Pool Time

Ive known I was Bi since I was 13, and now was on a vacation with my best friend. He is very hot, we work out together all the time, he has a ripped chest, and cut abs and I see him without a shirt on all the time. I was in the closet, even to him at the time, but I jerked off to him almost every night before I went to sl**p. On the first afternoon of vacation we arrived about 6pm, and went strait to the pool to relax after a day of driving, locked in a car with my parents. While playing in the pool I was able to see him without a shirt, and his abs and chest all wet. Around 12 the pool was empty, everyone was gone, and we went to go chill in the hot tub.

We got to talking, and he began asking if I could trust him, I said ofcourse. He kept asking that question every few minutes, and eventually told me he was gay. I told him I did not believe him, I thought he was fucking with me. He kept telling me he was for real, and I told him to prove it. He stood up and pulled down his trunks to show his raging 9 inch boner. I stared for a minute, then snapped out of it, pulled off my trunks under the water, and threw them out, and told him I was hard as hell.

I then pushed him down onto the bench of the hot tub, stroked my cock in her face a second, then dropped to my knees, and went underwater to blow him. I was swishing water in and out of my mouth, around his big cock, then lowering down, going balls deep, letting his hardness slide down my throat. I kept all of this up for a good while, comming up every so often for air. I then sat on him, and slid his cock back and fourth against my ass crack, rubbing my cock on his juicy abs. I moved my hands down to start rubbing his abs, they were rock hard, and made my cock throb against them. I asked if we would go in the pool, because he was making me too hot.

He said ok and as I was stepping out of the hot tub he bent me over the edge, and said "we are going to need this slippery when we get in" He started licking my ass, shoving his toung inside, swirling his toung on the rim. He was spitting all over my hole, I moaned once, then he quit, stepped out and told me to follow him. We got in the shallow end, and he was immediately behind me, and soon forcing his cock into my tight hole, I bent down and grabbed the edge of the pool and moaned at his cock slidding deep in me, ramming my prostate. He steadily started going in and out of me, water splashing between out bodies, my dick waving in the cold water. He then grabbed my legs and lifted me up, kneeled down in the water, and started tossing my up in the water, letting me slowly glide back down onto his cock.

He carried me to the deep end, where I wrapped my legs around his ass, and he would thrust his hips, he was able to stay above water, but for me it was a struggle, I was going over and under water constantly, and grabbed air when I could.

After a while, I let go, and stepped out of the pool, and told him to come lay down on a bench on the side, I would do all the work. He came and layed down, and I sat down on his dick, and started hopping up and down on it, while stroking my cock, and soon came all over his sexy abs. I let his cock slid out of my ass, I licked all of my cum up off of his abs, before working down to sucking his cock, deep throating him and licking the tip of his cock, until he was about to cum, I took his dick out of my mouth, and stroked his cum out onto his abs. I licked it up again, then cleaned up his cock, before we went up to the hotel room to sl**p.
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2 years ago
details of the rest of the trip would be great......
3 years ago
Damn thats hot! Great story
3 years ago
Another great story!
3 years ago
wow tht was hot but kinda fast
3 years ago
Yes Yes Yes thanks had to jack off tho that one
3 years ago
nice :)