Part 7 my new lingerie

As rose walked me into the front of the store I was another girl standing behind the front desk. See saw us and looked at me. Rose than told me that she also worked at the store and that it was ok. We walked over the the desk and the other said "what do we have here rose ? A little play toy for you." I wanted to hide but rose would not let go of my hand.Rose told her that my uncle left me there to get my glirly clothes. The other girl said her name was Mary and asked me mine. I told her my name jay and she said "no what's your girl name?" I said that I did not have one. Rose said that I needed one and they would have to come up with one.

Rose than took me over to the dressing rooms and we went in side. She told me to stay in there and she. Would bring in some things for me to try on. When she came back she had some baby dolls with her but these were not like the ones my mom had. They were shir ones with crotchless panties. She help me on with a red one to see how it fit. As I looked in the mirror at myself I could see thru the top and see my body under it. The crochless panties were cut so that the opening in the front let my cock hang thru it and in the back the opening made it easy to get at my ass. Rose checked to make sure that it fit right by making sure I could move around in it. She even made me bend over to make sure that some one could get at my ass hole. She said that she was going to go get my mini dresses to try on and I need to try on each of the baby dolls and when I had it on to come out to show her.

I did as I was told and each time I changed to to a new baby doll I would show them what I looked like. After picking out the ones that look the best rose had me try the mini dresses but Mary came into the room with me. She had some panties with her a pair of black shir ones. As she put them on me she stated to feel up my cock and balls. She said I looked real sexy in them and played with me and spanked my ass alittle. She put on the mini dress on me. It was a spandex dress that fit me real tight. She said like looked like a working girl in it and this is what my uncle is looking for. The school girl out fit was last. It was a silt white top and a black pleated skirt. The girls dressed me in a pair of white crotchless panties with black shir panties over them a white garter belt with white nylons and a pair of black bobbi scocks and a pair of white hi heels. Than my wig and some red lip stick. They said that I looked like a nasty school girl dressed.up like that.

They keep me in this outfit and I stayed ou in the front of the store dressed like that. My uncle called and told rose that he would be alittle late and to order lunch for us. Mary had a lunch date and would be gone for a couple of hours. Me and rose had our lunch and talk. I asked her about my uncle and the pictures that she was in. I asked her about her cock and she told me she was born that way. I learned all about trans. and all the other kinds of girls like us.

As were talking a black guy came into the store. He was in his 20s. Rose told me he came into the store about two times a week trying to get in her panties but he was not her type to young. She liked older guys like my uncle and the guys in the photo club. That's why she loved doing the photo shoots with them. After the guy looked around he came over to were standing and talked to rose. He said "so rose when you going to let me get a some of that ass of yours". She said "I keep telling you your not my type". He keep trying but to no luck than he looked at me and said to me. "well how about you. You want some black cock baby". I did not know what to say but than rose told that I was there waiting for my uncle to come pick me up. Than he said well how much to for my ass. Rose told him $50 and he said he only had $30. Rose looked at me and said "well I guss you are going to get fucked by this guys black cock." she would put the money towards my uncles bill. She took his money and told him that he had to use a rubber also.

She told him he could fuck me in the back room. He paid her and than took my hand and lead me to the back. We went into the back and went over to the chair. He than said to me "ok slut let me see that white ass of yours". I turned around and than he pulled up my skirt to check out my ass. He told me to take off my black panties so I pulled them down. As I pulled them down and took them off he took off his pants and underwear. His cock was big and black with big black balls. He had me get down on my knees and suck his cock. His took his big black cock in his hand and than put his big black cock head on my red lips. He said " ok you white cock sucking bitch suck my black cock bitch". I opened my red lips and sucked his big black cock head into my mouth. I sucked him hard and than he put the rubber on. Than he had me take his balls and put the in his mouth and suck on them. When he was ready he had me sit in the chair facing him. He got in front of me than took my legs into his hands and pull them apart and up over my shoulders. He than took some lube and put it on my ass hole. With his big black cock he pushed it into my ass and fucked me like that. He fucked me hard and fast. I was out of my mind looking up at this black guy as he fucked me. It hurt some in the beginning of him fucking me but soon I was getting into being ffucked. I looked down at his big black cock fucking me and saw my cock getting bigger as he fucked me. I loved watching his black cock going in and out white ass hole. Than he fucked me harder and harder till me shoot his load of cum into the rubber in my white ass. He took his black out of my white ass and let go of my legs. Sit sat up as he stood up in front of me. I could see the rubber filed with his black cum and I loved the way it looked. He had me take the rubber off and I handed it to him like he told me to do. Than he told me to suck his cock clean. As I sucked his cock I could taste his black cum. It tasted good so I sucked and licked it clean of his black cum. He asked me if I like his black cum and I said yes. He than handed me the rubber filled with his black cum and td me to drink it. I looked at the rubber filled with his black cum and put the opening of the rubber up to my lips. He told me drink it bitch. So I opened my mouth and emptied the rubber into my mouth. His cum was thick and filled my mouth up. I started drinking it down like a good slut. He watched me drink all his cum than told me to put on my panties. As I put back on my panties he got dressed and we went back out front. Rose and Mary looked over at us and Mary said." Well the little sissy got some black cock what a little fucking slut she is". That made me feel like I was a hot slut too. The black guy said I was a good peace of white pussy ass and than left.

It was not long after that my uncle called again and said he would be there soon. He told rose how he wanted me dressed when he came to pick me up. I changed in to a pink baby doll and the black shir panties i wore before. I waited in the back room for him to cum get me. I sat in the chair I had just be fucked in and thought about how he had fucked me. So the door opened and my uncle walked in. He said that rose told him about me fucking and black guy. I did not know if he was going to be made at me but he was happy that I did so. He than had stand up so he could check me out in my new lingerie. He love how I looked and than told me that we had some more time before we had to go back home. He told me that the was a adult book store not far from here and he was taking me there. I could not go thru the front door with him but they had a back door he could open from the inside to let me in. He had a bag with him and inside was a black girls coat .he told me to put it on. The coat as short but covered me up so you could not see my baby doll. It also had a tie belt to keep it closed.

He told me we could get to the book store out the back of this store in tha alley way. So we went out the back door and walked to were my uncle told me to wait at the back door of theadult book store. He left me there to wait on him. As I was waiting on him a guy came out the door to the adult book store and looked at me. He asked me what I was doing thereand I told him I was waiting for my uncle. He said he thought I was a hooker and left. The door opened again and it was my uncle. He told me to get in there. So I walked thru the door.

End part 7
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1 year ago
You naughty sissy
straight into the deep end with a BBC !
2 years ago
keep going you sissy
2 years ago
just luv the stories cant wait for the next one thanks tnt48
2 years ago
thank you for a very sexy story
2 years ago
great hot story !
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i love the stories, they are so fucking hot! can't wait for the next one!
2 years ago
Babe your story is get hoter