I'm a fucking whore part 2

The guy and girl come up to me and begin with some small chat. The guy walks off and her and I are chatting about things we like to do. I'm sipping my drinking and playing with my cherry stem. I open my mouth and stick my tongue out and show her that I just tied the stem into a knot. She is impressed and asked what else i could do with my tongue.

I reached over to her, grabbed her head and planted a big fat french kiss on her. As we were kissing, she began to rub my tits. My nipples are hard and are showing thru my shirt. I figured that I'd pick up another guy, so I didn't put my bra back on. My hands have found her tits and I'm rubbing her back side.

Her boyfriend cmes back and sees us kissing and feeling each other up. He's like..."uh..I'd like some of that action". We giggle and reach over to him and we are kissing and licking his lips and face. People are walking by us and oogling at our actions. Our hands are all over him and us. His dick is growning nice and hard now. You can tell that it wants to come out of his jeans. Our pussies are getting wet from our hands going wild.

I tell the couple we need to leave and get on with the fucking somewhere else. We go to the hotel I was just at. Same room as before. The couple is playing handsies like teenagers having sex for the first time. I call ove to the neighbor and ask him to come back over, otherwise, we will wake him up again. He puts his robe on and comes next door. This time he just drops his robe and he's ready to fuck.

I go to the couple and move the girl and tell her, that she can take her hands and go to the neighbor. She goes to him on her knees and begins to suck his dick and balls. They are both moaning. I'm going down and sucking up the precum from this guy. My tits are throbbing to get sucked. I take my shirt off and he's pulling on me to put my tits to his mouth. "mmm suck them hard, nibble on me". I grab his other hand and place it on my dripping pussy. He's beginning to finger fuck me. My legs are spread and I'm wanting his rock hard dick in my pussy hole. He begins to put his dick in and pulls out right away..

I look down to find his girlfriends head between my legs. OOh she know how to lick pussy. I tell her she is awesome, she lifts long enough to tell me she is bi. That excites me even more. Her fingers are deep inside me, pumping me to get me to cum again. I'm moaning loudly and I'm squirting pussy juice everywhere. The guys are smiling and my juices are all over the place. Their chests, her face and chest. The guys are then licking up the juice and begin to finger the other girl. Her tongue is still in my pussy and my asshole. Her fingers roaming back and forth.

The neighbor has, laid down so she can move her pussy to ride his face, her boyfriend is kneeling in front of me so I can suck his dick. We all come up for air and move to be fucked. The neighbor has his face in my asshole and the couple is fucking. The neighbor has his fingers in my ass, getting things ready to insert his prick deep inside me. I ask him if he'd rather be in bed by himself.. he laughs and rams his dick hard in my ass. OOOOHHH YES!!!!!!!!! "FUCK MY ASS, HARD!!!" His body is slapping mine, a bunch of clapping is filling the room.

We are all cumming all over each other and laughing. The guy is saying how good our fuck sesssion was andthat he wants to do again, but with more people. A massive orgy. Me and the girl are licking up the cum, so we all can get dressed and return to the club. I show them the way out and close the door behind them. I get myself in the shower to clean up some and I hear a knock on the door. It's the neighbor. I open the door to him being hard and he joins me in the shower. We clean each and shower fuck. I love how his fat dick feels in my ass. I have him come to the floor and I lay on my back and lift my legs over my head and my ass is just begging for him to enter.

He leans down, licks my pussy and fingers my ass...oh yes..."please fuck my ass, please put that shaft of yours deep inside me...I want your cum to fill my asshole." You ablige and shove your cock inside me, hard thrusts in and out..I feel like I'm going to rip apart. He's fucking me, telling me that I'm a whore and that he loves fucking whores in the ass. I'm smiling and moaning at the same time.

After we finish fucking, the neighbor begins to leave and asks if he can have my phone number. I give him my number and tell him the next time he is in the area to give me a call and we can fuck. He leaves my room and I collapse on the bed. The smell of sex puts me to sl**p with a smile on my face.
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