth when I felt the other guys cock push into my ass. He started fucking me and I keep sucking away. The black cock started shooting it's cum and I pulled my face back to take his cum on my face. He shoot so much cum it was like taking 3 loads of cum. The guy who was fucking saw he cum shooting all over me and he started cumming himself. After they both finished with me. I was able to take a short break so I sat on the bench. My ass was hurting from getting fucked and my face and chest was covered in cum. The door opened again and a black guy came in. He took out his cock and made me suck on it. When he was hard he put on a rubber and sat down on the bench. He than made me sit on his cock and take it up my ass. I starting riding his cock moving up and down on it. I watched the gang bang video as I was riding this guys black cock. My own cock got hard and the black guy took hold of my cock and started jurking me off. I looked at the hole in the wall and saw someone watching us. I got so turned on and I started shooting my own cum on to the wall in front of us. The black guy saw this and came himself. I got up off his black cock and the guy watching us put his white cock thru the hole for me to service. As I went down to service the next cock with my mouth the black guy told me to lick the wall clean of my own cum on the wall. I did as I was told and cleaned the wall of my cum before I sucked off the next cock. The black guy left the booth and another white guy came into the booth and fucked me from behind as I sucked off the others guys cock. The guy fucking me fucked me real slowly. The guy I was sucking shoot his load off onto my face and than another black cock came thru the hole for me to suck on. The black guy shoot his load adding it to the others that had done before. The guy fucking me came and pulled out of me. I got up and sat on the bench out of it. So much cocks and so much cum. The guy that fucked me told me to open my mouth empty it into my mouth. I drank it down as he told me to do.

As the guy left the booth my uncle came into the booth and told me it was time to go. I stood up and we went into the hall way. I was 4 guys standing just outside in the hall way. 2 were ones that fucked so the other 2 must have been ones I sucked of. My uncle stood next to meza d than made me face him and said to me "now you are a sissy cum face slutty whore just the way I like it slut. Now go take another walk around in here sissy slut and show them you are a nasty slutty fucking sissy whore", than he slapped my ass to get going and I started walking down the hall way. My ass was on fire as I walked and the front of my face and front of my baby doll. I passed some guys in the hall way and they could not take their eyes off me as I passed by I feel like a used sissy slutty whore like my uncle said I was now. I made it back to were my uncle was. He handed me my black shir panties and made me put them on. Than we walked down the hall way to the exit door. My uncle than handed me my coat and told me to put it one and out we went into the alley behind the store. We walked over to the door of the lingerie store and my uncle told me to wait there. He left me there to wait for him to thru the lingerie store to open the back door so I could get in. It did not take long and the door opened and it was rose who opened it. She looked at me as said "girl what happened to you. You are a mess come on let's get you cleaned up". I walked in and lingerie store and she told me to sit down in the chair and I did.

End part. 8

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8 months ago
Great story baby!
1 year ago
Ooo yeah, such a hot initiation into being a sissy cumslut
So HOT !
1 year ago
OMG,you AWESOME SEXY LUCKY SLUT,wish I had a uncle like this,love to be used like this,did find out after an uncle passed away,he was some what on the down low,my loss,because I always wanted to be his bitch sweetie!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
sounds like my adventures
2 years ago
this story just gets better .
2 years ago
that is good stroking material, wish i had been there
2 years ago
I love that story
2 years ago
yessss great story Sue!
2 years ago
dam they get better and better will you write a chapter 9 thanks tnt48
2 years ago
wow so fucking hot i came in my panties and i did it twice your to blame
2 years ago
OMG so fucking hot!!!