My frist time wearing sexy panties part 1

My mom and dad had just split up. So my mom and I moved from Buffalo NY to San Jose Calif..

We moved in with my uncle Jim when we got to San Jose.

Uncle Jim was single but had his own house.

It was a nice place and I had my own room.

My uncle Jim worked at a bait and tackle shore and went to work early in the morning.

My mom also went to work at Macy's and worked in the lingerie department of the store.

So I was at home by myself most of the time.

My uncle was into taking pictures and had his own dark room.

He would take pictures of guys and their fish than put them up on the wall of the store he worked at. He was also in a photo club and took all kinds of pictures with the club.

Being all by myself it did not take me long before I started getting into things.

I went into my uncles dark room and stated looking thru my uncles pictures.

I found a photo book with nasty pictures that he took of girls dressed up in sexy lingerie.

They were not only posing nasty but they were having sex with my uncle and other guys in the photo club.

My cock got hard so I took pants and underwear off and jurked off to the pictures.

Man was this great looking at these nasty pictures.

I than opened the next book and it was more nasty pictures. But these nasty pictures were of girls dressed up in sexy lingerie and they had cocks.

They were not only posing but were having sex with my uncle and the guys in the photo club,

I was so turned on seeing these pictures that I shoot my load of cum all over one of the picture of one guy fucking this girl in her ass and sucking another guys cock.

Boy was this great but what was I going to do with the picture that I just shoot my load of cum all over.

I took the picture out of the book and hoped my uncle would not find out.

That night I could not get out of my mind of the pictures that I would in my uncles dark room.

After dinner I went into the bath room to brash my teeth and get ready to go to bed.

My mom had taken a shower when she got home. She left her clothes in the bath room.

I saw my moms sexy lingerie on the floor and my cock got hard looking at it.

I closed and locked the door and than picked up her sexy silk panties. They felt so sexy in my hand. I put them in my pocket and to my room to go to bed for the night.

I closed my door and took off my clothes. I than took out my moms sexy panties and up them on.

Man what a feeling it was. These sexy panties felt so good that I went to bed that night wearing them.

As I was in bed wearing those sexy panties I could not help but shooting on hot load of cum into them.

They felt even better all wet with my cum in them that I kept them on and went to sl**p in them.

The next morning I was hard again wearing these sexy panties all night.

This was great feeling so sexy wearing these sexy panties that I knew that I would try and wear them all the time but I had to go to school so I took them off and put them back in the bath room with my moms other clothes.

I could not wait till after school to get back home and put on a pair sexy panties again. Than go check out my uncles nasty pictures again.

End part 1

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6 months ago
11 months ago
I hope you Uncle allows you to pose for some photo's in your Mom's lingerie!
11 months ago
You naughty boy ;)
You just opened Pandoras box !
Cant wait to read next chapter
2 years ago
good start. going to #2
2 years ago
beautiful start story! I like it
2 years ago
2 years ago
Awesome start!
2 years ago
During my teens, I would look through my older sisters underwear draw when I was alone in the house. She had a pair of silk french knickers with a lace trim, and I wander around the house naked wearing her knickers. I would then go and lay on her bed and masturbate until I shot my load over my midrift, trying not to get any cum on the knickers. Then I would place them back in the draw. Such fun.
2 years ago
Loved it.
2 years ago
very hot and naughty
2 years ago
hot ho hot stories
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
yes nice story
2 years ago
Wonder if the uncle noticed, cant wait to read more!
2 years ago
Can't wait to hear what happens next.... Hope you find more than panties to wear and get to join the 'Club'.
2 years ago
great start looking forward to the rest of the story
2 years ago
Great start...