Club house sex

It's a Saturday day, the temps are to be in the upper 90's. I'm in a pair of shorts and a tshirt, cleaning the house with the windows open. I love to feel the breeze from the big oak tree outside my window. I'm busy cleaning the house, radio blaring to a Sammy Hagar song. I'm dancing with the beat, while vacuuming the livingroom floor. You walk by my house and see me thru the window. My nipples are very perky and you can see them thru my shirt. you like what you see.
YOu decide to come closer to see me more up close, so you decide to climb up the tree to the club house that the k**s have built. You can see right in my livingroom, a perfect view to see all of me.
I turn the vacuum off and there's a Journey ballad on, I begin to caress my tits and wish that I had someone to dance with. I sit down on the oversized chair and begin to rub my tits some more and rubbing my thighs, all the way to feel my pussy. I put one leg over the arm and my shorts are loose enuf that I don't have to take them off to finger my clit. I"m getting all worked up that I'm fingering my pussy hard, about ready to cum and I hear a noise outside.
I jump up and go to the window and see you move quickly away from the window and are tying to hurry and zip your zipper. ( you know you were wanking)
I go outside and climb the ladder to the clubhouse and see you standing there, with a huge hard on. "Did you enjoy yor view?" I ask with a cocky look. You don't know what to say, but yes. I go over to you and begin to rub your chest and slide my hand to your cock. Nice and hard I think to myself. I unzip your pants and your cock jumps out at me. MMm clean shaved, so long and thick. "I have a nice place for that to be in right now" I bend down and kiss the head and lick on the head. Then, I begin to suck on you, putting all of you in my mouth. I can feel your precum on my tonsils, you are moaning loudly.
You look down to me and see that I'm fingering my pussy again. A smirk is coming across your face. I look up and see that smile. You llift my chin and and pull me up to kiss me on my lips. I kiss you back, a deep french kiss, your tongue is making love to my tongue. All the while, your hands are loving my tits, massaging and tugging gently on my nipples. I'm still stroking your cock. You lift me up enuf to sit on the table, you pull up a stool and spread my legs wide apart. You want to see my dripping pussy, that my fingers have been having soo much fun in.
YOu begin by sliding your forefinger up and down my clit, outlining my pussy hole. You lick your finger and begin to flick my clit, you see that I'm enjoying this and the moans I'm making is saying that I'm ready to cumm again. You get a little harder with the flicks and I'm squirting pussy juice all over your face and hands. "OMG I yell out, finger my hole...please!" You have a couple of fingers deep inside me and have your tongue flicking my want another squirt session. "Suck my clit", I'm begging you.
You continue flicking and pumping my pussy with your fingers, I'm moanng and jumping around for another cum. As I'm squirting, you have your mouth open, like a whore waiting for her "John" to squirt his cum in her mouth. "mmmm" you say. I then tell you to kiss me while you have my cum in your mouth. "I love the taste of my cum" You then smile and say that I'm a nasty girl.
I'm begging you to fuck me. You pull me closer and stick your cock deep inside my hole. OOH your thick cock is spreading me wide. You and I are both moaning with delight. I'm tight and your thick. I'm moving with your movement and we are fucking each other. You lift me up and walk to the wall with me still on your dick. You then begin to fuck me, while standing up. I"m cumming again and I'm dripping on the floor. You have one hand around my waist and the other on my ass. A finger finds its way to my asshole. OOH yes, I'm loving your finger and your dick fucking me.
You put me down and have me to turn around, I grab my ankles and you are spreading my ass cheeks apart. My tiny hole is glistening from cum. You stick your fingers in my pussy and pull more cum out and put it on my asshole. you begin to stick that huge cock of yours in my ass and it needs more lubericant. You spit some saliva on my ass and on your cock. You insert me slowly at first, then a hard ram to get in. It hurts at first, but as you are pumping my ass, it's beginning to loosen up.
After a bit of you pumping my ass, I'm cumming again and you are ready to do the same. I can feel you getting really hard now. You are yelling thatyou are ready to cum. I tell you to fill my hole. You get off, pumping me full of your hotness. You pull out and I turn aroune to suck the remains the cum still in your cock. You and I get dressed and chat for a bit on how good stranger sex is. We introduce each other and you tell me that you are the new neighbor that moved in down the street. You were just checking out the street, when you saw me dancing by myself.
You ask if I do this every Saturday. I said yes to the cleaning and that you can watch me anytime you want. My k**s are away almost every weekend, so I have the house to myself. I ask about you having a partner, You tell me that you have an open relationship. You both like to have company over and take things from there. you ask me to come down for dinner and drinks. I ablige for later this evening.
HMmm...I wonder what we will be having for dinner...pussy pie????
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