Something new while fucking my GF

My girlfriends name is Sara, and she is absoutly amazing in every possible way, dark blond hair, nice B size tits, kinda small nipples, but the most perfect set of B size tits I have ever seen, skinny, but a great ass I love to just hold on to. We began dating when she was 15, but by the time she was 16, she would let me do anything that I wanted, pussy, bj, she would swallow it or whatever I wanted to do, and was always up for sex, and then she would just go back to the same little innocent girl I love.

The only thing I could not get her to ever do was anal, she always said maybe another time, that she was not ready, which I was cool with. I was on the phone with her one night, we had gotten into talking dirty, and by then I had started rubbing my cock, when I asked if next time would be the next time I could fuck her ass, knowing I would probably get the same response. This time it was different, she just giggled and said, sure, but only under one condition. I asked what the condition was, she said I could not know until after I had my fun with her ass, and I could not back out, and that she had to get some stuff for the suprise, and if I backed out, I would not get to touch her again, then asked if I still wanted to do it. I came hard all over myself, then went to clean it up, came back and said hell yeah im sure what ever you have in mind will be fun. She laughed and said "for me, yeah, im horny just thinking about it."

Then next time she came over, she brought a bag, and when I tried to grab it she ran over and tackled me on to the couch and yelled at me, saying not till later. With her just sitting ontop of me, I took off her shirt, and started making out with her, and licking her nipples while she finished undressing the both of us. When we were undressed I started to finger her and eat her out. After about 5 minutes she went and got some lube from her bag, put some on my dick, then some on her ass, and fingered it a little, I asked if she had done it before, she said, yeah, a lot actually, with herself, she actually really licked it in her ass, almost as much as pussy. I asked why not with me before? She said because, then lowered herself onto my dick, and said she needed something to make me comply with the condition, and as of right now there was no backing out, but said not to worry, that she would be doing all the work now and later. I got scared and just enjoyed the view of her tits jiggling up and down, as she hopped up and down on my cock, her whole body shinning with the sweat from working so hard, soon even her hair was wet. For the first time during sex, I was able to just lay back and relax. I stuck my finger into her pussy, and started rubbing her Gspot, she began moaning and soon had an orgasm, then collapsed on me, and did not even remove my cock from her ass. I said "hey the condition goes away if I cant even cum in your ass honney, keep going. She giggled, and gave an odd smile, then got back up, and kept going. I put my finger back up her pussy, she tried to pull it out, she said "I dont think I can go through another orgasm like that one and keep going" I kept my finger in her, and tried to give her more orgasms and said "hope I cum fast" and she just laughed, knowing the joker that I am. I felt close to cumming when I she started moaning a little bit more and a little louder, her ass tightened up making me cum with her, she then collapsed once again on me, and my cock got soft and slipped out of her as she took a 30 minute nap on me.

When she got up, she turned around and put her ass and pussy in my face, and I went for her pussy. She wais "oh no, part one of the conditions, suck out your cum, keep it in your mouth so I can have it when your done, but you have to suck it out." I told her that sounded gay, and she said with a crooked smile "oh well, you agreed, if you ever want any of me again, you have to do everything I tell you to!" I said whatever, guess I will try to have some fun with it. So I dove in, toung fucking her then sucking all of it out, I only tasted the flavored lube, but the texture of the cum was something new, I kind of liked it. It didnt take long to get it all out, and by the time it was all out, and I was making out with her to give it to her, I was hard again.

She said "im going to go clean up, here is the bag, you can look at the suprise while im cleaning up, and stay open minded please" When she went intot he other room I opened the bag and at the time I was horrified at what I saw, a 7 inch solid white strap on dildo. When she came back in, I said "oh no baby no" she said "oh yes baby yes, you gave me a hard time, now its your turn, and you must do it, or I can put my cloths on for the last time because you wouldnt hold up a commitment, just sit up like a doggy and enjoy it, I know how to go slow so it wont hurt." All I could say is "fuck, okay but after this one time we throw this thing away right?" "yeah honney, what ever you want, and you can also have my ass whenever you want with no more conditions too." "okay I have to do it, might as well try to enjoy it" I got on my knees and pointed my ass out from the couch, and put my arms on the back rest of the couch. She slowly strapped on the toy, and lubed up my ass, spending a good 15-20 minutes finger fucking me to get me loose, and with one of the last strokes with her fingers, she hit my prostate and made me moan, then said "alright, now I know where to aim." scared but trying to enjoy it, I said "yeah baby, right there, give it to me" in a kind of joking tone, and she slowly sunk the whole toy into my ass. She lowered my ass, which pressed the toy against the spot she found. I tilted my head back in pleasure as she just slowly went in and out with it, I was actually really liking it, I yelled faster. She grabbed my hips and went faster, I told her I felt like I was going to cum any second, but she kept on fucking, and after a few minutes I had not cum yet, it suprised me, the feeling of cumming without cumming, I told her to go faster. She was going as fast as she could, my cock was flopping all around, slinging precum all over the couch. I was moaning, and couldnt get enough.

After 30 minutes or so, she pulled out, and laid on the couch and said "okay that is enough for me, you can get on top and keep riding or do anything you want to me, but I cant go any longer." I took off her strap on, then jerked myself off untill I came all over her chest and belly, then laid next to her and cuddled in my cum. She said I could throw away the toy now if I wanted. I told her hell no, im going to need that every once in a while, that was intense! She just laughed and said "I knew you would like it, just needed to get you to do it." "yeah I loved it, and I came harder than I ever have before." She siad "haha I love my new panzy cock loving bf" jokingly. I said "pfft panzy?!" and fucked her hard in her ass, showing that I am the man 99% of the time"
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well told
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that went where i thought
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Yes my bedside friend thanks
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gr8 story
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all of a sudden in went so wrong
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Great story... could've done without the cum eating part.