The fitting room clerk

Life can be fun when shopping for the right nighty. I went to the mall the other day, going into the lingerie store to find the righty nighty for my new man. I had picked out a few to try on. The sales girl was real nice. She helped me find the right size. I went to try on the first nighty, the bra wasn't right. I called for the girl to come in and help me. She had her measuring tape and was ready to measure my tits. As she had me lift my breasts, she slipped the tape around my chest. She managed to get close to me as she reached behind my back. I could feel her breath on my tits. She then had me release my tits, and reached behind me again, this time brushing my erect nipples with the hands. I had a smirky smile.
The sales clerk said that I should be wearing a 44DD bra. So, whe went out to get me a different size. I thought she was going to leave my dressing room, but she stayed in to make sure I was putting the teddy on right. She says that I need to bend over to put my tits in the cups. As I bent over, she had grabbed my tits and placed them in the cups for me. This was turning me on. I thought I saw a smile on her face also. As I stood up and looked in the mirror, I was very impressed on how I looked. My nipples were trying to bust through the lace and my pssy looked large through the see thru lace. The clerk told me to reach between my legs to reveal that i had on crotchles panties. When I felt down there, I felt the wetness building up. I'm feeling very sexy right now.
I tried on another nighty that i liked much better. This one was a royal purple, very lacy and silky. Something any woman would love to wear for her man. My nipples were peeking thru the peep holes and my pussy was peeking thru the crotchless panties. This is the one that I want. I had the girl come bck in and to adjust me just perfect. As she was pulling o my nipples, i gave out a bit of noise along with a moan. She then rabbed my tit and raised it to her mouth, to give me a kiss. Not only did she give my tit a kss, she put most of my breast in her mouth and sucked real hard.
I went to reach for her chest and she pushed my hands away, lifted her head and told me no. I said ok and felt her hands sliding down my torso to mypussy. she had budged my legs til i spread them wide for her. she slid her finger into my throbbing wet pussy, pumping me with a few fingers, then had me turn around and she began to pump my ass with the other hand. I was moaning loudly, not worring on who else was in the room. I was panting and begging her to finger me harder. She did as asked and then gave me her fingers to suck. MMM my pussy juice all over her hand. I'm licking every bit off her hand. She bent me over again to stick another 2 fingers in my ass. OOO it feels awesome to have a lady do this to me,,I'm enjoying her tenderness ways.
I stand back up with very weak knees , that i have to sit down on the bench. This gives the girl easy access to lick my pussy. I tell her to get down and lick my pussy and make me cum again. She does as she is told. Fingers slpreading my pussy lips wide and her nose and tongue is deep in my clit and hole. Her tongue is going crazy on my clit...i'm ready to cum again, She feels my juice on her chin and goes further down to lap up every drop.
I haven't ever had service like this before, I told her. She smiles and continues licking up my pussy juuice. Weh she is finihed, she cums up for another passionate kiss, wipes her mouth and checks her hair, before going back to the floor. I go to check out and tell the manager that she is the best sales clerk she has. I pay for my merchandise, turn and see the girl and slip her my business card and tell her to call if she wants to dine again.
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1 year ago
I love reading your stories. Do u have anymore stories about you and that lady or anyone else?
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
Very hot indeed,,now I wish I was there to help,,but one needs some help sometimes,,thanks
3 years ago
grat story