My uncle Jim comes home early from work. Part 3

After that day of getting all dressed up it was harder to play dress up durning the week after school. So I had to wait till the weekend to so. Weekdays my uncle went to work at 4 in the morning and my mom went to work after I went to school. In the afternoon my uncle would get home about an hour after I got home from school. So all I could do was get some of my moms sexy panties and wear them at night and jack off into them in bed. I did go into my uncles dark room and take one of the books with the nasty pictures in them to jack off to at night.

On the weekends they were both gone so I could play dress up all I wanted but after about a month being able to play dress up on the weekend my uncle came home early from work.

It was Saterday and my mom had just left for work so I went into her room to see what kind of sexy lingerie could wear. Most her things were to big for me but her sexy silk baby dolls fit me and her garter bet and nylons. I stopped wearing her shoes also because of that reason. I picked out a black garter belt, black nylons and a red baby doll to wear. I put them on than checked myself out in the mirror. Not bad I said to my self and went out in the kitchen to get something to drink. I got myself a coke and went back into living room. As I walked into the living room my uncle Jim was standing there. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him. I did not know what to do. He looked at me with a big smile on his face and said "well I knew you were into my nasty books but look at you all dressed up like a sexy little slut too". I just looked at him and shock my head yes. Than he said "well than you little sissy slut let's see what you look like turn around and show me your ass sissy slut". I did as I was told and turned around and than he said "you have a very sexy sissy ass in those sexy red panties slut". I had never heard someone talk nasty like he was talking to me. My cock started getting hard in my sex silk red panties. Than my uncle said "ok sissy slut turn around" as I did my uncle saw that my cock getting hard. He said "well I see you like me see you dressed up like a little sissy slut right you little sissy slutty whore". All I could do was say yes to him. Than he said "well if you don't what me to tell your mother about you getting into my things and you dressing up in her lingerie you better do as I say right you little sissy slut". I said that I would do any thing he wanted as long as he did not tell my mom about what I was doing. He than said ok sissy slut get over here. I walked over to him and than he took my hand and we walked over to dinning room and he said down in a chair. He told me to put my cock on the table and sit down on his lap, I did as I was told and sat on his lap. He took my hand and put them behind my back and told me to keep them there. Than he started feeling me up in my sexy silk red panties. My cock was rock hard in them and he new it too. He keep talking nasty to me telling mexi was his little sissy whore and that I was going to be his to do with as he liked. That's when he started pinching my nipples making them hard. Than he make me stand up and than he put me over his lap with my ass up. He than started playing with my ass feeling it and lightly spanking me. Than he said ok sissy slut let's see how good a cock sucker you are. Than he made me stand up in front of him. Than he got up from the chair and stood in front of me. He put his hands on my shoulder and said "get down on your knees you sissy cock sucking little slut". He pushed me down on my knees and I was looking at his cock in his pants. Than I heard him say "ok cock sucking sissy slut get your uncles cock out". I reached up and undid his belt and zipped down his zipper. His pants came down and I was his hard cock in his underwear. They were boxers and I started to pull them down and my uncle said "no sissy slut reach thru the opening and take it out". I did as I was told and took my hand and put in the opening in the front of the boxers. His cock was not all the way hard yet as I put my hand on his cock. I looked up at him and he said "ok sissy slut take it out". I pulled it out thru the opening. I had seen his cock in the nasty pictures but it was bigger. His cock was about 8" inches long and a big fat head on it. He than said "look at my cock you sissy slut". I did as I was told and looked at his cock. I could feel his cock getting harder and see it as well grow in size. He than told me to put my hands behind my back. Than he took his cock in his hand and started jurking on it making it bigger in front of my sissy slut face. I could see some pre-cum coming out the opening of his big cock head. With his other hand he put it on top of my head so that I could not move. Than he said "I'm going to face fuck you sissy slut". Than he stated slapping and rubbing his big cock head all over my sissy whore face. Than he told me "open your pussy sissy whore mouth sissy slut". I did as I was told and he pushed his cock in my wet mouth and stated fucking my mouth. He took my head in both of his hands so I could not move and started fucking my sissy cock sucking mouth slow. In and out his big hard cock fucked my wet hot mouth. I could hear him telling me that I was a good cock sucking sissy slut and that he was going to be making me do all kinds of other nasty things he wanted me to do for him from now on. I could not take all of his big cock. But he told me in time that would learn to take it all like a good sissy slut. I could feel his cock getting bigger in my mouth as he was fucking my wet hot sissy mouth. Than he said " you are going to be my cum face sissy slut". I than rembered see in his nasty pictures the sluts with cum all over their faces and I loved the feel of my own cum on mine. I knew that from now on that I was a cum face sissy slut. That's when my uncle took his cock out of my mouth and started shooting his hot wet cum all over my sissy whore face . After the last shoot of cum have hit my face my uncle said to me " what a pretty cum face sissy slut you are ". He than made me stand up and he looked at me. He said ok sissy slut I only came home to get my camera for work but now I can take some nasty pictures of you and your sissy cum face before info back to work. He than had me pull back up his pants and do them up. Than he took me by my hand and we went to his dark room. He got his camera and than took some nasty pictures of me. He had to go back to work so we walked to the front door together. When we got to the door he told me not to wash off his cum on my sissy whore face before he came back home from work and I was not to cum in my panties as well and to stay dressed in the lingerie as well like a good sissy slut is told to do. He than left and I did as I was told waiting for him to get home from work.

End part. 3
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9 months ago
mmmm I like this one! dirty 'gurl'!
11 months ago
Oh WOW !
So erotic so exciting so fucking HOT !
Bet your heart was pounding so hard,
all your sissy desires about to become a reality
1 year ago
1 year ago
AWESOME SEXY story,you lucky slut,sweetie!
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
thats HOT. going to 4
2 years ago
hot story Sue! Glad you had the opportunity to start at an early age with a caring Uncle. on to # 4 now.
2 years ago
Very nice! have hard cock!
2 years ago
Great story n good for you!!
2 years ago
great story i had a wank after reading it
2 years ago
woooooooo! love it! am reading the rest of them to catch up!
2 years ago
Wow so fucking great i came in my panties twice
2 years ago
very hot storie honey