My uncle Jim opens the door part 5

As I am here on my knees on the inside of the front door wearing my moms sexy lingerie and bight red lip stick on my lips with my uncles bottle of beer in my hand I see the front door open up. My uncle see me and looks at me waiting at the front door like he told me to be. He smiles at me and says " that's a good sissy little whore. You did as you were told to be waiting for me". My uncle did not come in the house he just pushed the door wide open and than with his camera in his hand took some nasty pictures of me waiting in the door for him. Than told me to stand up and hold out his beer in my hand. Than some more pictures of me. Than he told me "ok sissy slut back down on your cock sucking knees" I did as I was told and got down on my knees again. He than came into the house and closed the door behind him.

My uncle than put down his camera on the table by the front door than told me to hand him his beer. That when he said to me "ok sissy slut this how you will meet me at the front door from now on understand me sissy slut". I told him that I understand him and will be waiting like this from now on.

My uncle than moved closer to me so the front of his pants were right inmy face. Than he said " ok sissy cock sucking slut time to suck your uncles cock again but this time only un zip my pants understand me sissy slut". I said yes that I understood him and reached up and zipped his zipper down. He said to "you need to get use to looking for a guys cock in his pants so now get in there and fish my cock out sissy cock sucked".

I reached up with my hand and opened his fly. Than reached thru the opening and fished around to find the opening in his boxes. I could feel his cock in there and found the opening in his boxers. I pulled his cock out. Than my uncle said ok sissy cock sucker rap those red hot lips around your uncles cock. As I did so my uncle with his free hand placed it on the back of my head and pushed my face into him. His cock was not as hard as before so I was able to take it all in my mouth this time. As he stood there drinking his beer he had me suck his cock. He told me since he shoot his load of hot wet cum all over my sissy slutty face already that day that he would not get that hard so I could start getting use to taking a cock all the way down my throat. He keep my face pushed into him told me to suck his cock into my sissy cock sucking throat. I did as he said and was able to get his soft cock all the in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel his cock shaft in my mouth and his cock head in my throat. We stayed like that until he drank all of his beer.

Than he told me to get up. Than we walked over to the kitchen table and he sat down in a chair. I sat on his lap and he started pulling no my nipples thru the silk baby doll. As he was playing with my nipples he told me the rules of the house on me being his sissy slut from now on. Frist I was not to take his nasty books out of his dark room any more. I could look at them any time I like but only there. I was also not to get dressed up inmy moms lingerie also. He was taking off tomarrow and we would be going to san fransico tomarrow to get my own sexy lingerie. I was not to shoot my cum on my own also he would tell me when and how I would that from now on. I told him that I would do as he said from now on.

That when he told me to stand up. He than said "well sissy slut it's time to get that pussy ass use to getting fucked. Now go into the bath room and bring me th vasaline. I did as I was told and handed it to him. He opened it up and took the beer bottle that he just drank and put vasaline all over the top part of the beer bottle. He said ok sissy slut I'm going to fuck your sissy pussy as with this beer bottle. Now lay over my lap with your ass in the air sissy slut. I did as I was told and my uncle started playing with my ass in my panties rubbing it and spanking it also. He talk very nasty to me on how he liked my little sissy ass anyhow fun it was going to be fucking it with the beer bottle. Than he pulled down my panties and pulled my ass checks open so he could play with my ass hole. Frist he took some vasaline and put it on the opening of my ass hole. Than he started pushing his finger into my ass hole. It hurt some and I start to cry. He told me to stop crying if I knew what was good for me so I did the best I could. Be finger fucked my ass hole for some time. Than he took out his finger and put the end of the beer bottle in my ass hole. He took his time pushing it into my ass. When he had gotten all of the top part in my ass hole he started fucking me slow at frist than faster and faster. He keep fucking me with it until he said tha was good for the frist time. He than stood me up and told me "you will be getting fucked by cocks soon so you better get use to getting your sissy ass fucked".

He than said ok sissy slut you want to cum for you uncle don't you?"

I told him yes I did want to cum for him.

He than said ok sissy slut go get a glass and bring mexmy camera. I did as I was told and my uncle told he to stand in front of him and jack off into the glass as he took pictures of me doing so. It did not take me long before I was shoot my load of cum into the glass.

My than told me to be a good sissy slut and drink my own cum. As he took pictures of me raising the glass to my lips and drinking my own cum he talked how good a sissy slut I was.

After I drank my cum he said that it was getting late and my mom would be home soon. We both went in the shower and I washed each other in it. After that we both got dressed and started making dinner.

The trip to San fransico Part 6
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1 year ago
Very exciting story so far :)
Cant wait to read the next chapter !
2 years ago
great, going to 6
2 years ago
I wish you had the pix your uncle took..
2 years ago
2 years ago
going to kristens archives to finish off
2 years ago
Damn hot reading!
2 years ago
Thiswas so good looking forward to rhe next chapter