Dorm room fun

Last school year was the first year in college I stayed in a dorm. The dorm I was in kept two to a room, two single beds on each side of the room, and a bathroom that was just down the hall. It was co-ed but ofcourse guys roomied with guys still. And since I was 15 I have had a sort of addiction to porn a beating my meat. Even if I went to a friends house, I would be doing it while they were destracted, and sl**ping. Having a roomate was definately not going to stop me. So after my classes before he got there I would nut quick, then before I went to sl**p, after he was out cold on his side of the room. And in the morning before he woke up or after he left. It became a rutine for me, and I got comfortable with it, no longer hiding my porn on my laptop, or wearing headphones for it, or hiding my cock behind the covers. I would just be pretty much naked on my bed, porn up, volume low, while my roomie was sl**ping on the other side of the room. I forgot after a few months of this that he could just wake up at any moment.

I am Bisexual, and my roomie was pretty hot, he worked out every day, which is how I got my nut in after classes. When the dorm got hot and he didnt use covers, I would use him to beat off to instead of porn, sometimes he was sweaty, and kept his abs and chest hairless. One morning right before he woke up, I caught a glimps of his morning wood, and believe me, it was something to drool over. It was so long the head of it was poking out of the bottom of his boxers, and just by checking out the head of his cock, I knew it was thick as a log. He also had a pretty cute butt from what I saw the times he changed in front of me.

One night I was doing my thing, beating off, I had some porn playing, but I did not notice my sound was all the way up, but the I was watching a silent video. I went to swap to a gay porn, and I skipped to my favorite part, and it was guys moaning and screaming gay stuff, making it obvious it was a gay video before I could mute it. I looked over, and I thought I could see the whites of his eyes, but he was not moving, after a few minutes I started stoking my dick again, watching his every move, staring at his eyes, still trying to figure out if they were open or closed. I noticed him get a hard on, and this time it was sticking strait up, through the hole in the front of his boxers. I wispered to him so see if he was awake, and got no reply, so I figured he was sl**ping still. His cock still throbing, I could not take my eyes off of it.

I was soon on my way over to his bed, quietly ofcourse, looking at his cock, breathing on it, drooling on to his boxers over it. I touched it, running a finger up and down his shaft, circling his head with my finger, gripping it and letting go. I noticed some precum oozing out, I stuck my toungue out and licked up the drop on the head of his magnificent cock. He sprung awake, I fell back and said "oh shit im so sorry" and expected to get beat up or atleast yelled at. He soon came on to what was going on, looking as his hard on, then me, naked, laying on the ground with my hard on.

He began "I see you beating your meat all of the time, and never say a word, now I find out, your gay?" "Bi" I said. He said "whatever dude, start sucking, im horny. I asked and he said he was 100% gay, but closeted, like me. I began sucking, first time sucking so I kept on gaging since it was so long. He made me stop, and asked if I could take dick better than I could suck it, I told him yeah, I used a few dildos before. I bent over my bed as he grabbed some anal lube from his desk, and got my ass and his cock lubed up and ready. He was rubbing his stiff cock up and down my ass crack and against my hole, I reached back and grabbed it, guiding it into my tight virgin ass hole. He went in slow, the shaft massaging the rim, his head and shaft putting pressure on my prostate then hitting the back of my ass, I came all over my sheet right there, and I told him I came. He just started riding me, getting faster, until he was ramming me, and his balls were slapping my balls. Soon I was hard again, and flipped over to look at him, and he kept on ramming his big cock deep into my tight ass. Soone he was about to go over the edge, and said he was going to cum, I told him to shoot his load deep inside me. He began stroking my dick right before he came, and when his load shot into the back of my ass, I came again with him. His cock slipped out, and he fell on me, both of us going strait to sl**p. Waking up with my ass feeling a little more loose, and both of our bodies sticky with cum.
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1 year ago
hot story
2 years ago
I want a roommate like this!
2 years ago
Nice Story.
3 years ago
Awesome story! Left me with a raging hardon
3 years ago
Fantastic story loved it
3 years ago
sweet story
3 years ago
Very sexy story, got me totally boned up and turned on.
3 years ago
Great Story left me hard enough tp cut diamonds!
3 years ago
really cool story i liked the way you led up to the climax